Ron Paul on CIA’s Morell Cozying Up To Clinton – Looking For Work?

In an attention-getting piece in the New York Times, former CIA acting director Michael Morell endorsed Democrat Hillary Clinton for president and warned that Republican candidate Donald Trump is likely a Russian agent. In today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report we visit with former CIA officer Philip Giraldi, who for 18 years was actually in the business of handling intelligence assets, to see how far Morell is off the mark and to discuss the pro-war group-think that dominates Washington. How does Morell go from acting head of the CIA to enormously lucrative consulting jobs to heavily party-political activism? It’s all about selling fear to the American people:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

3 thoughts on “Ron Paul on CIA’s Morell Cozying Up To Clinton – Looking For Work?”

  1. There should be no “revolving door” for these government employees. They get significant benefits and pensions. If they accept the retirement they cannot work in an industry area they worked for in the government. It pretty much has to be done or it’s just a platform for corruption.

  2. I could see a former manager or case worker for the Department of Human Services SNAP program (used to be food stamps) running a soup kitchen, something like that. Earlier today I saw Morell in a Charlie Rose interview talking about dirty tricks just short of assassination against Assad.

    If he really wanted to do s@@@ like that he could afford doing it as a lone wolf freelance Jason Bourne wannabee. The dude sounded ummm… delusional.

    And was promoting Hillary because, in his words, she firmly believes and acts upon American Exceptionalism. Maybe Homeland Security should be watching HIM. Or each other. Whichever keeps them occupied therefore out of mischief.

    The built in spell checker says exceptionalism isn’t actually a word. That’s a nice commentary. Even Machine intelligence is calling shenanigans on them. Oh, it recognizes shenanigans. Good computer. Isn’t Morell a type of toxic mushroom?

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