CIA Admits: Most UFO Sightings in 50’s, 60’s Were Our Planes

The nuclear age gave way to a fascination in the 1950’s with space aliens, leading to the creation of Project BLUE BOOK by the Air Force to track the soaring number of UFO sightings being reported nationwide.

The CIA is now admitting that they were actually to blame for the vast majority of such sightings, confirming in a report on the U-2 spy planes that test flights over the US coincided with the mania.

The report explained that the U-2 planes flew much higher than conventional aircraft of the time, and indeed higher than most believed was theoretically possible.

“During the daylight hours, the silver bodies of the high-flying U-2s could catch the sun and cause reflections or glints that could be seen at lower altitudes and even on the ground,” the report explained, adding that the silver bodies of the planes appeared “fiery” when they caught the sun.

The phenomenon was so common that Project BLUE BOOK regularly checked with the CIA on UFO sightings, finding the bulk of them to be explainable by the U-2 flights. Into thje 1960s, when the CIA began the OXCART program to find the successor to the U-2, a similar flurry of sightings happened. The programs were secret, however, so the Air Force could not tell reportees of their findings.

63 thoughts on “CIA Admits: Most UFO Sightings in 50’s, 60’s Were Our Planes”

  1. Maybe they'll tell us next where they got the technology from for these technological leaps in the 50s?

    1. There is nothing outlandish about these technological advances. WWII was an incubator of all sort of new approaches, in organizational theory, mathematics, mechanics, electronics and cybernetics as well as electronics. Laying an immense pipe of money and manpower into the engineering sciences helped a lot.

      You can ask any Real Engineer for explanations on the underlying tech. Building U-2 and ENIACs or even flying to the moon is not very hard, when you look at it.

      Or you can grab a few books from this series:

      I also recommend David Mindell's books "Between Human and Machine" and "Digital Apollo". Fscking Great Stuff!

      1. Exactly, not to mention the hundreds of German scientists (and their pet projects) behind many of those "advances".

        1. German scientists who were funded by American corporations during the war, and were later relocated to America to continue the research that America had funded.

      2. I would agree that there is nothing special about the planes, Russians made them too, even more advanced such stuff but landing on the Moon?

        Russia was way ahead in space and broke every record set by themselves. Then the US ,after years and years of fiascoes, crashes and failures, suddenly out of the blue, "lands on the Moon…" , in live TV just like 9/11 so that nobody would miss the point. Yeah tell me a story… Hollywood, bragging and propaganda has always been the major achievement of the US settler state…

      3. Its not that hard. What a bunch of BS. What about the Van Allen belt and the shield in it. Some of the astronauts have never heard of it. How did they make it through, since they didn't the technology back then. The computers were like Casio watches, but we made it, just watch all those videos and you'll see its real. Photographic stereotography, makes those videos look real! Like really fake!

      4. and the bullshit lies just wont stop,,,,RICKR30, we bullied somebody,shot em down, or destroyed 1000's of lives so we could say were smart. The Fact is like I said. We bullied somebody,or threatened lives, destroyed innocent families to manipulate society that we are so intelligent as to go from,writing on paper and sending it in the mail and having ,black n white t.v.s and unlocked doors as we slept, to this digital world,that was a movie we were watching only 15-20 yrs ago? Im 42 and the rate at which our society has progressed is absolutely coming from a higher imtelligence. Sorry El T but how closed of a mind and short vacations u must have.

    2. That we now, they got the technology from the german scientists and there documentation after ww2

  2. The CIA rejected and discarded more than 400 reports of missile sightings during the Cuban missile crisis. The crisis erupted because 2 or 3 of the more than 400 reports proved accurate, matching the U2 imagery..

    CIA and the USAF know that extra terrestrial space vehicles have operated in US and Earth airspace. Still, the report is accurate in that most of the sightings are bogus, but it is misleading because only a single confirmed sighting is enough tp transform our sense of who and how little we are.

    1. I'm afraid that in reality, aliens have not visited Earth.

      Well, I should say "have not visited Earth in the duration of human history". Even President Clinton admitted to as much, and noted that he was rather disappointed.

      But there's a good chance they've never visited at all.

      The reality is that everyone is carrying around cameras at all times now, and we monitor a great deal of the Earth continuously. Yet, as we gain better and better monitoring, UFO sightings, sightings of Bigfoot, ect. all seem to be mysteriously diminishing.

      It is almost as if they never happened at all, and people were just getting overexcited or making things up…

  3. While I am still ambivalent about these UFO things (quite a few seem like temporary attacks of psychosis in the witness and practically none correspond to anything that would make sense as "interstellar visitors"), this CIA outing explains practically none of the sightings in Allen Hynek's very conservative compendium "The UFO Experience: A scientific enquiry" and that was even before the phantasmagoria of "encounters of the 3rd kind" and even "of the 4th kind" (i.e. with reality alterations like in a Matrix movie) and UFO flaps in Europe or South America got started.

    1. A 120° turn straight up seen head-on could look like a perpendicular turn, especially for a plane moving away from you.

  4. The beast of the bible is AMERIKA. Babylon has fallen was new york. The mark of the beast was the upc code and the disease was cancer given by eating processed food. The catholic church is the whore that rides the beast.

    1. And jesus, easter bunny, santa, tooth fairy, Peter Pan, and god all turned out to be imaginary sky fairies.

    2. I agree jon– considering the catholic church priests molested children for decades…a massachusetts judge(probably a Catholic himself) allowed bail for 7 molesters awaiting trial and they posted bail,hopped on a plane to Italy and were allowed to live at the Vatican when they arrived. Kinda makes the pope then in 2003 a criminal by harboring fugitives from justice in this country? Why is this religion allowed to exist here? Id like to know if those 7 molesters are still living at the Vatican—- if so ALL of the popes who have been installed since then are criminals also!!!!!!!!!

