Israel Furious that UN Report on Israel Mentions Israel So Much

Israeli officials are usually pretty mad at the UN for something they did or said, or didn’t do or didn’t say. Today, Ambassador Ron Prosor’s outrage centered around a new UN report on Israel’s treatment of Palestinian children in the occupied territories, a report he complains mentions Israel altogether too much.

The report was supposed to be something of a compromise. The UN issued a recent report on violence against children in warzones worldwide, and was facing intense US and Israeli pressure not to mention Israel in this, despite the large death toll among children in last summer’s Israeli invasion of Gaza. In the end, they didn’t mention Israel in that official report, but released a separate report about Israel.

But the UN can’t win with Israel, and Prosor complained that the report about Israel, which again, was a report about Israel, mentioned Israel way more than it mentioned ISIS.

That would’ve been a fair complaint if Israel had been in the main report, where ISIS was one of the many violators spotlighted, but it seems absurd that Israel should expect, having gotten out of that report entirely, that this lesser report would also focus on countries other than Israel, even though it’s a report explicitly about Israel.

34 thoughts on “Israel Furious that UN Report on Israel Mentions Israel So Much”

  1. Israel is a spoiled, destructive child that should be singled out far more than it has been. It has so successfully exploited the Nazi Holocaust and suborned the U.S. government to carry out its commands that it now feels that it has total impunity and immunity for its actions. For murdering 600 children in Gaza last summer, it should have been headlined and condemned in the main report.

    1. You are absolutely right. I can't say what you said because I could now be arrested for that because of bill C-51 (I live in Canada, the latest police state on planet Earth).

      1. You all voted that jackass even for a second term take take your licks and shut up

        1. You really are a special kind of stupid if you still believe that voting matters……lol

    2. You're right Thomas. The whole holocaustian narrative is a scam designed to maintain Israel as a perpetual victim, and thereby excuse its vicious attempt to destroy the Palestinian people. BTW Netanyahu is so like one A Hitler who used to chew the carpet over the League of Nations.

  2. What Thomas said. Israel has got the US by the short and curlies. It pays the congressmen's bills and owns it. Rules governing contributions to congress are a threat to the US. They must be changed.

    1. The Congress you suggest constraining (rightfully so, btw) are the ones who write the law. I believe they even changed the law that used to exist so that they don't even have to actually vote anymore in order to give themselves a raise in salary. I would expect them not to consider cutting off the flow of Israelis "donations."

      1. Their trick to give themselves a raise is to slip it into a Bill they know will pass. Nobody reads them anyway. "We have to pass the Bill to know what's in it." Also, they still get cost of living raises. "Shhhhh……….

  3. Can there be any qualms about calling Israel, another Union of South Africa apartheid system, which needs to be overturned? It is not the "only democracy in the Mid East", they are not "God's chosen people", it is a nasty, racist country that is on the path to genocide. The USA should cut off all ties to Israel (direct aid, tax exempt associations, and favorable trade relations), lest we be dragged down with them. Israel can choose to change its ways or be strangers to us.

  4. I watched Ba Ki-moon refuse to answer the question why Israel was omitted from the list. He handed the question off to his assistant who could not come up with an answer. I want to know who, exactly, by name pressured moon to delete Israel from the list and what powers of persuasion did that person have to bring to bear. We know that moon is our bitch but this was beyond anything we could have expected.

  5. Bibi and the New Natzi (Likud) Party has committed so many atrocities against the Palestinian people as he stole their lands he has been forced to try and cover up his war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide by actually petitioned the international court to redefine the definitions. Such an act of desperation is a clear admission of guilt by him and the State of Israel. It also begs the question; if by some odd quirk of fate he got those changes, would they not also mean that the suffering of the Jews was no longer legally defined as such either? Or is NutenYahoo assuming that such changes would only apply when Israel is doing them to Muslims and Christians?
    It is a sad and bitter irony indeed that perhaps the most dangerous, vicious, evil and vile criminal leader in the Middle East wasn’t from Iraq, or Libya, but in fact from Israel. Clearly so much of the violence and hatred and terrorism is a direct result of the crimes and atrocities committed by Israel. It would have been far better to have removed the nuclear weapons from Israel in 2001 and forced Israel back to the Pre1967 borders as mandated by international law instead of destroying 2/3’s of the entire Middle East killing millions, turning 10’s of millions into refugees, reducing entire cities to rubble, spending more than 7 Trillion dollars. The world in general and America in particular would have become a far better place than it is today.

