When Thatcher Got Testy With Reagan — Over Grenada

Maggie Thatcher may have been a staunch Cold Warrior, but she wasn’t too  thrilled about Ronald Reagan’s invasion of the tiny Caribbean island of Grenada, where ultra-leftists  had assassinated  the pro-Cuban leader, Maurice Bishop. After all, Grenada, in spite of its leftist government, was still a member of the British Commonwealth,  and Maggie hadn’t been let in the loop. Check out  Ishaan Tharoor’s piece in the Washington Post on the subject: go here for a transcript of  the Reagan-Thatcher phone conversation (wherein the Gipper apologizes).


10 thoughts on “When Thatcher Got Testy With Reagan — Over Grenada”

  1. Well after all, Saint Ronnie probably did not have time to consult Maggie. A distraction from the series of Lebanese disasters that Reagan's militant pro-Zionism had provoked was needed – 'tout de suite', and invading even the tiniest of Caribbean islands takes all of a President's time if it is to be done with barely a week's notice.

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