Ron Paul: The Benghazi Tragedy Is a Result of Bad Ideology

The tragedy of Benghazi can be attributed to stupidity and bad ideology. The much talked about Hillary Clinton testimony does not challenge the ideology of interventionism. The hearing is merely a challenging of the management of interventionism. So both sides agree on intervening in foreign countries, they merely disagree on how it is to be managed.

I believe that the argument must be ideological and the notion of interventionism itself must be challenged. The problem of Benghazi is not one of management. Both sides endorsed and supported the intervention in Libya. Since that time, there has been an expansion into Syria and other parts of the Middle East.

Ideas have consequences. Good ideas cannot be defeated by armies, or bad politicians in Washington. Right now, I’m seeing progress in the peace movement. We are truly moving in the right direction.

I believe that the end is coming for the U.S. government’s failed foreign policy. We are living in a new era with a lot of room for the correct ideology to move in. Fortunately, the ideas of peace, free markets and non-interventionism are available to people like they’ve never been available before.

Our job is to spread these ideas, and convince as many Americans as possible that liberty provides the answers, not authoritarianism.

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

4 thoughts on “Ron Paul: The Benghazi Tragedy Is a Result of Bad Ideology”

  1. I wish I had as much hope as you but the ugly fact remains there is currently no real antiwar candidate for president. Bernie Sanders is a fraud, Rand Paul is a sell out and Donald Trump is bug-f**k crazy. You know we're in seriously deep sh*t when the Donald makes the most sense on foreign policy.

    The antiwar movement does seem to be blossoming on the right, which is good, I consider libertarians to be comrades in arms in the fight against imperialism. I'm sure libertarians are a little less enthusiastic to count a bitter Marxist among there allies. But the antiwar movement on the left in this country seems to be dwindling. I fear someday I might find myself the only socialist in a crowd of libertarian peace activists. Could be worse I suppose. I'd sooner spit on a copy of Das Kapital then vote for that frenzied succubus Killary.

    Take mercy on this fellow traveler, my weird new conservative bedfellows, my revolution has been sold to the highest bidder.

    1. You are most welcome to travel with us, friend. Thinking conscientious non-herd mentality folks are always going to be a minority in any society. The figure is at most 10%. Then there is the 1%, and the 9% who know better but have sold out to the 1%, and there is at last the herd, at least 80%. We do have some influence in getting the herd to move a better way, in conjunction with natural events, man-made, financial, or natural catastrophes, but not to reason with them.

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