Ron Paul on The 28 Pages – Finally Revealed

After some 14 years of classification, the hidden 28 pages of the Senate 9/11 report were released last Friday – not coincidentally the exact moment you release something when you don’t want much press coverage. But the explosive revelations – and even more explosive implications – are now finally coming out. In today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report we interview the individual who should take much credit for the release of these papers. Brian McGlinchey founded the group to educate the population and to push for the release of the pages. His is a great news story for all of us trying to make a change. And guess what? We announced on today’s show that Brian will be joining us as a speaker at our September 10 “Peace and Prosperity 2016” conference in Washington, D.C. Join us there!

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.