Key Promoter of Iraq War Now Embraces Nonintervention

From the Tom Woods Show:

Jim Hale served as media relations director for the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq, a key pro-war organization that boasted such members as John McCain, George Shultz, and Bob Kerrey (senator from Nebraska). He is now a convert to noninterventionist foreign policy.

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3 thoughts on “Key Promoter of Iraq War Now Embraces Nonintervention”

  1. So what’s the excuse, “it was a good idea at the time?” “Bad Intel?” “That meanie George Bush lied to us!!”


    Anyone who thought that invading countries whose size, GDP, and military are dwarfed by just one single state was a good idea is a complete idiot. Taking 15 years to realize that kicking the crap out of a dirt poor nation and slaughtering millions of its people for no reason other than avarice, is simply too much to take seriously at this point.

    Who gives a crap what you now think Jim? Does it bring back the dead? Will it stop the same thing from happening again and again, ad nauseum?

    …Yeah…that’s what I thought.

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