Former IAEA Official Details Problems With AP Doc on Scott Horton Show

Adding to his severe criticism of the Associated Press document purported to be from the IAEA’s side deal with Iran, former IAEA official Tariq Rauf appeared on the Scott Horton Show this afternoon to offer further details on the many, many problems with the document, which he believed to be a forgery.

Among the new topics discussed is the question of why AP reporter George Jahn, when presented with a secret document he wasn’t allowed to take with him, hand-transcribed the text instead of taking an actual photograph with his phone. Rauf compares the document to the “Niger Letter” ahead of the US invasion of Iraq, and goes into detail on why the allegations surrounding the Parchin site in Iran probably aren’t credible in the first place.

The AP alleged on Wednesday that the Iran deal would allow Iran to “inspect itself,” though the initial article was later heavily edited, and ended up almost entirely reaction from US hawks. After the IAEA confirmed this story was untrue, they released the transcript on Thursday, apparently in an effort to vindicate themselves. The revelation that the transcript itself is a forgery just adds to the scandal surrounding the AP’s haphazard reporting on the Iran deal.

8 thoughts on “Former IAEA Official Details Problems With AP Doc on Scott Horton Show”

  1. "…AP’s haphazard reporting on the Iran deal. "

    Haphazard at best. At best. At worst, intentionally misleading in pursuit of an agenda. Likely about 60/40 favoring the latter. Doubtful the reporter would be lazy on this or is that stupid.

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