Ron Paul on Blowback in Canada

In the 60’s and 70’s Canada was a haven for young me who were resisting the calamitous Vietnam War. Now Canada’s leaders, having participated with the U.S. in 13 years of interventionist warfare in the Mideast, pronounce themselves shocked at being the victims of blowback.

This week on the Podcast Ron Paul and Charles Goyette talk about blowback, and why discussing the motivation for terrorism is conflated with justifying terrorism. Sometimes it is simply intellectual confusion, but often it is a deliberate attempt to control and shut down debate. Dr. Paul wonders why criminal investigations are quite sensibly concerned with motivation, but inquiring into the motivations of those who react to our foreign wars and occupations should be considered the violation of a social taboo.

Listen HERE.

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Charles Goyette is New York Times Bestselling Author of The Dollar Meltdown and Red and Blue and Broke All Over: Restoring America’s Free Economy. Goyette also edits The Freedom and Prosperity Letter.

19 thoughts on “Ron Paul on Blowback in Canada”

  1. Canada is an obedient vassal state of the Empire. Ottawa’s foreign policy is made in Tel Aviv and Washington, not Canada.

  2. Canadians have in some sense had a right to believe that they were innocent in the crimes committed by emperialist nation builders in Iraq. Previous Canadian governments ignored the US calls to invade Iraq as the public wanted nothing to do with illegal wars, toppling of dictators and forced democratization at the barrel of a gun which caused the death of a million people, destabilized the entire Middle East and caused the radicalization of Muslims all over the world.

    But the Canadian government did send troops to nation build in Afghanistan which was a total failure. Since the the Harper Neo-con government came to power Canada can no longer consider its government to be one of level-headed moderation as it has been regarded in the past. The Harper government has resembled more with each day, the governments of Blair and Bush and has pledged undying allegiance to the Zionist apartheid regime in Israel who’s policies kill tens of thousands of civilians and force an entire population into statelessness, humiliation and misery. Harper has sent Officers, air tankers, ammunition, and six F-18’s to bomb the imaginary army ISIS in Iraq while Obama is funding the same head-chopping, heart-eating terrorists in a bid to overthrow the Assad regime in Syria. And this is just the beggining of Canada’s support for the new war in Iraq.
    Harper will not answer any questions on his nation building plans before the public in the House of Commons. But he will say that his support for the bombing campaign will continue with no defined time limit.

    Blow Back is real ladies and gentleman. No government can go about killing its way to peace in the Middle East and not expect to be hated, targeted and attacked. Ask yourself what you would do if you had to pull your families bodies out from the rubble of your home that was bombed in the name of Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada.

    The latest two attacks on Canadian soil will not be the last. Harper has made Canada less safe and discraced Canada’s good name in the world. The world will come to hate Canadians and their NeoCon government as they do with the US.

    Ask yourself why the West isn’t bombing the head-choppers in Mali, Libya or central Africa. Why ? Because there’s no oil there and the American government who Harper loves perhaps more than the Zionists, want oil contracts for their empires corporations.

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