Army Report Confirms Bergdahl Never Intended to Desert

The charges leveled against freed POW Sgt Bowe Bergdahl this week are making less and less sense the more details of Army reports emerge, as the Army had apparently concluded that Bergdahl did none of the things he’s being charged with.

Bergdahl is facing two main charges, desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. The later was seen as particularly strange at the time, since the Army had already cleared him of misconduct during his near five years as a hostage months prior.

The latest details are that the Army report explicitly says Bergdahl never intended to desert, either. Bergdahl left his outpost in July 2009 to report wrongdoing, planning to walk to the nearest base to report it to senior officials.

The details of what he intended to report still haven’t come to light, but officials called them “disturbing circumstances,” adding that he “wasn’t planning to desert.” Charging him with desertion, then, makes no sense at all.

Hawks were objecting to the POW exchange last year when it happened, and have attacked Bergdahl for getting captured in the first place. It seems that this political bias against him is fueling a lot of the momentum behind the charges, as the facts that have come to light so far don’t support the charges at all.

20 thoughts on “Army Report Confirms Bergdahl Never Intended to Desert”

  1. Hmmm. Maybe there was method in Obama's madness to exchange Bergdahl for those terrorists.

  2. "It seems that this political bias against him is fueling a lot of the momentum behind the charges, as the facts that have come to light so far don’t support the charges at all. "

    Facts dont get in the way of those who demand mob mentality "justice"

  3. seems his complaints may be made public, thus the need to get in front of
    the story and discredit him.

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  4. We shall see if this alleged wrong doing comes to light….one can image his lack of popularity if he was on his way to report war-crimes…


  6. This "report" simply states Bergdahl's claims after the fact; it is not a finding of their truthfulness. His problem is that what he describes may still be "desertion," and still got several people killed and the release of several high-level opposition fighters; capture by the opposition should certainly have been a reasonably foreseeable outcome.

  7. "Disturbing circumstances"? What would Bergdahl be reporting on that was so 'disturbing' that five years after his capture it has to be conveniently hidden behind charges he has already been cleared of? If I were a betting man, I'd say someone at a higher level than Bergdahl is trying to cover up some combat zone shenanigans.

  8. For a soldier to actually be motivated to go against the unwritten code of silence among soldiers, he had to be reporting something VERY BAD, something repulsive even to a solder with a conscience in time of war! I am quite sure that hundreds of thousands of troops now and in the past are well aware of the criminal nature of US interventionism around the world.

  9. Do you find it difficult to understand that what you cite as The Army's position is actually Bergdahl's defense as outlines by his attorney? By attempting to convey the impression that this is the Army's position, you are hereby accused of lying. Or stupidity. Or both.

  10. Well, he can't just get up and leave and expect no repercussions. He left his post in a combat situation without permission, and that's the definition of desertion. It remains to be seen how the courts martial decides, but there is definitely grounds to pursue a case if the Army wishes.

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  14. In most critical situation, army is called to deal with public as well as extremism either it relate to things or people. The army report about what your are exaggerating is very important from Bergdahl and desert point of view. Your public discussion about it is letting people to know more.

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