Urdu Speakers at Border Spun as ISIS Infiltration Through Mexico

Formally linking the border control operation along the US-Mexican border with the global US war on terror is a long-standing goal of a lot of hawks, and it doesn’t take much of a comment out of an official for people to start trying to make connections.

Today’s effort comes from the Washington Times, where comments from a Texas Department of Public Safety official about the need to debrief Urdu speakers in relation to border security matters. Urdu is the national language of Pakistan, and is also spoken in parts of India.

Which immediately became “Islamic State terrorists” trying to infiltrate through Mexico, even though ISIS has never been reported to have much of a presence in Pakistan or India, and the fact that someone speaks Urdu is far from indicative of an ISIS connection.

Still, that doesn’t stop hype about America being open to “jihadist attack” from Mexico, and the Department of Public Safety is cited, way at the end of the article, conceding that there is “no credible evidence” of anyone from ISIS coming into Texas from Mexico. That, however, wouldn’t have been nearly as exciting of a headline.

7 thoughts on “Urdu Speakers at Border Spun as ISIS Infiltration Through Mexico”

  1. I think that a big political game and in reality it has no connection to the Urdu language. How it can influence on something? That's just the language.

  2. What a pack of idiots is in charge in the state of Texas! ISIS operates in Syria and Iraq, and is sometimes called ISIL, or Islamic State in the Levant. India and Pakistan are nowhere near the Levant, and virtually all ISIS fighters are Arabic speaking Sunnis. This is the same state of Texas where some Somali kid was arrested and handcuffed for putting the guts of a digital clock inside of a pencil case, which was in the same town where an "anti-sharia activist" is mayor. And don't even mention our last Prezziroach! When is Texas holding it's next secession vote, so I can send money to the "pro-independence" side? We really would be better off without it!

    1. And isn't it the same town where people are protesting against a Muslim cemetery being built, lest the Muslim zombies get up first and eat the brains of the Christians who are going to be en-"raptured" out of their graves during the Last Days? Okay, I made up the that last part, but they really are fighting against burying dead Muslims in their town. Forget Kansas — what the f**k is the matter with Texas?

  3. ISIS, unlike Al Qaeda is a territorial animal. And it's absurd to link Urdu (spoken by many in Pakistan and by Indian Muslims) can have any link to ISIS. But ignorance of these xenophobes is more disturbing and probably more dangerous than someone sneaking into the border.
    Oh well…

  4. I live in Texas near the border. Haven't seen any terrorists coming into Texas, but saw the hands down greatest terrorist ever come FROM Texas! That would be 'W'.

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