Ron Paul Asks: Is Germany’s Migrant Crisis Leading To War?

Hundreds of thousands of migrants from the Middle East, Africa, even western Asia are pouring into western Europe through central Europe as Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel has laid down a welcome mat. Meanwhile political pressure within Germany builds, as villages of just 100 or more residents are told they must house thousands of refugees who know neither the language nor the customs of the area. Parties like the Alternative for Germany are enjoying increased popularity and electoral success. Is Germany – and the EU – headed for a crack-up? More today in the Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

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  1. Elected officials or any heads of state do not have the right to unilaterally change the ethnic character of a country against the wishes of its citizens. Merkel, by allowing hundreds of thousands of migrants to settle in Germany, without a vote in their parliament, has assumed dictatorial powers. The first duty of government is the well being of its OWN citizens. The German people are right to rebel. If they don't it may be curtains for the way of life known in that country. Other Euro countries are also poised to fall like dominoes.

  2. Some of those European countries caused this crisis with there reckless foreign policy. France and the UK in particular, not to mention the US, owe these refugee's for the hell we turned there homelands into. I agree it should be done democratically with the consent of the citizenry but something should be done. These people are innocent victims of imperialism. It is the responsibility of the imperialists to help them.

    1. Syria has been a "client state" of Russia for decades. Assad is Putin's man in the Middle East, so lets not forget their role in this too. The current situation in Syria appears to be the US v Russia and who gets to control a new dictator. How many Syrian's is Russia taking, they have their only Mediterranean port in Syria, the Syrian army is armed and trained by them, etc. etc.

      What Merkel is doing will be her undoing in history, this is a legacy she won't enjoy. Dictating to her country that perhaps 1 million Syrians be allowed to join their community is a massive social experiment that she has no right to force on the people, no matter how well-intentioned.

      You are right that something needs to be done, sending massive aid to the countries bordering Syria and building infrastructure to support refugees, etc. I believe is a far better outcome for everyone. When the war is over most Syrian's will want to return to their beautiful country, so being in Germany, Britain, France, etc. won't exactly help their situation.

      1. Russia didn't start this war. They have consistently gone out of there way to end it. Russia didn't create ISIS and Russia didn't hijack the Arab Spring and transform it into a weapon of imperialism. These Wahhabist butchers aren't after Assad because he's a dictator or a Russian client. They wan't his head because he is a secular Shiite. The terrorists may have been unleashed on Syria by Washington and its toadies in order to weaken Russia but blaming that on Russia is blaming the victim.

        As for the immigration issue, I would be a liar if I didn't admit it's a little bit personal. I'm an Irish American. Most of my people came to this country to escape famine and discrimination. If we had been sent away, for whatever reason, many of us probably wouldn't have survived and I might not even be here. I am proud of my Irish heritage and a piece of my heart will always reside in the Emerald Isle but I am also proud to be an American, even if I do despise my own government, and I am proud of the legacy my people have in this country. We to were considered to be a risk to America's white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant ethnic character but I think you would be hard pressed not to agree that we made this country a better place.

        Like the Irish, the Syrians are fleeing oppression and my country, NOT RUSSIA, is responsible for that oppression along with the rest of NATO. You can do what you wan't but I welcome them. We have a shared history of fleeing our homelands in search of safety and a better life. They are my brothers and sisters. Jesus would not turn them away and neither will I.

        Just some food for thought from a proud American dissident with Irish blood, a Russian soul and a Syrian heart.


  3. The role of Russia in pre-war Syria was almost non-existent. Russia had a port services, and that was almost entirely for the purposes of Russian navy maintenance and repair. In fact, Syria — very similarly to Libya, had assiduously courted the West — as that was considered the safest way to stay out of UK/US/French reignited interests into control of Middle East. But Syria was hit by Iraqi refugee crisis — it is amazing how quickly we forget. Sunnis were deliberately kicked out of power with toppling of Saddam Hussein, and over 2 million ended up in Syria. Today, when we talk of the disaffected Sunnis in Syria — well, now we see the result of that experiment. Syria under Assad dynasty was the most progressive country in the Middle East — and in that group I count Israel. All nationalities and religions were traditionally represented in Syria, and all were equal and not discriminated. Women were educated and held many jobs in private sector, education, health care, and governmental services. Women dressed the way they wanted, from traditional to modern. Sunni were the most educated and well to do group in prewar Syria — not some suppressed class. In what is a classic method of regime change, the mood of protest and Arab Spring — was taken advantage off. The peaceful protests were suddenly replaced by well armed groups that ambushed and killed unsuspecting military and police forces. Even postmen were not spared. When Syrian Army hit back, immediately it was declared "brutal dictatorship", and nobody bothered to see how these people lived just a month before the regime change attempt. Syria rediscovered Russia — and Russia has learned lessons of Soviet Union that helped many countries by giving away hospitals, agricultural equipment, energy even whole factories — just to find out that the elite of those countries were taking cash from western corporations. Now Russia is careful to insure that it will help those that are fighting for themselves. Today's Syria army is still majority Sunni soldiers, and Sunnis are generals and in the government, What needs to be done is to prevent any more states to be destroyed, with their institutions being trashed, and all conditions for normal life — gone. Easier said then done — so, for as long as somebody is protecting and arming illegal militant groups under whatever sweet banner of "democracy", peace will not come. Perhaps, it is time to go back to walled cities — with modern defenses so that the marauders will stay outside and hungry. We have three reasons for massive migration. One, US and allies have for a year bombed Syrian and Iraqi infrastructure, NOT ISIS. And without electricity and water, nobody can live many days today. Second reason is Turkey. It does not want to become another Syria, with refugees becoming angry and restless, causing social and religious dissent. And the third — US neoconservatives who with UNITED voice started to praise the virtues of immigrants — Europe is getting old, needs workforce, etc. This canard is typical of neocon opportunism, as they would dearly love to see Europe weak and divided. Such types believe in Empire, so the idea of having millions that will vote FOR EU is pleasant prospect. Those newcomers will be afraid of natives, and will want stronger EU integration. Such populace like in US — diverse and without leadership, destroys the unity of any country, and pushes it into the goals of globalism.

    1. The best summary of the ever increasing problems we face; you touched on what I believe will accelerate the downward spiral: out of control population increase. For Syria, with a population of some 20 million or so, it only took a few million more for the results we see. Soon, the world may experience this scenario increased by several orders of magnitude. Thanks again.

      1. You mean it took the US to get a bee in its bonnet about "regime change for the sake of Israel in 7 countries". It has nothing to do with "population increase".

  4. This is the peaceful invasion from islam .in the 14thcentury they tried with arms and did not
    Suceed fortunately.

  5. Angela seems so very naive and is taking to learning lessons the hard way. I wonder what extra finances have been made in Germany to the infrastructure, 10,000 extra police, 5000 extra doctors 1000`s of bilingual social workers 100s of baby care centers , tghousands of language classes thousands of culture acclimatisation classes and more and more and more. Has she allowed for that, I wonder. Do we forget history so much that resentment has been such an issue in Germany and that much seems to be growing again by gross stupity.

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