Missed Story: Israeli Settler Kills Palestinian Child in Hit-and-Run

Though Antiwar.com covers the vast majority of English-language news sites 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, it’s inevitable that sometimes we miss stories that received sparse coverage.

On Sunday, October 19, an Israeli settler ran over a pair of 5-year-old Palestinian girls returning home from kindergarten. One of the girls was killed. The story was mentioned on only a handful of sites, and went basically unreported in Europe, North America, and indeed Israel itself.

The hit-and-run story would’ve been particularly important, contextually, because just a day later a Palestinian driver crashed into a crowd of Israelis in East Jerusalem, killing an Israeli infant and wounding eight others.

Though we still don’t know if the Monday incident was intentional or not, coming just a day after a similar incident on Palestinian children would’ve been a much different story, and it makes it more likely the incident was the sort of revenge we see so often in the region.

Though Israel’s media always covers Israeli deaths more substantially than Palestinian ones, the fact that there was no coverage at all, and no mention of it in the context of the Monday incident, is extremely unusual.

It is impossible to confirm, naturally, but such a lack of coverage typically means the Israeli military is using its censorship powers to try to bury the story. As of Sunday the settler responsible had not been caught, and there is no indication one way or another if he has been since.

30 thoughts on “Missed Story: Israeli Settler Kills Palestinian Child in Hit-and-Run”

  1. That's why I posted a link to an article on the two Palestinian children in your original post on the Palestinian who ran a car into some Israeli, it seemed connected to me and was in no way a criticism of Antiwar.com. In fact I was impressed with your coverage of Operation Protective Edge. I found the link at the Angry Arab News Service, another good place for information on the Middle East. Regarding what gets reported in Western media I would also point out that it is obvious Israeli lives are more precious to Western media than Palestinian lives. Not surprising considering the racist nature of Israel and the West in general.

    1. Your comment was enlightening up until you had to say "Not surprising considering the racist nature of Israel and the West in general." This statement might ring true with the liberal media and our shitty politicians but not with the general public of the US. Stop your wrong informed words.

      As to this accident in the region, how do you know it was a Palestinian if your calling it a hit and run? If not one was caught, then this story should be considered just an accident and not a hate crime. RIP little Israeli girl, didn't mention her name. I hope the other gets better to identify the driver and who else could be involved.

      1. First go back and read the first story. The Palestinian who hit the pedestrians at the train station was shot and killed at the site of the incident..

        As for this story, Israeli settlers have a different style of number plate to Palestinians living in the West Bank so someone might have seen the number plate (which admittedly could have been forged) but not been able to make out the registration number.

        However, the point I was going to make is that the Israeli police, if they are half as competent as they make themselves out to be know exactly which Israeli terrorist-settler murdered the Palestinian child in this story. through the ANPR system that is installed for movements between the Palestinian-controlled ares and Israeli-controlled areas of the West Bank. That they don't seem to have arrested anyone indicates yet again that Zionism is racism.

      2. While you seem very subtle in fulfilling your duties as a hasabra troll, no one on this site is going to be fooled. We know who you are and your arguments are textbook.

        As for the racist nature of the Israeli state, that's pretty on display for the world to see and again no surprise to anyone with a modicum of discernment.

        Nice try, but no sale.

  2. The Western Media say very little about crimes committed against Palestinians. They always portray Israelis as victims and Arabs as perpetrators.

  3. This incident didn't just happen on one of those Jewish Only roads, in one of those Jewish Only neighborhoods. Maybe if the little girls could ride on one of those Jewish Only buses, they wouldn't have to walk. Stupid Girls, they should know that it is illegal to be a Palestinian in the Jewish Only state of Israel.

  4. As Antiwar does not have the resources to do original reportage it is understandable that it misses many obscurely handled events. It does an excellent job scouring better funded media. As Donald Rumsfeld observed: You go to war with the army you have. You are fighting the good fight, and fighting it well.

