Justin Raimondo Op-Ed on Rand Paul in the Los Angeles Times

Antiwar.com’s editorial director Justin Raimondo has an op-ed in Tuesday’s Los Angeles Times on the subject of Rand Paul’s foreign policy.

Check it out.

7 thoughts on “Justin Raimondo Op-Ed on Rand Paul in the Los Angeles Times

  1. Rand Paul is the Barack Obama of the antiwar right. It wasn't impossible for those of us on the left of the antiwar movement to detect Obama's perfidy when he veered to the "right" (actually the pro-war "center") after securing the nomination. He always said he would withdraw (only) "combat" troops from Iraq and would redeploy them to Afghanistan. Still, he was able to fool those who did not pay attention. While the nomination was still in doubt, I hoped he'd be better than Hillary, but I was never enthusiastic about him, based on his Senate record. Needless to say I did not vote for him.

    Good to see Justin is paying attention, though I wonder why it took so long as in my view Rand has been a lot more obvious than Barack was.

    As with Barack, Rand's position is simply whatever is least likely to damage him politically. What's astounding is that Rand could have been so naive that he didn't understand AIPAC's power even before he was elected to the Senate but had to get clued in on arrival in Washington.

  2. The Republicans are just as useless to peaceniks as the Democrats. The bipartisan "Washington consensus" will not change until both the antiwar right refuses to vote for Republicans and votes Libertarian instead, and the antiwar left refuses to vote for Democrats and votes Green or Socialist instead. Perhaps when both 3rd parties start garnering over 10%, they'll get smart and fuse at the Federal level if Republocrats don't get smart and start supporting cuts to military spending and interventions.

  3. Ayn Rand Paul is a lot like John Kerry & Ehud Barack Obama. They don't say what they mean once they are elected to office.

  4. With all of his changing positions, Rand is in danger of becoming the Mitt Romney of the 2016 campaign. And it appears that, like Romney, he will take almost any position that he thinks will get him votes. Perhaps that's why Rand stupidly signed the now infamous letter to Iran, figuring that, although those on the antiwar right were outraged, they really have no where else to go – at least within the two-party monopoly that is strangling us.

    And yet, listening to Rand's announcement today of his candidacy for America's top job, it did strike me that he is the only candidate, potential or announced, who does not frighten the crap out of me (and that includes Hillary). If enough others feel the same way, he may even have a fighting chance while neo-cons Cruz, Rubio, et al, divide up the GOP war first vote.

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