Biden Wrongly Claims ISIS War Unified Iraq

Suggesting he neither understands what happened to Iraq in 2014 or what is happening in Iraq right now, Vice President Joe Biden claimed the ISIS war is going very well, and that it had ultimately been a net positive that “unified” the country against a common enemy.

The claim was made in spite of increasingly divided nation, particularly on a sectarian basis, as pro-government Shi’ite militias loot and lynch civilians in Sunni towns along the front lines, and fewer and fewer of the Sunni tribal allies remain to support the Abadi government.

Biden’s comments seem to center around the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) not explicitly talking about secession from Iraq as much as they were in mid-2014, though that seems to be at best a temporary decision, with the same disputes over oil revenues and autonomy as unresolved as ever.

How hollow Biden’s claims of progress in the war ring is a reflection not only of his stark disconnect with reality in general, but that there is very little basis upon which to claim the war has been anything but an abject failure so far.

11 thoughts on “Biden Wrongly Claims ISIS War Unified Iraq”

  1. The people of Iraq doesn't need to thank Joe Biden or obama and certainly not their "Caligula" in war when they started destroying Iraq. People of iraq we'll aware of who is their enemies and who is not. USG and king of Sweden, the German not so Angela Markell and other Neo liberals certainly are not on the list. Iraq and Iraqi people will defeat and defeated all there is to throw at them, so Joe Buden and his neo fascism friends in Ukraine can stop being so naive thinking that they are doing favors for humanity's.

  2. Biden must refer to the near future when ISIS takes over all of Iraq, then, like under the Sadam regime, everyone will be united again. Isn´t that nice, Biden wants to see them return as one big happy family. Biden is more and more slapstick every time he opens his mouth.

  3. I haven't expected truth from any politician in a long time. Either they just rant the line or, in most cases, simply don't know what they are talking about. As far as I can tell, the vast majority of Americans know even less so it all "works" so to speak. It just may be we have the worst educational system in the industrialized, and much of the unindustrialized, world for a reason. Ignorant people are easy to manipulate.

    1. The USA has the worst or one of the worst educational systems of any industrialized nation and maybe some non industrialized nations. I don't always agree with the presidents of either party either on domestic or foreign affairs. When someone in their administrations come up with good ideas to improve education, people always shoot down their ideas. If too many people fight attempts to improve education, nothing can be done to improve it.

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