  6. What isn't taught in America is that the political faction in control of the country of Israel are the continuation of the terrorist groups that fought the British and Arabs to steal Palestine AND the continuation of Marxist atheists that worked with the Natzi government in order to preemptively send Jews to Palestine, under the Havaara Agreement, to provide more Jewish manpower and settlers for the preplanned fight to steal Palestine and create Israel. These atheist Marxist Zionists have done this against God's will but they have managed to hijack Judaism and brainwash Christians in to thinking they are fulfilling God's plan. In reality they are rebelling against it by bringing about Bible prophecy on their own accord. This information has been systematically suppressed from society over the course of decades.

  7. From Jesus Killers what do you expect. An America is simply destroying religion just as their Roman ancestors rewrote the bible to aligned it with paganism. An America descendants of Rome killed Jesus as ordered by the Jews who let a raping murderer free named Brabus instead of Jesus when the Roman legion aire gave them a chance to spare Jesus. No they are the righteous….please. ..they are modern day Herod and the Jesus killers are still the same

    1. you mean ROMANS the jesus killers ?
      Christians btw, are same jews, only undercover, pretending to be by different name, "christians". "christians" is not a true name of those Jews who were followers of Jesus, who was a jewish Rabbi. His real hebrew name IS: Yeshua or in engleeesh Joshua. "Christ" is a greek word meaning Messia or Mashiah in hebrew.
      So, most of you JOSHUans here, and all your parents and ancestors are basically Jewish. You can't hide it.
      You can debate and argue and debate, the ONE and only ONE out there, sees in all of you as Jews=zionists=joshuans=messians…etc.

  8. Excellent comments, but only a tiny handful of Americans know that their congress and president have been bought by foreign national interests. If this is true, and I believe it is, then the implications are simply staggering. Major news media, both print and electronic, are owned, controlled, or dominated by American Jewish groups and individuals whose primary loyalty is to Israel, not America. The U.S. congress is the major criminal in this existential state of affairs. Congress has been bought by monied interests with enormous amounts of money and staggering political clout. Congress, then, is not only a "parliament of fowles," but a rancid collection of two dollar whores who have knowingly or unknowingly committed treason against the U.S. The attorney general should begin immediate investigations and proceedings but can't because this office too is controlled by the same billionaires who bullied and humiliated George Bush and who constantly ridicule and publicly scorn the U.S. and U.S. interests and leaders.
    Who was the silly academic who wrote the book, "The End of History"? Actually, history is really beginning to get interesting now.
    Just as an aside, I would not allow any child of mine to take a course from such an historical ass.

  9. Please add links to both reports; I can decide which one Is the new low in zionist israel’s fast lane to the trash can of history.

  10. The jig is up.
    Long live the WWW!
    Nowadays, who believes even half the Zio-nonsense?

  11. Israel is a war mongering land thief that has no regard for any life! The disproportionate attack on Gaza last summer, filled with lies and propaganda to sooth its conscience. I think of Zionism as the cancer of our world led by a man that would make any Nazi proud. An Israeli investigation is tantamount to asking Hitler to write a report on the Holocaust. Israel has no shame and has lost its right to stand among the nations of the world. BDS is working. The UN is an Israeli puppet – but not for too much longer! I am disgusted by new reports on the lives of Palestinians and Gazans in particular!

    1. "but not for too much longer"? Wrong on that point; it will take about another 50 years; after a nuclear exchange between USA, Russia, Israel, and god only knows who else. As John F. Kennedy said; "when the living will envy the dead". Only then, can it be said; not for too much longer.

  12. If the politicians made Israel then we can unmake this monster, after all aren't we the 99% and I mean not just in America all the over the world the one percent thugs have made life hell for the ordinary guy.. Boycott all that which stands and supports this monstrous edifice.

  13. May The LORD GOD ever watch over and protect HIS PEOPLE Israel. Mat GODS mighty deeds confound this world with HIS LOVE of HIS PEOPLE Israel. May HE BLESS those who bless HIS PEOPLE and curse those who curse HIS PEOPLE!!!

    1. According to the old testament, god sure jerked his people around. I guess he doesn't love them all that much.

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