Chelsea Manning Faces Indefinite Solitary Confinement for Expired Toothpaste

Railroaded into a military prison for 35 years, whistleblower Chelsea Manning is now facing “indefinitely solitary confinement” for a handful of trivial charges, which stem entirely from allegations by one of the guards (termed “specialists”) that she swept food on the floor in the dining area. This led to a charge of “disorderly conduct.”

That “violation” on the books, Manning was placed in “administrative segregation” and her room searched. They found a handful of magazines, including the issue of Cosmo she had an interview published in, and political books, unsurprising since she’s working on a degree in political science. They dubbed this “Prohibited Property.”

They also found a tube of “anti-cavity toothpaste may-keep-in-cell,” which upon further inspection was a couple of months outdated. This led to the charge of “medicine misuse.”

Taken together, the toothpaste tube, the alleged food on the floor, and the magazines are enough to send Manning even further up the river, apparently, and officials are spurning calls to make the hearing open to the public.

Manning was already in solitary confinement for months pending the initial trial, and saw deteriorating health during that time. As someone who leaked evidence of government abuse and has publicly been calling for reforms during her time in prison, there seems to be a concerted effort to cut Manning even further off from the public, and given her health problems in the past solitary confinement period, it’s no guarantee she’ll even survive the 35-year sentence to keep calling for reforms throughout.

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  1. It wouldn't make any difference what that poor girl did, those thugs would find an excuse to crucify her. They want her to break. They wont rest until she's thoroughly shattered but if those bastards think they have a pussy on there hands there in for a rude awakening. Not only did Chelsea have the guts to take on the lords of war, she came out of the closet as a trans woman while she was under the magnifying glass of the war machine. That woman is made of steel. Demons be damned. Chelsea manning is my hero.

  2. This breaks my heart ……… Queers across America should band together and storm Leavenworth like the Bastille … Chelsea Manning is a hero and a patriot, her captors are scumbags, cowards and stinking mounds of fecal filth.

  3. He probably bought the expired toothpaste from the commissary at their high prices before it was nearly (or even already!) expired.

  4. You sir are the epitomy of what is wrong with the ( once ) great country of The United States of America.

  5. Being cruel takes no effort. Correcting wrongs does. This country would have all its wrongs persist. Once the messenger is tended to, it may do the right thing. But only after doing the wrong thing for as long as possible. Solitary is simply what cowards apply to those who have no power. Crimes done under the lies and guise of punishment are still crimes in and of themselves. Shame nobody cares to notice that much and punish the criminals who aren't thought of as such.

    1. There are plenty of homosexuals serving honorably in the military. As you were in for 10+ years, no doubt you know this.

    2. Nothing honorable about running around the world committing aggressive violence at the behest of dishonest politicians.

    3. How can service in making the world safe for Big Business to plunder weak countries of their labor and resources at fire-sale prices be "honorable"? That has been the real primary purpose of U. S. foreign policy at least since 1945. (Big Business is Emperor Palpatine; Uncle Sam is merely Darth Vader.)

      Arnold is, at best, a pathetic dupe, as stupid as any jihadi who thinks he's serving a noble cause.

      1. Arnold is a bigot but that has nothing to do with his service. Some of the finest voices of the antiwar movement have been vets. Just Google Smedley Butler if you don't believe me.

        1. CH speaks (well, posts) the truth. My temper got the better of me. I apologize to the vets he mentioned.

    4. Arnold: “I served honorably for 10+ years. I have no respect for that homosexual traitor.”

      Granted people often do join the military with the honorable intention of serving one’s country. Unfortunately, there is a difference between government and country. The fallacious assumption is that serving the government serves the country. Manning’s ‘crime’ was exposing this lie once (s)he became aware of it—after joining the military. That is, ironically, Manning’s crime was serving the country. Ditto Snowden of course.

    5. Jesus loves you, even though you ignore his teachings. Bless you and may you see GODS true kind and unconditional light.

  6. It’s interesting that this wouldn’t be news if Reuters hadn’t put it on the wire tonight, and there’s a reason Reuters broke this story: It was their photographers who were blown up by an American helicopter, in an incident the government lied about and denied, which would have remained covered up if Manning hadn’t leaked the video.
    Good for them, for continuing to follow up on how the government is predictably abusing her for her moral stance.

  7. What you think of Manning's actions aren't the point. If the government can do what it wants, when it wants, to whomever it wants, without having to answer to any civilian authority, then it can happen to any one of us. Balls or no balls.

  8. I hate the PC group think that demands that (Chelsea) Manning is a woman. He is no more a woman than Bruce (not Caitlyn) Jenner, who has fathered several children, who now must feel humiliated. Even if Bradley were to get a sex change operation, it would not change his male XY chromosomes.

    That said, Bradley Manning is a hero to me (as is Julian Assange), and he should be released from prison immediately. I hope that President Obama has the compassion to pardon him before he leaves office.

