Ron Paul: Foreign Intervention Will Motivate ‘A Lot More’ Blowback Like in Paris

Interviewed Thursday on Fox Business, Ron Paul predicted that there will be “a lot more” blowback along the lines of the killings in Paris last week if the US, France, and other nations do not cease their interventionist, militaristic foreign policies. In particular, Paul criticizes the United States government’s “foreign policy of constant occupation, bombing, and killing people, and eliciting this hatred toward us.” Terminating such a foreign policy, Paul explains, is the key to preventing violent retaliation.

Watch Paul’s complete interview here:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

6 thoughts on “Ron Paul: Foreign Intervention Will Motivate ‘A Lot More’ Blowback Like in Paris”

  1. The hysteria I am hearing from pseudo-macho idiots about turning the Middle East into a glass crater gives me flashbacks of 2003 and Iraq. People are so f ucking STUPID.

  2. Fn should organize some
    Kind of intervention
    Because this truly evil
    People(isis).only understand one
    Thing mega violence/extermination
    I love the thought of freedomforall if its for everyonesgood for me its rn’r .greece our origin of the superior
    Western civilsation fought of this
    Evil middle eastern madness once
    We the decenedants must do it once and for all to secure the globes safety.hail to soldiers
    Thats goin to the defeat the beast

  3. May be if out president stops advertising ISIS, and stops making us their allies. On one hand he piously condemns violence of these monsters, but on the other hand he is leading the charge against their enemy — Assad of Syria. And he says that ISIS cannot be defeated until Assad goes. Great, Mr. President, how many more deluded youngsters are you going to convince to go to Syria and fight Assad. Why do you think they are fighting ASSAD? Because he is bad person and killed many people? Do you think they care about people being killed? That is what they do best! So, why are they after ASSAD? Because he is an infidel, a Shia, he is not Salafi, and he, just like all other Christians of Syria will have to be killed.

    So, who are we fooling Mr. President? You want to have ISIS mission, destruction of their infidel, and you want to tell the entire Sunni world that YOU support Salafism, and that infidel has to go Not to subtle, I am afraid. Just how many people, besides our crazed friends in the Gulf, subscribe to this insane religious cult? Not many — so why are you trying to please them.

    And it is not just in Syria. One has to look at US propaganda organs, such as Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty to see OPEN advertising for Salafism. All Salafis do not want national governments, they want an administrative caliphate, and then be ruled from Mecca. In Uzbekistan there is one particularly virulent strand of Salafism, that years ago organized a armed attack in which many people died. Since, the group has been the target of Uzbeki authorities. But the group targets other states in Central Asia, and the government in Turkmenistan was forced to pass a legislation forbidding them to use public places for prayers, as they used them to attract followers with donations of food, etc. Only prayers in Turkmenistan traditional Sunni mosques are allowed. Now, our taxpayer funded propaganda organs are saying that the Salafis are peaceful people, and that the governments do not respect their human rights! Knowing what we know about this religion of extremism that is sponsored by Saudi Wahabism and gets money from them — why are we defending them? Why do we want these groups to bring its intolerance against any other form of Islam, and against all other religions? Why? Because we use them as a tool to undermine the governments we do not like — so, never mind Paris — we are pushing Salafism, and its caliphate, ISIS — as they have to win. And the president will not accept anything less then ISIS conditions — ASSAD, and all the Christians and all the non-complying Moslems must go as well. THEN we will deal with them? One cannot advertise them, and fight against them But at the moment — it is the case.

    1. Your absolutely right Bianca. Regardless of your opinion on interventionism (I'm against it) we have little choice but to admit that the world has a serious problem with this diseased cult of Wahabism/Salafism and it's origins don't lie in Mecca but in Washington and London. This isn't a religion and it isn't Islam but only Islam can defeat it which is why nations like Iran and Syria and organizations like the Houthis and Hezbollah need our solidarity and support and the best way we can support them is to stay the hell out of the way and let them take out the trash.

  4. The hysteria I am hearing from pseudo-macho idiots about turning the Middle East into a glass crater gives me flashbacks of 2003 and Iraq. People are so f ucking STUPID.

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