      1. Shirley, they are all disgusting, molesting, sick individuals that have their own justice system, "Do as I say, Not as I do,,,they are called our GOVERNMENT!

    3. study a lot more jon. the upc code is NOT the mark of the beast?? u must have just had to much to drink, got a tattoo, and had to give the church an explanation for your crazy sinister ways?? LOLOL upc ,,,mark of the beast,,,,lolololol

  5. Sorry, but I used to be very knowledgeable about the UFO phenomenon. And frankly, this CIA claim is complete bullshit. There is no way their high-flying spy planes were responsible for "the majority" of UFO sightings. Not even close. It might have explained a few sightings, but there were literally scores of thousands of incidents per year, and it's impossible the CIA were flying that many U-2 flights.

    1. I agree Richard, but now at least we know that we REALLY cant trust our government! Thanx for making it solid boys! Im glad Im struggling to survive…, just to pay you….., to blow smoke up my ASS??

    2. You are right. Most sigthings were the result of alcohol, dope or just our easy-to-fool Brains…

  6. Okay….. so most of the '50s and '60s UFO sightings were our planes. Even if we accept that as gospel truth, what about the ones what were NOT our planes? It's not our plane sightings we've ever been curious about- it's the sighting that can't be explained away that concern us.

    Now that we've accepted that 'most' of those sightings were of our own stuff, we're left with the unexplained ones- so we have some very suspiciously maneuverable unconventional aircraft up there, and/or we have Soviet aircraft in our airspace at the height of the Cold War, flying low enough to be spotted by multiple observers.

    So forget about the ones that were ours- what about the ones that weren't ours?

    1. they were not ours- this is a clear attempt to debunk UFOs. again basically saying that- you citizens are stupid, there are no UFOs. google foo fighters (not the rock group)- and you will see that UFOs were common sighting in the northern european skies by US WWII fighter planes.

  7. I think the A-11, A-12 and SR-71 would be attributed to more sightings, as such.
    Afterall, Commercial airline pilots, upon seeing such, cruising at three times their own
    altitude, and four times their own speed, must have been bewildering.

  8. yeah- and roswell was a weather balloon- right! if you believe one word the CIA says, i have a bridge in brooklynn to sell you! they have zero credibility- they are serial perjurers. so by their own track record- they are again lying. if they want us to believe something, they need to admit they murdered JFK and RFK. that would be a start. the UFOs of that era look nothing like their planes. example- it was common to see a UFO heading one direction, then streak across the sky in the opposite direction and disappear. no plane can do that, yet it was a common observation of period UFOs. they are lying liars.

    1. Roswell was a part of Project Mogul, which was us floating around balloons with microphones at high altitudes to listen for atmospheric disturbances from the detonation of atomic weapons. This is public knowledge.

      The reality is that there is zero evidence of alien visitation, and we've seen a decreasing number of reports of UFOs in recent years despite vastly more prevalent recording technology.

  9. no its the other way around, ufos who are piloted by the earth curent owners reptylian and greys pretend hollografically to be airliners flashing green and red etc spraying bio and chemo weapons to force goverments to do something for them, for example fluoride and chloride in water is for the greys living underground not for us etc

  10. So what?

    Is the CIA also responsible for turning NY and DC into giant scumbag magnets?

  11. There was a slight U-2 snafu. A US scientist interested in cosmic dust penetrating into our atmosphere was allowed to have his collection plate for such dust mounted on a high-flying aircraft but was not told about the U-2. When the plate was returned to him he was puzzled by the numerous small slivers of titanium metal on the plate. He concluded that these must have come from the plane's fuselage! Apparently fuselages shed metal during flights.

  12. Best to read books from Jacques Vallee a student of Hynek's and the famous pilot who coined the term UFO when flying over Mt. Rainer in the late 40's …

  13. We all must understand that every civilization has it's giants with small heads (Soviet Union) and small grays with big heads (North America). Seems to me that every government has it's own aliens within !

  14. The irony in the CIA's admission is that on 16 December 1953 Kelly Johnson — the lead designer of the CIA's U2 spy plane — his wife, and one of Johnson's test crews, who were flying a Lockhead WV2 aircraft in the same vicinity, spotted a UFO that hovered over the Santa Barbara Channel for 6 to 7 minutes.

    Johnson's conclusion after his sighting: "I am now more convinced than ever, that such devices exist, and I have some highly technical converts in this belief."

    The Air Force's conclusion? "Johnson, his wife, and the airplane crew had seen a lenticular cloud."

  15. The coverup is always to protect the potential victim of blame by more powerful people covering up their own culpability. The event itself is known only poorly as the coverup conceals data, and the suspicion that something truly bizarre occurred is rooted firmly in the follies of the cover-ups. Cowards make crazies of us al.

  16. Sure the report may explain some of them but doesn't explain any that occurred prior to 1954 such as the Kenneth Arnold sighting and those seen over Washington DC in the early '50's.

    Also are we expected to believe that fighters were scrambled to chase test aircraft?

    Personally I'm not all that trusting of CIA's assessment of unexplained aerial phenomenon. Especially since they were the authors of the Robertson' Panel.

  17. I never cease to marvel at people who are sceptical of official explanations, often with good reason, but are utterly credulous of the first alternate explanation that comes their way. There are many who reject the tired old dogmas of the religions of their birth only to swallow all the dogma of some unfamilar faith..

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  19. The CIA rejected and discarded more than 400 reports of missile sightings during the Cuban missile crisis. The crisis erupted because 2 or 3 of the more than 400 reports proved accurate, matching the U2 imagery..

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