    1. Of course, it doesn't help when the Israeli media are intentionally silent (or silenced) about incidents that are counter-productive to Israeli government narratives.

    2. Not sure an original reporting staff could mean you just don't miss anything. I'd imagine that on just one story you could be stuck waiting a week for facts to come in without it (while dozens of others spin or ignore them), or it might take the same amount of time to chase 'em down yourself.

      1. the Canadian military murder incident was reported immediately along with bias guesses but straightened out next day with bios of victum & purp

  5. The western media can report about the most insignificant and obscure incident that happens in the most remote corner or village somewhere in the world,but somehow miss this one is a mystery.

    1. I think it's a given that the story was suppressed by Israelis, certainly there and probably here. I wouldn't overdo the convenient-failure-of-omniscience, though. They'll also get it outrageously wrong in the far corners of the world…e.g. Ghadafi's Viagra-doped troops, pretty much anything that could fall under the header 'Invasion of Ukraine,' … They're most conspicuously a mix of stupid, cowardly, and flatly evil… surely the next witch they sell will be doing a Viagra-doped invasion of Canada. Then, when it turns out he isn't, he-reeeeally-means-to.

      Of course, now that I pick a pair of examples, it occurs to me there were obvious Israeli interests there, too.

  6. Israeli government, governing system is not functioning as apartheids, you people been wrong all your life. Israel was created by the English and supported by USG in last 60 years or so to become a full functioned Apartheid "democracy" in heart of Middle East. Israel is the entity of the west to create wars for the western power to keep their economic and political interests in the region. Saudi Arabia is another firm of the same political and economic as Israel is.

  7. Good news report. We have been saturated with news of a single Jewish child (w/ an American passport no less) being killed by an Arab, perhaps intentionally.
    What I observed is that this received thousands of times more coverage than what, 1000 Arab children killed in the recent bombing, artillery attacks on Gaza. No special coverage of those deaths in the US press.
    And this account of a hit and run, received zero news. Arab deaths do not exist in US media coverage.

  8. US media has become a control mechanism through lies, decide, manipulation, and blatant propaganda. That's what we get for "media consolidation".

  9. IMEMC reports the story of the killed Palestinian kindergarten kid and points to the numerous "accidents" where settlers don't stop for Palestinians. Bloggers have listed numerous reports of Palestinians injured and killed by settlers and the Permanent representative of Palestine to the UN calls this a systemic violence on Wafa news. Settler terror that is not prosecuted by the Israeli police. The IDF and Israeli police conduct their own terror on kids in East Jerusalem accused of throwing stones…
    Ali Dar Ali, Palestine TV, TV Report On Palestinian Child Rammed To Death By A Settler’s Car, IMEMC; http://www.imemc.org/article/69447

    Palestinian Child Dies of Wounds Inflicted by Settler Car, 19. September 2014; http://www.imemc.org/article/69439
    Israel responsible for settlers’ assaults, says Palestine UN mission, WAFA, 21. Oktober 2014; http://english.wafa.ps/index.php?action=detail&amhttps://ingaza.wordpress.com/2014/10/20/einas-kha
    “When Cars Become Weapons: Settlers Deliberately Wound & Even Kill by Hit & Run Attacks”–includes numerous examples; https://storify.com/occpal/settlers-kill-and-woun

  10. If the person was never caught then how do you even know if it was an Israeli who did it. Muslim Palestinians are known to lie to advance an agenda. This could simply be another case of that.

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  12. The person turned her myself in n at a a settlement. Despite the fact that numerous witnesses said they saw him turn the car andbaim toward the sidewalk the police refused to interview them and believed the guy when he said it was an accident. If it had been a Palestinian running over a Jew he would have been shot or in jail. This settler walked away with not even a fine. In this country he would have been arrested for manslaughter .

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  16. The Western Media say very little about crimes committed against Palestinians. They always portray Israelis as victims and Arabs as perpetrators.

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