    1. And I hate the pseudo-scientific group that confuses biological sex with gender identity (they're not the same thing) and can't even get biological sex right (there are, in fact, biological XX males and biological XY females; there are more than two chromosomes contributing to biological sex).

      And no, we don't "mean Bradley Manning." She's changed her name. She, not you, gets to decide what her name is.

      The best way to handle this would be to focus on the actual issues in the article you're commenting on, instead of belaboring your insecurities over Chelsea Manning's gender identity. Or you can see how far you push it before crossing the hate speech threshold and wearing out your welcome here.

      1. Fine she is a traitorous witch(with a B) being crushed under the thumb of the military system that was harmed and placed in danger by her actions. Maybe she should have made a nice cup of tea and then take time to you know think it through before divulging classified material. Pretty simple, no matter how dirty Uncle Sam's hands are if you break the law you will have consequences. She could have done more getting an Honorable discharge and protesting from that point.

      2. WOW, Mr. Knapp! You disagree with my comment, then call it "hate speech" and threaten to kick me out? Where's the hate? I don't care what name Manning chooses to call himself, that was not my point. The evil guv'mint's put this fine, brave young man through hell. Did you read the part of my comment in which I called him a hero and that Obama should pardon him, or did you not read my second paragraph?

        1. "You disagree with my comment, then call it 'hate speech'"

          In your imagination or in some alternate universe, perhaps.

          In the real world, I wrote exactly what I wrote, and it's right there where anyone can tell that I said no such thing.

          1. I tend to see things as follyofwar does. Mr. Knapp, you seem not to be among them, but there are those who find acceptable both Mr. Obama's imprisonment of Manning and his fawning over Jenner — they seem truly brainwashed, and will enable the next four years of the same.

            But for those into conflation: Did Uncle Sam's abuse of Manning have anything to do with his regendrification? I can only imagine the pressure brought to bear in an effort, apparently withstood, to work up some bogus charge against Assange. Manning is one tough nut.

    2. Not going to argue with anyone re: views on transgenderism. It's standard conservative etiquette that people be referred to by the name which s/he prefers. As long as it is clear to any rational person that Chelsea Manning clearly has moral courage that should be the standard to which we hold ourselves.

      1. I quite agree Angela. If he wants to call himself Chelsea, then Chelsea it is. My initial point was obviously misunderstood by some.

  9. You got a pair? You probably don't even talk back to the police "officer." A million little "men" like you on the net, hoping the government's brutality will take the light off your own cowardice, maybe help fill your empty little nutsacks. Enjoy your police state. It'll be coming for you one of these days.

  10. The whole Bradley/Chelsea issue is one for the back burner, we have much bigger fish to fry right now. That said if they actually are letting Pollard go, they should forgive Manning and Snowden of their 'sins.'

  11. They don't want her to survive, not without torment anyway. The cons want her punished because she's an affront to them, and the progs will follow Obama's lead because that 's what they do. Most of us know the soundness of the statement, "Truth is treason in the empire of lies." Therefore, Manning and Snowden are deemed traitorous silky because they told the truth.

  12. I love all the people who talk crap about soldiers and honor. If you have never been to the middle east and saw how much it changed because of us you have no idea what you’re talking about. Did some people have other motives for the war? Yeah, probably but a lot of good came out of it to. If they had been more wiling to stand up for themselves the whole Isis thing would have never happened. Then you want to sit and talk like you’re better than anyone who has served. Meanwhile you’re probably some fat dude who lives in his parents basement because you don’t want to be a pawn for the man/corporations. As for the article yeah it is dumb how much crap she is going through and I don’t consider manning or snowden to be trainers I would hope any American would do the same in their situations. Some of you however (monster from the id) need to stop drinking the government conspiracy liberal coolaide. Despite what you might think most soldiers aren’t uneducated, violent bloodthirsty, killers. They tend to be more informed about what is going on in the world than most civilians because they realize that international events have relevance to their daily lives. Also way to talk crap about an organization you have never even been part of and have no idea how it works or what the people are like.

    1. Not one bit of good has come from our actions in the Middle East. Our invasion of Iraq has killed over a million Iraqis, and many thousands of our own. You say that soldiers tend to be more informed about what is going on in the world. Well, that is only true after they went to fight, and learned first-hand that our government's stated reasons for being there are lies. And some of them have such great difficulty reconciling what they did there with the values and beliefs that they grew up with, that they commit suicide. The number of Iraq War veteran suicides is much greater than the number killed in combat. And then there are the many more who have to live with lifetime disfigurement and injuries. So, tell me what good came out of it. Saddam Hussein is gone? Big deal. He was never a threat to us and the Iraqis were doing much better under him than with ISIS. And, if you know so much about what is going on in the world, then you also know that ISIS is a creation of the West.

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