Ukrainian Nationalists Trash Jewish Tent City in Central City of Uman

The Ukrainian city of Uman, in the Cherkasy Province, is an historical site of pilgrimage for Hasidic Jews, which often draws tens of thousands of pilgrims during Rosh Hashana. The pilgrimage centers around the burial site of an important religious leader of the late 18th century.

This year, it’s going to be tough going for the Hasidim, however, as the massive tent city the local Jewish community erected to house the pilgrims was wiped out over the weekend by Ukrainian nationalist fighters.

The Ukrainian nationalist groups often style themselves as neo-Nazis, and have been demonized by the pro-Russian east because of this. They remained embraced in large by Western nations, who were pleased at their violent rallies ousting the former pro-Russian government of Ukraine. However much Western governments try to shore up the image of these groups as “democratic,” they continue to engage in ethnic and religious violence, as evidenced over this weekend.

The locals say the attack in Uman was scheduled for the Sabbath, knowing that the Hasidim would be unable to quickly respond. Police were informed and responded, but stood by and watched as the nationalists caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage.

The local government is generally favorable to the nationalists, they say, as the “mayor” of Uman was installed, not elected, after the ouster of the pro-Russian government by leaders of the far-right Svoboda movement, the same group that just a week ago attacked parliament.

Since being in charge in Uman means being supported by the far-right, it is seen that they attacks are not just religiously motivated, but also attempts by the organizers to curry political favor in the lead up to October’s elections.

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  1. The 2011-2016 are the rise of Neo Fascism, in U.S or in Middle East they present themselves as barbarians, in Europe they are growing like a cancers hoping for the return of their grand father the Adolph Hitler.

  2. And should the rise of neo fascism be a surprise when NATO, under US leadership, commits acts of war throughout the middle east and Africa? If you act like a fascist, you are a fascist.

  3. At least these so-called fascists managed to identify who was responsible for the Maidan protests and turned Ukraine into a US puppet state that is now killing Russian-speaking separatists in Donbass.

  4. For the New York Times and the rest of the zionist propaganda ministry there will be one of two responses; Flush it down the memory hole and pretend it didn't happen or blame it on Putin.

  5. The pilgrimage centers around the burial site of an important religious leader…

    Who is that? Lazar Kaganovich?

  6. The ukro-neo-nazis are descendants of those Ukrainian fascists (called banderovtsy, from the name of their leader war criminal, Stepan Bandera) who collaborated with Germany during World War II, committing genocide on ethnic Poles (about 200,000 killed in sadistic, barbaric manner) and Jews (about 800,000 killed helping the Germans). They have not changed, as we see now.

  7. The biggest fascist group in the world nowadays are the Zionist rulers of the apartheid state of Israel built on stolen lands. All fascists are not necessarily friends of each other. Fascism is nothing more than a totalitarian ideology and although all fascists have the same approach to governmental controls of the population, that does not mean that they are friends with each other.

  8. Wow! Putin must be in deep, deep trouble if the swastika is being unfurled! If you go to Uman’s Wikipedia page, you’ll see that the pilgrimage has been a source of constant trouble for years, with the mainly Israeli pilgrims drinking and brawling! Hardly appropriate behaviour at a religious event! Of course, the pilgrimage is being used here as an excuse to smear the Ukrainian government and that suggests that Putin is in big trouble. Loved the bit about the “pro-Russian east”. Some remote village, one assumes!

    1. "Some remote village, one assumes!". That remote village, as you so charmingly put it, is a nation of millions called Novorossiya and that remote village kicked your precious Banderist Ukraine's Quisling ass, three ways to Sunday, without Putin's help.

      Go read a book you anti-Semitic, Russophobic rube!

    2. Yes, ever since Colonel Dobriansky (a native Galician, of course) led anti-Semitic pograms in the town in 1919, followed by Captain Diachenko, who at least didn't murder them all like he did in Teplik earlier.

    1. Walter Cole and Brian are exactly right, but they are unheard in the U.S. because the New York Times and the rest of the Israeli firsters and billionaire zionists who own or control the U.S. media will not allow their views to be heard. I am not going to hold my breath waiting to see anti-Israeli crimes printed in the NYT.

  9. The poor suffering Ukrainian bastards – they actually believed that the Western banks and neoliberal Western Governments had their best interests at heart when they spent $5B to inspire a revolution meant only to hurt Russia. Nuland and her like are only concerned about spitting on Putin and if that requires Ukraine to implode under debt or if that revives Nazism, well – that is the price someone (else) has to pay.

  10. Those 20,000 jew of Ukraine might be relocate to Syria for greater Israel project after they chase out million syrian to europe ? Has all this being planed ?

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  12. At the UN three states refused to condemn Nazi-fascist ideology: Us, Canada and Ukraine.
    Jews in Canada or Us, do NOT CONDEMN what is happening in Ukraine, they DO NOT care about the killing of children, raping of women by that fascist pig of Poroshenko (who is, was a Jew), they are SILENT as if in doing so they can erase their complicity in the crime.

  13. Sommetider folk vide besked med ikke, hvornår turisme er en sikreste løsning i at modtage os i at vorde sundere. Undertegnede har mange idé til dem af jer som kan have været kede med aktiviteterne i hverdagen, der findes ved i den hensigt at læse artikler relateret i rejse information, som jeg skrev, og titlen eller sikkert hvis du har snarere du kan også lytte til artikler andre attraktioner, som jeg titlen jeg håber det, undertegnede giver over disse kommentarer kan skænke en positiv værdi og værd fortil dig verden.

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