UN Envoy Urges More North Korea-Themed Movies

The Interview wasn’t exactly a great movie. The hype surrounding the Sony Pictures hack was by far its most memorable aspect. It did include a scene showing the death of Kim Jong Un, however, and that’s pretty great from the UN point of view.

UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in North Korea Marzuki Darusman praised the movie for “putting pressure” on Kim, saying the film “hit a raw nerve” and that more films of that sort are what is needed right now.

“This is a new thing, spotlighting the leadership and ridiculing the leadership. In any authoritarian, totalitarian system, that is an Achilles’ heel,” Darusman insisted, saying that if the ridicule from such movies seeps into the North Korean public “it could be lethal for the regime.”

Of course, Darusman is still doing his occasional report on human rights violations in North Korea, but he’s not putting his eggs in that basket, not when there are mid-budget Seth Rogen vehicles to be made.

10 thoughts on “UN Envoy Urges More North Korea-Themed Movies”

  1. "Marzuki Darusman (born 26 January 1945) is an Indonesian lawyer and politician. After fifteen years as a member of the People's Representative Council with President Suharto's Golkar party, he served the country's prosecutor general from 1999 to 2001."

    He obviously knows a lot about "human rights" but being a member of Suharto's Golkar Party, he most likely knows more about abusing humans rights than strengthening them. Why does the UN further damage its badly damaged reputation by employing such people.

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  3. I can't wait for "The Interview — USA" to be filmed, but perhaps without the assassination plot. The "spotlighting the leadership and ridiculing the leadership" really appeals to me, though.

    1. Over the past 30 years it has been shown that the "Leadership" in the US is pretty much immune to ridicule. Only massive personally inflicted FAILS, like Anthony Weiner, are able to bring them down. Mainly because they really don't give a rat's behind what the common American thinks of them. And 99.99% of Americans are "common."

      1. Unfortunately, I must agree with curmudgeon. The U.S. congress is "occupied territory" as Sen. Fulbright said many years ago. Not only does the U.S. congress not give a rat's behind about what Americans think, they don't give a damn that they have allowed a foreign entity to assume virtual control of the U.S. govt. The U.S. congress has betrayed our interests and are traitors to the U.S., and they aren't the least concerned about being traitors. Someone recently wrote that the most successful fifth column in history has acquired power over most of the U.S. govt, and the mainstream media. The fight for U.S. sovereignty is not completely lost, but things are not looking good for an independent America

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