Colin Kaepernick’s Bold Stand

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has refused to stand during the playing of The Star Spangled Banner, traditionally played before most football games.

Like Gabby Douglas’ “refusal” to put her hand over her heart during the playing of the United States’ national anthem at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio last month, Kaepernick’s actions have angered patriotic Americans on both sides of the no man’s land that stands in for electoral politics here.

The similarities between America’s response to Douglas, who later said she neglected to put her hand over her heart in the heat of the moment, and Kaepernick, who has decided purposely not to stand, are striking. There is next to no nuance in the discussion around our national anthem and who has to stand at attention during its performance.

But to be clear, Kaepernick does mean it; he is not going to stand for the national anthem until the grievances he has – and shares with millions of men and women around the country – are redressed.

“Ultimately, it’s to bring awareness and make people, you know, realize what’s really going on in this country,” Kaepernick said in a locker room press conference Monday. “There are a lot of things that are going on that are unjust, that people aren’t being held accountable for, and that’s something that needs to change.”

Asked if he would continue to sit during the national anthem, Kaepernick said, “I’ll continue to sit; I’ll continue to stand with the people that are being oppressed. To me this is something that has to change.”

“Police are getting paid leave for killing people,” he added. “That’s not right; that’s not right by anyone’s standards.”

Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Myke Tavarres will be joining Kaepernick in his silent protest.

Kaepernick’s critics now range from those who take umbrage at his perceived slights toward the US military to those, like former congressperson Joe Walsh, who question Kaepernick’s very “Americanness.”

Walsh, a talk radio host and Donald Trump supporter, tweeted Monday, “Are we certain that those tattoos all over #MuhammadKaepernick’s body are Bible verses? Or from the Koran?”

Kaepernick’s protest, and the ensuing nationalist backlash from liberals and conservatives alike, is the latest in a long and storied history of athletes performing politics outside of acceptable boundaries.

He currently stands among sporting greats like baseball legend Jackie Robinson, who refused to stand and sing the anthem at the 1947 World Series; Muhammad Ali, who refused to fight in Vietnam; and John Carlos and Tommie Smith, track athletes who performed the Black Panther salute at the 1968 Olympics instead of holding their hands over their hearts.

For the folks who have thus far lambasted Kaepernick over his actions, their primary objection is that sports should be somehow “apolitical;” what they actually mean is that the politics of sport should never diverge from the politics of the status quo, and any deviation should not only be considered unamerican, it should be considered unsportsmanlike.

They have called for his team and the NFL to sanction him for his actions, effectively eliminating an individual’s freedom of speech in defense of the status quo – one that is killing his friends and neighbors, including those who served in the military.

Luckily, Kaepernick’s family, teammates, coaches and the head of the NFL Players Association are all on his side.

It’s time for us to join him. It’s time to have a frank discussion about poisonous nationalism, police who kill black men and women and and face next to no repercussions for it, and why we reify the military regardless of their own actions or requests or how the state uses them.

It’s time to sit in defiance, with clear eyes and full hearts, rather than continue to stand blindly in support of a toxic system.

Trevor Hultner is a writer from Oklahoma City. Visit his website.Reprinted from Center for a Stateless Society with permission.

36 thoughts on “Colin Kaepernick’s Bold Stand”

  1. I quit saying the pledge of allegiance once I found out what the words mean.
    My teachers wouldn’t tell me, they got all evasive and said to “look it up”.

    Patriotism is as patriotism does. The term patriots and Patriotism are actually greco-roman religious usage. It’s worship of the Emperor or the Empire as though he or it is God. That’s forbidden in the Bible.

    1. If it’s forbidden in the Qu’ran as well, it’s because the two are related. The Jehova’s witnesses are right about this one at least, it’s a literally Pagan (greco roman) oath made to an idol, which is made of cloth. The hand over the Heart is a Roman salute, the soldiers had a badge over their hearts with a picture of the Emperor. Other salutes that are prescribed for the anthem and the pledge are the Bellamy Salute which is Roman, and was the preferred method until Mussolini and Hitler started using it. The right hand upraised and the military salute, also Roman. Maybe the “patriots” should make a final decision if they’ll be Christian or Roman. Also that bit about “under god” and the one on the money “in God we trust” were put into place at the same time, and for the same reason. A false confession that the Emperor actually bows to a higher power. Bullshoot then, bullshoot now.

    2. I stopped saying the pledge in 8th grade when Bush first dropped bombs on Baghdad. I wen’t to a pretty conservative Catholic school and they nearly kicked me out. I haven’t said the pledge since and I don’t plan to in the future.

      There is nothing more Christian or more American than descent.

  2. No, there is much that is wrong with our country., and particularly with our government, but our national anthem should always be stood up for, in any place at any time, regardless of any other political or social consideration. This guy is

  3. “Kaepernick’s actions have angered patriotic Americans on both sides of
    the no man’s land that stands in for electoral politics here.”

    “Patriotic Americans?” “Patriotism” based on ignorance and/or hatred is NOT patriotism, but lynch mob mentality! Patriotic Americans are to me those who strive to get the facts and truth and act accordingly, even if it means NOT standing for the anthem in protest! There is no real dialogue in the USA between the government and the people and sometimes people have to make a point by civil disobedience.

