Ron Paul on Plan B – US Arms Syria Rebels… AGAIN!

Washington (under pressure from “allies” Turkey and Saudi Arabia) has taken advantage of the ceasefire in Syria to ship massive amounts of weapons to the “moderates.” Even the mainstream media has reported that 50 percent of what is shipped to the “moderate” Free Syrian Army finds its way into the hands of al-Qaeda’s Nusra Front, a US-designated terrorist organization. Plus, State Department Spokesman Mark Toner has admitted that the “moderate” rebels are “co-mingled” with al-Qaeda in Syria. So this new US “Plan B” is for the CIA to arm those who are explicitly dedicated to attacking and overthrowing the Syrian government now that the Russians have succeeded in marginalizing ISIS. Is de-facto US/al-Qaeda alliance in Syria morally justifiable?

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

5 thoughts on “Ron Paul on Plan B – US Arms Syria Rebels… AGAIN!”

  1. The United States policy has been and looks to continue to be to arm the wrong side .

  2. The name of the game in Syria is keep the fire burning and hope it spreads to Assad’s yard. It doesn’t seem to matter how many innocents get burned in the process.

    Just be glad Putin still has a toe in that dirty water. That sly son of a babushka always seems to be three jumps ahead of us on the chessboard.

  3. The last time we spent 500,000,000 dollars training and Arming 5 moderate soldiers to fight in Syria .The rest of those soldiers joined the terrorist side . If we would have left when Russia left . The peace deal might have worked . But the American people haven’t revolted yet So we might as well Arm the terrorists again . Maybe Russia won’t come back so fast this time . At least we should be able to create a lot of angry refugees . We more than any country start and cause the most trouble , I guess its the American way .

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