US ‘to Take Revenge’ Against China Over Hacking Attack

Early last week, the US publicly announced that it was not going to publicly blame China for the OPM hack.

The evidence of China’s responsibility for the hack has not been made public, and doesn’t seem particularly strong. The FBI initially suggested several possible candidates, including “state actors.” Media outlets took this to mean China, and started reporting China was being blamed. Congressmen took the media reports as proof China did it, and other media outlets took the Congressmen’s comments as proof China did it.

The idiocy through which we got here is neither here nor there though, as the US, which still hasn’t “publicly” blamed China, despite publicly saying they weren’t going to do so, is now publicly saying they’re going to carry out some sort of revenge act against China.

Officials are said to be split on how big of a revenge attack to conduct, and some are afraid that it will spark a revenge attack from China, which would be followed by a revenge-revenge attack, and so on.

Those calling for more aggressive attacks are said to believe it will be a “deterrent” in the future, despite it also being obviously more likely to result in retaliation. The question of whether China even did the OPM hack in the first place seems long since forgotten.

20 thoughts on “US ‘to Take Revenge’ Against China Over Hacking Attack”

  1. Everyone has to understand US thinking here: "It doesn´t matter if China really did it, because China did it."

    Now do you understand? If you still don´t understand it all, just ask the government or the media, they´ll be more than happy to clear things up for you.

  2. A bad idea. The US is more internet dependent and thus vulnerable to an attack than any other country on earth.
    Cyber war is like soccer or basketball. All you need is a dirt patch and ball to play. This is a sport where money doesn't beat talent. You can hire a lot of talent for the price of one F-35.
    America produces fewer and fewer mathematicians and engineers. This limited talent makes millions on Wall Street creating CDOs and other imaginary investment products. Thirty years ago every second ad in the paper was for a programmer or systems analyst; all gone to India and China now.
    America's cyber war department will end up in the same place as the Jamaican bob-sled team.

  3. US ‘to Take Revenge’ Against China Over Hacking Attack
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  4. So China denies it was responsible for any attack, we have no incontrovertible evidence to show who was behind this attack, yet we choose to announce to the world that we will be responsible for at least one attack against the Chinese, just in case anyone should wonder whom to blame when catastrophe strikes China in the future? We know of course that once we've declared such an intent, it can never be convincingly withdrawn? What kind of genius came up with this cunning plan? Baldrick?

    1. Nice to bump into another Black Adder fan! However, the one announced by the Govt lacks Baldrick's genuine effort to be useful to le Adder Noir. We are now so low on brain wattage in DC
      the more likely similarities might be found in Monty Python.

  5. The U.S. shouldn't be conducting horrendous cyber attacks on other countries, i.e., IRAN with Stuxnet. what goes around comes around.

  6. Playing the role of Cleavon Little moments after he arrives in town…it's the United States of Amurika.

    That's right attack the one country that can dump U.S. dollar holdings and watch Amurika implode.
    China: "Hey, we've been through far worse than a short economic downturn in our 4000 year history, we'll recover"
    U.S.: "Hey, where's my new smart phone? What? No new clothes at the mall? IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD!!!"

    1. Nothing could be better for the U.S. (or worse for China) than China dumping its U.S. dollar holdings. What would happen? If it were to have any effect at all (which I doubt) then the U.S. dollar would decline in value vs. the yuan. Net effect – the price of Chinese exports to the U.S. skyrocket. Chinese exports to the U.S. collapse, bringing about an unprecedented boom in the U.S. and depression in China. Oh, and those clothes and iphones we can have built anywhere. More losses to China as its business goes south to Vietnam, Indonesia and Bangladesh

  7. Correction, America took credit for STUXNET,

    But there was a collection of free thinking hackers from around the world who helped assemble it. All willingly and justifiably. I should know, I was there…We don’t need nukes anywhere, but especially anywhere near the epicenters for religious extremism, no matter what country it falls in.

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  9. Kinetic weapon attack on the port of Tianjin. USA used Project Thor to show China we can and will bring the war to there people!

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