UK General: We Must Lie on Twitter to Defeat ISIS

Earlier this year, US officials announced a plan to set up a State Department office to centralize all government anti-ISIS propaganda on Twitter and Facebook.

The efforts of middle-management bureaucrats to connect to the young people in an anti-ISIS manner, in hopes of countering ISIS’ comparatively successful recruiting on the site was, naturally, a disaster. As with most great government blunders, its one more people want in on.

This time, it’s the British military, as General Sir Richard Barrons cautioned the West is “losing the Twitter battle,” and that the military is therefore going to Twitter to lie.

That’s not a typo, by the way, that’s flat out what Sir Richard said, that British troops need to go on Twitter to spread “lies” to fight ISIS. Military information control at its finest.

But if civilian bureaucrats couldn’t connect with the young people, career military bureaucrats probably aren’t going to do any better. Indeed, the fact that Sir Richard went into the operation by telegraphing (ironically in the Telegraph) his plans to lie to the public suggests just how bad an idea this truly is.

16 thoughts on “UK General: We Must Lie on Twitter to Defeat ISIS”

  1. Like they were telling the truth so far. Capitalism and their generals been lying since the Korean War to Vietnam war, to Afghanistan, to Iraq, to Libya, to Syria and again Iraq war and creation of ISIS.

  2. What, one might wonder, are they going to lie about? That ISIS really *IS* a violent, dangerous outfit to come in contact with? That the ISIS-projected image of itself as being all puppies and rainbows isn't true at all?

    It looks to me like ISIS is doing pretty much whatever it wants to do and is reveling in it's very-bad-boy image. It also appears that bad boy image isn't hurting its recruiting efforts one bit. We see stories here and there about the Westerners who go to join ISIS, find out it's not what they thought it would be, and leave- but how many more than that stay and participate wholeheartedly?

    1. So I guess the General will tweet that ISIS are not a bunch of violent macho criminals they project themselves to be but are just a group of sissies who are there to help the poor, the orphans and the elderly. With this change in image all their recruiting effort will come to a grinding halt.

  3. "I'm a liar, and that's the truth." Military "intelligence" discovers sophomoric philosophy.

    1. Not really sophomoric, but morosophic. The rule is that government (and military) always lie. So when they announce they are going to lie, this must be a lie. From that follows that they are going to tell the truth, which must therefore be false because they always lie. You must be able to trust them on that for otherwise you wouldn't be able to discern whether they lie or tell the truth and had to be skeptical about your own judgments, which is unthinkable. And since you cannot contemplate the unthinkable, you can rule out that possibility, which then proves that the government (and military) always lie, supporting the conclusion you already drew.

  4. I think it is very important for any remaning thinking Americans to go into themselves and consider these manufactured realities! Haven't got the time? Then why are you living a personal life? At least abstract yourselves from the governmental constructions. When you not actively disagree you are counted as a supporter,.

    I think consensuas today is, that you ALWAYS support your government, You have to actively resist it!. Consensus ys just a self-satisfying angle from the government. Why degenertate yourself and other personal thinkers!

  5. I love the "we are dealing with people who do this for a living"

    Not unlike the pressitutes of the Western Media then.

  6. Hang on a minute whatever happened to Al-CIAda then ? Surely that was all true wasn't it ? Or was that a complete pack of lies as well ? I guess they were no longer scary enough … went the way of the commies, the yellow peril, the mongol hordes et al. Best re-brand the threat and relaunch together with some laughably shite obviously fake videos, send in "military advisers" with vast amounts of freebee weapons, foment as much discord as possible, stand back and ramp up your share holdings in Lockhead Martin, Raytheon etc …

    1. When Obama took out OBJ I was wondering how they will be able to justify huge military and security expense moving forward. Little did I know that it will take them no time at all to create a new and scarier boogeyman. We the people are too gullible. Just circulate a couple of real or fake beheading videos and everyone will be onboard to crush this new evil-of-the-day.

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