Ben Swann on The Origin of ISIS

Over at Truth in Media, Ben Swann presents a clear and damning report on how the US actions in Iraq and Syria led to the rise of ISIS. Featuring’s Angela Keaton. (How did Swann get a one-on-one interview with Barack Obama?!)

13 thoughts on “Ben Swann on The Origin of ISIS”

  1. Excellent presentation, but at 3:42 seems to imply that conflict in Syria began in 2009, but this is a couple years too early.

    Awesome video, but 2009 date needs to be fixed on timeline.

  2. There is nothing "Islamic" at all about ISIS.ISIS ideology draws a lot from the French revolution methods and practices and very much resembles the pol pot Khmer.ISIS has damaged Muslim causes all over the world.ISIS has been used as an excuse to attack Islam,Muslims and wage wars against them.

  3. I remember threeyears ago before ISIS took over there was a minority of people saying that maybe the rebels attacking the Assad regime were not good guys. There was evidence of their atrocities back in 2012, but any one saying that back then was called a "Assadist", an Assad supporter. Now the rebels have turned into ISIS looks like the so called "Assadist" were right

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