A Week Later: A Nigeria Massacre Finally Makes the Cable News

It’s been over a week now since Boko Haram attacked Nigerian military forces in the city of Baga, which culminated in a Wednesday massacre that saw the entire city burned to the ground and some 2,000 civilians killed. Today, CNN finally noticed.

Having obsessed over the French terrorist attacks throughout the past week and into the weekend, what happened in Baga wasn’t even on the bottom news ticker until today, and coverage is just starting to catch up with what happened.

Bodies remain to be recovered, untold numbers drown in Lake Chad, and the ruins of the city are still considered occupied by Boko Haram, as indeed is most of the northeast of the country.

Boko Haram continues to grow in size and scope, and has been launching huge numbers of attacks big and smaller recently. Over the weekend, two more suicide bombers, reportedly pre-teen girls, carried out attacks.

To the extent that Nigeria gets covered on CNN or other cable news networks, it is with an eye toward US military intervention there. Yet it is hard to imagine how 2,000 people could be killed and an entire city destroyed and it virtually escaped their notice for a solid week.

24 thoughts on “A Week Later: A Nigeria Massacre Finally Makes the Cable News”

    1. be careful what you wish for, would you like them to care about africans as much as they cared about Iraqis ?.

  1. You are right. I have also watch the news on tv about Nigeria. UN to Nigeria must restore Law and Order, probe mass killings. Anyhow, thanks for providing us the detail information along with confirmation about the attack.

  2. western intervention is pointless, Boko has no factories, no refineries, no bridges, no cities, no tanks, no railroads, no supply depots, no air force, no western targets at all. it's got to be boots on the ground and those boots must be Nigerian

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  9. In spite of these additions,the government has yet to arrest anybody for arranging or partaking in the massacre.So far Nigerian authorities' just activity has been to court martial some military officers for the loss of Baga.There is a pressing requirement for justice in the upper east if the deadly cycle of violence is to end.The government ought to work to guarantee that those in charge of the slaughter might one day be considered responsible,either in Nigeria or in the witness of the International Criminal Court,which is as of now checking the nation for crimes that may fall inside of its jurisdiction.

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