American ‘Can’t Tell the Difference’ Between Iran and ISIS

A flurry of reports are coming out hyping former US soldier Ryan O’Leary, who participated in the US occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan and, hearing about the ISIS war, just unilaterally went over there to help the Kurds fight ISIS.

Instead, O’Leary got a little confused, and has decided that Iran is the real problem, even though they are, you know, on the same side in the war as the Kurds. Now, he says he’s training the Kurds to fight against Iran.

O’Leary insists there is “no difference” between Iran and ISIS, and that he is patrolling the Iran-Iraq border on the lookout for “Iranian aggression” at all times.

Except, again, Iran isn’t fighting against the Kurds, and indeed this time last year Iran became one of the first countries to directly arm the Kurds for fighting against ISIS.

O’Leary’s argument is that because he believes the nuclear deal with Iran is so super bad, and because he’s not clear on the difference between Iran and ISIS, he figures Iran will just up and invade Iraqi Kurdistan as soon as the US Congress fails to block the deal. Not that it makes any strategic sense for Iran, but everyone in the US, even the ones unclear on which one is ISIS, know Iran’s the bad guys, right?

24 thoughts on “American ‘Can’t Tell the Difference’ Between Iran and ISIS”

  1. Through out the history the American people been used and abused by an system which its intentions been about its interests and profits making no matter what. The perception that USA is about democracy never existed in terms of a functioning democracy for the American people, capitalism is not a system which would work for people, the system in last 80 years or so been at war all over the world where the people have paid the price.

  2. The americans are generally bad informed about the rest of the world but i believe that iss are
    The army of the antichrist because

    Oftheir actions the kill
    With no remorse.and they
    Are truly evil!!!.

    1. So true….but do you think those who created them and put them in place and still use them as a tool to advance own interests:

      have any problem with their most cruel killings?
      could remorse because of what have done and are responsible for?
      could be even more evil and thus be bigger or real antichrist?

    1. Thanks for sharing that, but I guess you forgot the biggest and most important " I "

      *** ISRAEL ***

  3. Neocons are really good sophist. They know many people don't know anything so they can make up something and call it truth and get these people to take incoherent stances and actions.

  4. This kind of Islamic dis-morphia is a common side affect of war addiction AKA Kill em All syndrome. Just read two Noam Chomsky's, one Ron Paul and call your doctor in the morning.

  5. Not surprising coming from a brainwashed american…..this is exactly what "antiwar blog" is about, teaching americans and mostly the ignorant western puppet countries, that the real threat comes from the US, UK and Israel.

  6. …and Kurds are Iranian peoples who speak an Iranian language(s). Could be what scares the neocons and Turkey.

  7. I never heard of this O'Leary clown before, but he reminds me of Mikael Skillt, a Swedish mercenary who decided to go to Ukraine and fight for the US puppet regime in Kiev and kill Donbass separatists, his fellow Europeans, instead of protecting his own country from turning into Africa. Total scum, both of them.

  8. I think it was Will Rogers who said that he never lost money betting on the stupidity of the average American. Hopefully, someone–anyone–will kill this O'Leary idiot soon enough.

  9. lol he is standing on the boder between Kurdish territory and iran to stop the Iranians,

    perhaps he should turn around and go south west to Baghdad if he is worried about about iran, im sure the central government will know what to do with him when he tells them isis and iran are the same thing, maybe they will send him to ramadi or falujah to train some anti iran fighters

  10. Ed Royce or Ileana Ros-Batshit will be calling O'Leary to testify before Congress about the ISIS-Iran merger any day now.

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