Ohio City’s Mayor Apologizes After Police Falsely Arrest Emirati Tourist, Giving Him a Stroke

The mayor of the Ohio city of Avon, not far from Cleveland, has issued a formal apology after Emirati businessman Ahmed al-Menhali was falsely arrested by the city’s police as a “terrorist.”

Profiling of a man from the United Arab Emirates isn’t so unusual in 2016 America, but what happened was, with police bursting into the hotel he was staying at, guns drawn, one of them wielding an assault rifle, and screaming at him. Menhali, who was in the US for medical treatment, had a stroke during the ordeal, and ended up hospitalized for three days.

Menhali had been staying in an apartment since April, there for treatment while on a tourist visa, but was told he’d have to leave the week of the upcoming Republican National Convention, so he went to the Avon hotel in search of someplace to stay in the meantime.

The hotel clerk got the manager, who was supposedly going to give him a list of possible hotels to stay at, but instead they called 911, claiming he was in their lobby “pledging allegiance to ISIS.”

Menhali says what happened to him reflect the “mobilization of American society against Muslims,” adding that he was a victim of “state terrorism.”

18 thoughts on “Ohio City’s Mayor Apologizes After Police Falsely Arrest Emirati Tourist, Giving Him a Stroke”

  1. The USA is a failed state and a police state run by the criminally insane.

  2. If that needs to be approved. I think I wont be putting up ANY more of your stories on social media and maybe I should unfriend your boss!
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    I can’t figure out why alternative media censors.

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    2. “Sorry, but no, the rules won’t be changed because you get in a snit about them”. Rules….????? There are rules…..????? Where can we find these rules….?????

  4. Im sure he will be, but a prime example of a hero by Fox News and the Right wing radicals. They will hold this clerk of as a “Patriot” being condemned by the Libtards for protecting Merica. He will likely be on Fox news with Sheriff Clarke and Joe the Plumber a couple times a week.

    1. Dude… Like, I haven’t gotten stoned for like 30 years now. So, I’d better watch out for people trying to stone me, eh? But this reminds me of PeeWee Herman (I know, that’s a character not his business name) in a Cheech and Chong movie. My God, it’s life imitating art. Cops give the motel clerk crap about a 911 call and then he says “I think they’re Iranian” and the swat team comes roaring down the street. That’s only for the occasional never-been-drugged-citizen who wouldn’t recognize the parallel. I’m as close as I have been since childhood to being a straight normal, and I think it’s pretty common in here for people to have a purple past. I know, I know. Never explain a joke. I’m just shocked the almost exact scenario played out by so-called professional cops.. I know I shouldn’t be but damn…. The only difference is the real life clerk isn’t the one being forcibly removed by the SWAT. That’s where it ceases to be funny.

  5. Nice to see my comment about the automated filter system being held prisoner by that system, until its relevance has timed out, or some staff member frees it. Thereby validating my complaint.

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        I’m not going to apologize for deleting that shit, and all anyone has to do to ensure that their comments get posted, even if automatically held for awhile first, is not post that kind of shit.

  7. Bingo dude….. You are the man… The US is dangerous to those disposed toward truth and Justice…. All others are charlatans…!!!!!

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