US Army Building Roads in Eastern Europe, Citing ‘Russian Aggression’

US military officials are loudly bragging about their latest initiative to reassure Europe, a program that was called, unlikely enough, the European Reeassurance Initiative (ERI), and which to this point has involved moving a lot of sand around, and building some roads in rural parts of several Baltic states.

ERI is nominally the latest in a long line of programs the Obama Administration has announced to “combat Russian aggression,” and which are meant to build up nations along the Russian frontier to support massive US military deployments to spite Russia.

The plans are often ill-conceived, as the US idea to deploy huge amounts of tanks into several of these countries ran into problems because the tanks are stored in swampy areas where the mud makes it virtually impossible to drive a tank, and NATO has taken to having to “ship” those tanks back and forth to their various anti-Russia photo ops.

In this regard, ERI is trying to be the solution for the military-created problem, hauling thousands of tonnes of sand into those swampy areas to build “tank trails” that they can drive the tanks through, along with roads to support the infrastructure for the NATO operations in the area.

The army sees it as a win-win, as the pricey construction involves the use of contractors, and is subsequently popular with the host countries, and also lets the army deploy people to not-war-zones, which is “good for morale.”

That the whole program is make-work to “reassure” European nations about the US commitment to take part in some unlikely, disastrous future war with Russia is just gravy for them, as the Pentagon sees talk of a new Cold War as a great excuse to push for bigger budgets, and if they can’t physically position forces in the Baltic swamps for this scheme, they’ll build up the swamps so they can.

36 thoughts on “US Army Building Roads in Eastern Europe, Citing ‘Russian Aggression’”

  1. This new cold war is an opportunity for Russia to bankrupt the US the way the Soviet Union was bankrupted. So Vlad, be strong and taunt the empty suits into paving the whole of Eastern Europe.

    1. Putin's problem is that if he doesn't try to keep pace with the US he discredits himself in the eyes of his elderly supporters, who are dreaming of an exhumed Soviet Union, but if he does, he bankrupts Russia just as the Soviet Union was bankrupted.

  2. Sounds like the US is rediscovering the problems the Wehrmacht found out the hard way in '44?

      1. True. But this time around, it's for Putin to invade. His rickety tanks will get stuck.

  3. Of course, the one thing we couldn’t possibly do is to provide jobs in America by building and repairing our own infrastructure. Heck, I’d even put up with calling it the “Anti-Putin Railway” at the ribbon cutting ceremony.

    1. Of course, that would be what the americans want. But the bank mob took over the USA a 100 years ago, now they are going for new businesses, conquering the rest of the world. And sending the bill to the american taxpayers – smart, isn't it?

  4. But this creates jobs. They should also dig some holes in the swamps while they are there.

  5. USG paving its way for the third world war citing Russian aggression. Obama policies are based on war, based on the old version of saying: you either with us or against us, if you are with us we support you no matter what you do, the support of USG for Saudis and Israel is an example, if are not with us we will destroy your nation for not being and supporting us in what we do. Libya, Syria, Iraq are the recent example of such policy, another one is supporting turkish regime to bomb Kurdish people whom are fighting ISIS citing it that they (NATO and Turkish regime) are fighting ISIS. It is not the question of Russia being the aggressive, one which invading countries after another, this is a economical policies where as deceptive and fraud within such system been forcing system to losing it creditability all over the world, to repair that and as USG being a militarism regime, it needs to cooperate with others and create enemies for yet another war, this is USG-capitalism ideology, its been like that for hundreds or years, double standard, double language, changing color of its falsified democracy where and when necessary is whats been practiced by those who administrate the system. in that regard the american people only vote for those whom can fool them more then the other one.

  6. Let's hope that a war with Russia is "unlikely". That depends on Putin and his neocon backers. Such a war would indeed be a disaster for Russia and might well cause the berakup of the Russian Federation, which may well be why Putin is shying away from it. Public works projects certainly help the economy of the EU Member States concerned and if Putin really isn't threatening anybody, he'll hardly have any objection. And, of course, restauring NATO's bruised credibility in Europe is a vital part of Israel's security and that is probably the decisive factor. So it is indeed win-win.

  7. See, Obama is clearly keeping his promise to create jobs and improve roads and bridges… outside the US, that is. Bravo to you, sir. *claps*


    NATO Is Marching Towards Russia, and They Have No Idea What Awaits Them

    America is fully aware that the way to draw Russia into a conflict is to push forward towards Russia’s borders. In time, Russia will be forced to defend its right to exist, and when this happens, western powers will not know what hit them.

  9. It is not enough that the Middle East wars are slowly bankrupting us, which is the tettorist main aim. Now we digging swamp holes in Eastern Europe for an imagined future war against Russia. Of course not to say it will never happen, but highly unlikely unless Putin and the west are looking to go to war in the very very immediate future knowing their shared mutual destruction is likely the very end or a hellish painful survival for the planet. So these hawkish leaders who are implementing all this for nefarious reasons I only wish they could be brought in a court of law before the American people and be damnably judged for wasting our money.

  10. Those poor, stupid easteuropeans. In their hate of Russia, they let the USA occupy their territories, with fairytales of 'protection' – typical maffia rhetoric. By that they will lose their national sovereignty forever, without a shot being fired.

    1. this poor ,stupid easter europe people did fight for freedom many countries as well as USA during war agains GB Kosciuszko Pulawski

      1. Well, I actually did not intend to mock you or your people. I am a swede, and my country has not been occupied since Denmark ruled us some 500 years ago. Today the swedish independence is rapidly vanishing, because my people is just as stupid as yours – and the rest of Europe's. So we will all be in the same boat soon. But not for long, just until the Freemasons starts WW3, then we will all be gone. What will be left is just the Freemasons, the chosen people, and a few 100 million goyims, enough to serve our masters.

  11. I believe that financial support of the USA is very important for easteuropeans and I do not think it will result in a bankruptcy (definitely not for the USA). Putin's dream to restore Soviet Union will never come true and there is nothing bad in America playing a significant role in pevention of Putin's agression. I fould a lot of interesting information on Polotical science on this site.

    1. Another idiot who falls for US CIA MSM crap,
      Try researching what PUtin actually said and the reasons he stated it in wha context!
      So sick of STUPID War MONGERING fools!

    2. Americas is NOT WANTED in eastern europe by the public, warmongering is not the answer, but most Americans are brought up to believe it is.. I mean how can you really trust a Nation that massacred the natural inhabitants of its invaded country,, I sometimes I think it is inbred.
      Russian people are exactly the same, told nothing, and used as cannon fodder when it goes wrong,,,

  12. It looks like the original (i.e.: real) Osama bin Laden's statement, "Don't fight the US; bankrupt them." is proving true.

  13. They'll probably shift some sand and mud, destroy a few fields and then abandon the project, following the election of a new president. There ARE decent roads in the Baltic states, for that matter and where there isn't, the EU is already sponsoring everything from bike routes to paving rural roads.

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