North Korea Doesn’t Deny Hacking Sony Over Seth Rogen Movie

Sony Pictures went through a nasty hacking attack this past week. It ground the studio to a halt for awhile, and also led to the leaks of some upcoming movies.

So whodunnit? Believe it or not, it sounds like it was North Korea.

Sony speculated that North Korea was behind the attack, and North Korea explicitly didn’t deny the idea, and the FBI’s own investigations are focusing on that possibility.

It’s potentially the best and craziest publicity a movie could possibly get, but upcoming Seth Rogen movie The Interview, a comedy in which a TV host and producer go to North Korea to interview Kim Jong Un and are courted by the CIA to assassinate him, made North Korea livid.

North Korea complained to the UN that the Seth Rogen movie amounts to a war crime, which itself could be the setup to myriad bad Hollywood jokes, but now it seems they got so mad that they attacked Sony Pictures.

19 thoughts on “North Korea Doesn’t Deny Hacking Sony Over Seth Rogen Movie”

  1. Now what good would assassinating Kim Jong Un do in the first place? Is a stupid international maneuver going to change the world for the better? Or more likely to give him martyr status where the population rallies around the junta even more, and the result is more isolation?.. Does Washington get their dumb ideas from Hollywood or does Hollywood get their dumb ideas from Washington? I just can’t tell anymore…

  2. Don't know what they're worried about. Judging by the premise pretty much only North Korea is going to be watching that one.

  3. This just made me more curious to watch the movie. Hopefully North Korea will evolve in the next years. Hacking companies just because they produce a negative movie is not a very strong position…

  4. What a weird headline for this non story? Supposed absence of denial (sez who?) equals admission of guilt? In what universe? Does that mean that the hundreds of thousands of non denials by the CIA and US War Dept. equals admission of guilt? This is nuts.
    What about the obvious explanation for this supposed hack. That clever Sony PR consultants arranged for this website vandalism (to the extent it actually happened, rather murky, that) just to generate millions in free publicity for what is probably a lame buddy comedy.
    Gee, would Hollywood and PR flacks do that? Stage a fake "attack" on a website to get millions in free publicity? Why is this obvious ploy never mentioned? (Who benefits from this supposed event?)

    And then think about this. Suppose the N Koreans filmed a buddy comedy (Kim & Kim's Excellent Anti-Capitalist Adventures!) about two plucky comics recruited by the Peoples Security Bureau to kill the leader of the US through trickery/deception?
    Ya think the US powers that be wouldn't be claiming that this hypothetical movie premise is a prelude to war?

    I have no idea of the truth of these accusations, but neither does anyone else. Movies featuring the comedic death of Pres. O would undoubtedly be treated as evidence of evil intent. Maybe the N Koreans are equally mirthless about such matters.

    Maybe this is just another brilliant con by Sony's PR department. Or the real deal. Does Sony Pictures "deny" that they were behind it? Don't be gullible here folks…

  5. It wouldn't bother me for a minute if the hackers from the DPRK went a head and hacked all of Hollywood, considering that is is nothing more than a cesspool.

  6. Hey, guess what, so far Canada, the UK, Portugal and Mauritania haven't denied hacking the snoy movie.

  7. I am the Queen of England,
    I like to sing and dance,
    And if you don’t believe me,
    I’ll punch you in the pants.

    (with apologies to the National Lampoon)

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