Ron Paul on the Turkey Coup – Is It Over?

Three days after the mysterious Turkish coup that was put down almost instantly, Turkish president Erdogan has conducted massive purges of the judiciary and the military. He even referred to the coup as a “godsend” that would allow him to rid the government of those who are disloyal. The purges have focused attention in Washington and Brussels, where he is being warned that talks for EU membership — and even existing NATO membership — may be at risk if the government crackdown gets more serious. Is the US and EU bluffing? After all, Erdogan currently has nearly three million Syrian refugees on Turkish soil that he could send to Europe at any time. And closing the US base at Incirlik would create havoc for US “power projection” in the region. We examine these and more in today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

3 thoughts on “Ron Paul on the Turkey Coup – Is It Over?”

  1. The last Turkish Sultanate was abolished in 1922. Erdogan staged a false coup over the weekend as an excuse to increase his dictatorial powers and completely eliminate all dissent so he can become the new sultan of Turkey.

    1. You talk utter nonsense. He has a huge support in Turkey, and need no tricks to gain power. He needs to eliminate the tentacles of foreign meddling within the system. I know of no elements in Turkey that disagree with him, except those that lived of Gulenist money gravy train, and, of course, Kurdish secessionists. And keep in mind, not all Kurds support armed secessionism, and do not want state of their own, run by foreign manipulators and domestic clients. And ask Turkey to talk about autonomy for Kurdish regions while armed secessionism is afoot — is silly and naïve. And who is arming the Kurds? Really, you do not know? Erdogan now enjoys higher support in population then any Sultan ever did. Try to learn what is at stake, then elaborate.
      He stages a false coup? And you know this for sure? Enough said.

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