Ron Paul on Syria Ceasefire: More War or Chance For Peace?

Washington’s hawks are already trashing the Syria ceasefire deal that the US and Russia presented yesterday. The Russians will never honor their agreement, they argue. Nevertheless the agreement offers some slight hope that the five year war might be coming to a close — but only if some of the dangerous ambiguities in the agreement are spelled out properly. What else will have to change if this deal has any chance? Tune in to the Liberty Report to find out:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

3 thoughts on “Ron Paul on Syria Ceasefire: More War or Chance For Peace?”

  1. They think it’s the Russians who won’t honor the deal? It’s the U.S. who has been funding, training, and arming the terrorists hoping for “regime change”. If anyone blows the deal it will be the U.S.

    But, the U.S. Empire is falling fast. They must uphold the agreement in Syria. They must support the peace being etched out in Colombia. They must get out of the South China Sea. The world wants peace and, if they have to destroy the U.S. to get it, they will.

  2. I am concerned Ron Paul appeared and this has been published on Antiwar;com s site. The interviewer rattles off the standard propaganda. Nowhere is it said the is a War of Aggression , albeit a Covert one using paid Jihadist Muhajadeen under its control to attack Syria. Ron Paul iwas unable to reply to this. The ceasefire is fraudulent and Lavrov has Appeased Washington, whose objective is to instal a Transitional government of half their agents and paramilitaries. The morale of government supporters collapse. Pro-American government installed. Game over.

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