Dutch People Say ‘No’ to Ukraine Treaty – Big Blow to the NWO?

Yesterday’s “no” vote in a Dutch referendum on Ukrainian accession to the European Union has Brussels in a panic. None of the other EU member states allowed a popular vote on bringing in basket case Ukraine — their parliaments rubber-stamped the agreement. But because unanimity is required for any new members, the Dutch “no” — even if only technically advisory — means that the deal is scrapped. For now, at least. Brussels has a way of bringing back vote after vote until the people choose the “right” way. But for now, the result is a huge boost for the Brexit movement as well as for other Euroskeptic parties and politicians throughout Europe. Why did the Dutch vote no? Frustration and anger over Brussels’ immigration policy, over the EU blindly following the US “regime change” of Ukraine that has left the country worse off than before, and over Ukraine’s suspicious secrecy on the facts of the 2014 shoot-down of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH-17 over eastern Ukraine. What’s next? It could get interesting…

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

5 thoughts on “Dutch People Say ‘No’ to Ukraine Treaty – Big Blow to the NWO?”

  1. This should get a lot of attention.
    Since Ukraine cannot join the EU unless every member country agrees, this is a major blow to the govt of Ukraine which was banking everything on getting into the faltering EU.
    Bed judgement on the part of the Ruling Elite in Kiev, And if the Netherlands govt refuses to honor the referendum, ever more problems will arise for the EU. The US hold on Europe is slipping, part of the breakup of the West as we approach the end of the 500 year epoch of EuroAmerican dominance of the planet, the beginning of the end of the racist epoch that Columbus inaugurated,

    1. True, apart from that fact that this was not about joining the EU as
      member but about the “association agreement” which critics have rightly described as looking, in this case, like a strong preamble to some future membership application. For actual joining the ideas are way more divided even inside pro-EU camps. For example Rutte, prime minister of the Netherlands strongly rejected already this joining as something that “never should happen”. He was not speaking as EU chairman for sure. Ukraine will apply eventually of course but so does Turkey already for a while.

  2. Smart Dutchman why would the European Union want a
    Ukraine corrupt basket case . Europe would not let Georgia join the E U either . NATO let Latvia and two other Baltic countries join NATO .These 3 Baltic countries have a large Russian minority which they also persecute and belittle as much as they can . When these Baltic countries gained their independence when the Soviet Union dissolved they immediately tore down the statues of the allied soldiers that liberated them from the Nazis . The Baltic countries wanted new statues . statues of NAZI soldiers . This irritated their Russian population and even Russia itself . But the Baltic countries are in NATO now . So everybody has to especially nice to them . This may not even be true If Russia went after Ukraine or even all three Baltic countries I don’t think anybody would stop them ? At least I don’t think any E.U countries would fight to stop Russia . The United States would find themselves all alone in NATO . And why should we fight for some cocky NAZI countries that think they can talk smart and start fights just because they are in NATO .

  3. the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. I bet Ukrainians would realise they have been screwed if they join the EU when their prices all go up and foreign multinationals buy up everything
    What is the advantage for the rest of Europe to have Ukraine within its sphere of influence? It is a great area of farmland but there is no reason why trade deals can’t be done both ways.
    Thank you Dutch for checking EU military expansion

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