Lawsuit Spotlights US Charities That Fund Israel’s Secret Nuclear Weapons Program

The following is being released by the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy:

A federal lawsuit seeks immediate release of a closely held government report about how American branches of Israeli charitable and educational institutes fund secret nuclear weapons research and development programs.

An unclassified 1987 study conducted for the Department of Defense titled "Current Technology Issues in Israel" discovered Technion University technicians developing nuclear missile re-entry vehicles and working at the Dimona nuclear weapons production facility. Hebrew University computer scientists working at the Soreq nuclear facilities were "developing the kind of codes which will enable them to make hydrogen bombs." Israel’s Weizmann Institute "studied high energy physics and hydrodynamics needed for nuclear bomb design, and worked on lasers to enrich uranium, the most advanced method for making the material dropped on Hiroshima in 1945" say sources attributed to the report cited in the lawsuit.

IRmep filed suit for the report in the DC District Court as part of a public-interest drive to obtain long overdue enforcement of the Symington and Glenn Amendments to the Foreign Assistance Act. The laws prohibit U.S. foreign aid to nuclear weapons states such as Israel that are not signatories to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

A recent Google Consumer Survey (PDF) reveals that despite longstanding Israeli and US government gag orders on publicly discussing the arsenal, 63.9 percent of Americans now believe Israel possesses nuclear weapons. 60.7 percent of Americans oppose sending the largest share (9 percent) of the US foreign aid budget to Israel.

Israel’s Weizmann Institute, Technion, and Hebrew University raise substantial tax-exempt charitable funding through affiliates in the United States creating a "tax gap" that must be financed by individual American taxpayers. According to their most recent IRS filings, American branches of the three organizations raise a combined $172 million in annual US tax-exempt funding. IRmep’s "request for determination" filings with the IRS reveal that secret foreign nuclear weapons development has no recognized US tax-deductible "social welfare" purpose.

Defendants Department of Defense, the DC US Attorney Office and Attorney General have until October 30 to respond to IRmep’s public interest lawsuit demanding release of the explosive report. The Center for Policy and Law Enforcement is a unit of the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy in Washington. Inquiries about the lawsuit or opinion poll results may be directed to Grant F. Smith at or 202-342-7325.

21 thoughts on “Lawsuit Spotlights US Charities That Fund Israel’s Secret Nuclear Weapons Program”

  1. Israel has a nuclear weapons program! I'm shocked, simply shocked to find gambling going on in here…

    It is perhaps a measure of how dumbed down US citizens have become when more than a third of the US public still believes "poor little Israel" stands defenseless against the hordes of Hamas, Iran, ISIS, al-Qaeda, and all the other "existential threats" du jour that Israel invents, creates, or identifies as needed to keep US aid flowing. Prominent Israelis – as well as average Israeli citizens – not infrequently refer in ways both subtle and direct to Israel's "Samson Option" that will, if Israel feels "existentially threatened", unleash the nuclear weapons they don't have, from the submarines they would prefer you didn't know were equipped to fire nukes, on most of the capitals in Europe and the US. Yet the USG continues providing tax exemptions to organizations that help to perpetuate Israel's nuclear terrorism. If nothing else, this lawsuit may help to nudge those still asleep from their slumber, but I wouldn't bet on it.

  2. Americans are not dumb, but they are ignorant of certain facts about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The reason is because Americans with political influence or enormous wealth have devoted themselves tirelessly to preventing facts from ever reaching the American people, and when certain facts do make themselves known, the mainstream American media arrogantly, unabashedly, with malice aforethought distort, misrepresent, and lie to prevent Americans from knowing exactly how barbaric and savage Israel behaves to captive Palestinians and even American citizens. Congress will do nothing, nada, to protect Americans in Israel; the Israelis know this, they know that American Israeli supporters will prevent even the slightest criticism of Israel. As far as Netanyahoo vs Obama goes, to date Netanyahoo has humiliated Obama time and time.
    The Israelis will ultimately cost the U.S. trillions of dollars and tens of thousands of lives if our wretched, perverted, cowardly congress does nothing to stop things. Or, another possibility is that Israel itself will bring about its own destruction just as it as throughout history.

    1. Americans are dumb, and cowards as well, when it comes to Israel. You throw in some Evangelical Christian Zionism and some good old Neo-Con rhetoric and now you have a ticking time bomb on your hands. If there really is a God, he will bless the Palestinians.

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