US Publicly Announces It’s Not Going to Publicly Blame China for OPM Hack

We’ve gone through the paucity of evidence related to who was behind the OPM hack before. FBI officials suggested they were looking into a number of situations, including the possibility of “state actors,” which led some media outlets to say they might be looking at China, which led Congressmen to say they heard on the TV that China did it, which led the media outlets to cite the Congressmen as proof China did it.

The evidence hasn’t been there though, and officials are saying it never will be. Today, US officials announced in the Washington Post that even though they’re pretty sure China did it (likely because they heard that on the TV), they aren’t going to publicly accuse them of doing so, apparently unclear on whether the Washington Post counts as public or not.

Officials are also saying “privately” (again, in a huge circulation newspaper) that they might impose sanctions on China for the hack, but not publicly say the sanctions are because of the hack, even though they literally just did say that.

The OPM hacks breached the data of some 20 million US government employees past and present, and despite the speculation that China did it for some national security purpose, those people have also been advised of the risk of identity theft for credit scams and whatnot in case this was actually a private group that hacked them for all the valuable information.

16 thoughts on “US Publicly Announces It’s Not Going to Publicly Blame China for OPM Hack”

  1. That's a surprise. Was the claim that North Korea hacked Sony embarrassing enough?

    1. Well said Rick. However, In order for embarrassment to exist, there must be some sort of ethical pride to begin with, something our Establishment, including the media, totally lacks. Think about it, Rick, how can a belligerent person or group become embarrassed over anything?

      1. I know what you mean. But here it is, they're not taking advantage of this to blame China, Russia or whoever else they looking to pick a fight with.

  2. Anyone who tells you they can identify this hacker with certainty is lying. The head fakes and false trails that a sophisticated hacker can put in place can hide his identity more securely than Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak.
    How can official Washington be so sure the Chinese are behind the hack? There are other candidates with equal opportunity, means and motive. Two come to mind. Mossad, which the FBI classifies as one of the top three hostile intelligence agencies, and our own NSA, which could never get this stove-piped personnel data in one gift-wrapped package by asking for it. Both Mossad and NSA would have the means to feed crumbs to the Congress and the MSM leading only to China, and both the motive for collecting this data to search for terrorists and espionage agents.
    So let’s just say the jury is still out on who did the OPM hack, at least until our agents in China (or Israel) start going dark. But in the meantime, of couse, blaming China helps to get the cointel budgets increased.

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