Elections as Execution Days for Rights & Liberties

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President Obama and a heap of other politicians are imploring us to view voting as the ultimate expression of our freedom and self-government. The reality is that the vast majority of politicians will do as they damn well please after Election Day.

Edward Snowden’s revelations should have been a battering ram to use against the incumbent party. Instead, the National Security Agency’s crimes seem to have all been forgotten.

The Senate report on CIA torture has been stonewalled for years. The Obama administration succeeded in delaying the release until after tomorrow’s elections – perhaps to avoid its grisly revelations from distracting from the president’s denunciations of cynicism.

Obama’s Syrian war became far more of a debacle this weekend when masses of “moderate” Syrian fighters defected to ISIS. But almost no one on the campaign trail is holding the administration liable for plunging the nation into another pointless (and mindless) war.

Regardless of the results tomorrow, Americans can expect a continued bipartisan conspiracy against their rights and liberties.

One bright side – if the Republicans win big, it may become more difficult for Obama & team to coverup their abuses and crimes. And that could sow some seeds that will later haunt the political establishment.

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(the Tom Toles cartoon at the top is one of his best ever)


22 thoughts on “Elections as Execution Days for Rights & Liberties”

  1. I hadn't heard that "masses of 'moderate' Syrian fighters defected to ISIS" last weekend. But certainly not surprising. Obama's obsession to get rid of Assad never made any sense from the get go, unless you're a Saudi or an Israeli – or just doing their bidding. But, I see it as a two-edged sword if the GOP wins big and takes over the Senate. Granted, they may uncover some of team Obama's crimes, but the Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act came within a vote or two of passing the Senate earlier this year. It was only stopped by rebellion from some of the democrat committee chairs (Feinstein led the charge, if I remember correctly). If the GOP takes charge, look for them to sabotage the current negotiations with Iran, paving the war for, what, WWIII?

  2. Election results are in, and while Republicans gained control of the Senate, the most remarkable result is that – as usual – incumbents in a US Congress that regularly achieves popularity ratings on a par with cockroaches and STDs have almost all been sent back to Washington to continue doing what they have been doing. So if you like war, knee jerk support of Israel, already massive and growing inequality, and sticking it to the poor and middle class for the benefit of the already too wealthy, you'll love the next two years. And then comes Hillary…

  3. i think i've finally succeeded in disengaging from the 2-party charade: while the GOP victory is nothing to celebrate, the Dems' loss is nothing to mourn, either. At some point the edifice that the controlling powers have created will begin to fall, and the rats from both parties will abandon ship as swiftly and stealthily as they can. Average Americans will be enraged and go on a rampage looking for scapegoats, but of course they'll have no one to blame but themselves for stupidity and complacency. The trap is already laid, and my fellow Americans have stepped into it. I'm not heavy into conspiracy theories, but those FEMA camps exist for a reason. So for all of the losers who put their hopes in Tweedledee or Tweedledum, get ready for the ass-whoopin' that's sure to come!

    1. Hold off a bit on the harsh. The fact is that the two parties have colluded for years to defeat the democratic process itself while distracting and dumbing down voters as much as humanly possible. Yes, voters are responsible for their votes and yes it could always be better, but it is unfair, incorrect, and ultimately nihilistic and defeatist to lay it all on the stupid voters. And the thing about repeatedly going on about the " ass-whoopin' that's sure to come" is that it's been said for years and no ass-whoopin' is forthcoming. Yes, it may still be forthcoming but, regardless of future events, when something like that is said and a big piece of my life goes by without it coming to pass, it begins to sound an awful lot like xtians waiting for the last judgement to give a final solution to their problems, which is to say, it isn't heard anymore except by the true believers. There's a certain attraction to the finality and clarity in the idea of such ultimate collapse, but it's important to remember that such things usually only appear ultimate and final in retrospect through the compression of time. The lived reality is something quite different, much less clear, and quite a bit more messy. And correctly so or not, the endlessly repeated threat/warning/whatever after awhile tends to fall into that same category of apocalyptic, passivity inducing belief as the Rapture. Thus you run the risk of it becoming a self-fulfiliing prophecy just by how you approach the problem. Which, of course, is precisely the opposite of where you'd want to go.

  4. Not much enthusiasm for using that battering ram against the incumbent party when you realize all you're doing is clearing the way for the other gang of thieves to take over.

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