Ron Paul: US Intelligence Confirms US Support for ISIS

Former Defense Intelligence Agency head Gen. Michael Flynn is not backing down from his claims that elements of the US government were aware of and supported the rise of jihadists in Syria as a means by which to overthrow its president, Bashar Assad. As the US moves ever closer to a full-out invasion of Syria the lack of media interest in Flynn’s story is reminiscent of the one-sided (pro-war) coverage of the run up to the 2003 Iraq War. More on the disturbing new revelations in a special edition of the Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

11 thoughts on “Ron Paul: US Intelligence Confirms US Support for ISIS”

  1. Stop misusing the name of Isis, the fertility goddess. The terrorists are called Daesh.

    On a lighter note, one has to wonder how many people in that group pic are still alive…

      1. They hate being called Daesh, they see it as an insult. That's why you should call them that.

  2. We're only pretending to be at war with ISIS. The real target is the Assad regime, on the neocons' hit list for more than a decade, along with Iran.

  3. They say that American people are useful idiots, what they don't say is that American media is a instrument of government and by the government deceptive journalistic printing based on lies, just look at CNN, FOX and other, these people have no idea what they are saying, what their mouth full of lies will effect the nation and what the consequence their news can have, they are sensationalism, they are simply working and hired by those that are against people unity and prosperity, these people have no clue what they are saying but they get paid by a corporation where the motive is to profit from nonsense that they produce and call it News.

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