    1. Too, the religious proscription against taking such oaths or lauding flags or other imperial regalia as though it were God or gods is strongly worded in the Bible. Which I realize many people don’t revere as more than literature, but the ones who are making the silliest and I dare say Stupidest and Most Racist comments about it, including (this from Craigslist colorado springs) Trump supporters who are anticipating an ethnic and religious cleansing in America… They somehow believe that God demands we stand for the anthem and the pledge. There is in the book of Daniel an account of three young Jewish captives didn’t stand for the Imperial anthem. And were tossed into a brick-kiln. Their reasons for taking such extreme measures like facing death by immolation rather than break the Law of God should be noted by any who actually say they represent God and the Bible. and the reasons they give for hating Kaepernick
      are in fact racist and anti-freedom of religion. They also make threats to harm people who don’t agree with them and have the stones to say so.And almost universally support Trump. Whether Trump is as racist and anti-semitic (Arabs are semites, and I’ve heard a lot of Arabs are Muslim), his ardent disciples sure do believe it. Either that or they’re very clever Agents Provocateurs. Which is possible.

  4. With all due respect, give me a break. The fact that some people wrongly think his sitting is a slight against the military, doesn’t mean he is protesting the military. He isn’t. His issue is total b.s. He bought into the media-created, hysterical notion that police are waging a war against black men. The thug who got shot in Ferguson did not have his hands up after he strong arm robbed a store. 34 unarmed black men were shot by police in 2015, out of millions of police stops, and in many of these cases the police had no choice. Are there some bad cops? Yes. There is zero compelling evidence that there is any institutionalized racism in our police departments. The unfortunate truth is that black men commit an astronomically disproportionate amount of violent crime in this country. Criminals and police have a naturally adversarial relationship. It’s an insult to Jackie Robinson to drag him into this nonsense.

    If a white NFL football player began wearing a “White Lives Matter” headband, he would be forced by the league to stop. And you would not write a post supporting his bravery.

        1. Hey, I’ve been beaten by cops for the “crime” of talking back to them. One of my friends, who is also not black, got beaten to death by the Fremont County CO sheriff’s dept for having withdrawals from his long term prescription medicine. Cops have a code that none will testify against his fellow cop. No matter how guilty. That the police would target blacks more than whites is real. That they would kill a black man who was paralyzed, because his nephew who they sought wasn’t home, yeah. Denver, or Aurora. You remember the theater in Aurora, yeah? Same place, suburb of Denver. Anyhow, the cops who shot the man, in the summer of 04, charged his nephew who wasn’t even there. Do you think that happens much to whites? Maybe.

          It happens more often per capita to blacks, hispanics, Natives, people who are Middle Eastern or even just mediterranean in skin pigment.

          Bigotry exists, even in America. Cops have virtually unlimited powers to shoot anybody they want. And if they target darker skinned people, and get away with it, then why would those darker skinned persons who have friends, family, etc, who have been targeted. …
          Why would they want to listen to people say they’re making it all up? I’ve been called a Sand Nigger by the Ft Worth police, because I’m not exactly white or light enough to pass. They even said they had targeted me because I “look like Saddam Hussein”. It was almost the stupidest crap I’ve ever heard.

          Now we have at least one candidate for POTUS who believes in lynching. Said it of the Central Park guys, first when a kangaroo kourt found them guilty and repeats it even after they were cleared. Said they should be executed, another word for murdered, but have you heard him say the same of any white criminals, like for instance himself? He stole millions of dollars from a real estate scam against an African leader, and still boasts of it. And demands that petty thieves (meaning: minority group members) should be given the harshest punishment.

          Given an atmosphere of hatred going on in America, what would make for instance ME believe for an instant that the cops do in fact commit murder? And get away with it.

          That’s the kicker, you know. The same Kangaroo Kourts who sentenced the Central Park guys also let cops off the hook, automatically. Repeatedly. For every crime imaginable. It’s not new, been happening for a very long time. Want more? No? Ok, I’ll give some more…

          Why are people like you getting all bent out of shape because of the National Anthem? If somebody doesn’t say the pledge or salute the anthem, there’s actually no law against it. And as was previously by someone (ahem) mentioned that the prevalent religious beliefs in America have a scripture, lots in fact, which say that God is offended by people saying oaths to idols and to men who say they are gods. Of course that last barely applies, we’re supposed to worship the Founding Fathers whoever the Hell they are. If we only count the Presidents, In total, twelve presidents owned slaves at some point in their lives, eight of whom owned slaves while serving as president. How about that? The varmint who wrote the Star Spangled Banner was a slaveowner. You remember that song, right? The one which white supremacists, and others, are getting their knickers in a knot because a Black person refused to stand up for it? Say that his biblical tattoos must be from the Qu’ran like that makes someone evil.

          Jehovah’s Witnesses also refuse to do homage to an idol made of cloth. I refuse. Not Muslim, not JW, just me. Meschach, Shadrac and Abednego refused to do the same thing and got tossed into a brick-kiln.

          That’s in the Bible, in case anybody cares. They didn’t do homage to an image of the king as his anthem played. It’s idolatry and if the Muslims recognize it as such, then good on them. The Qu’ran and the Bible are related, you know. Hating Arabs for being Arabic is just as racist as hating blacks for being black, Jews being Judaic, whites for being white…

          But, please, throw some more wood on the fire. Maybe the light will shine so brightly nobody would be able to mistake what it is. And if as the author of the article said, that some hatred spewing loudmouth commentator for DumFox wants to make anti-semitic remarks about Kaepernick, such an idiot should be held up to ridicule as a racist prick. He has demontstrated clearly the nature of criticism of Kaepernick’s bravery. Who is calling on the loudmouth crap-jockey to be fired? or imprisoned.

          And there are many who are proposing lynching. For Kaepernick. Will you stand by and allow Joe Walsh to commit anti-semitic remarks, and continue to join in his anti-semitic chorus? Because that’s the side you’ve chosen. By the way, Arabs are Semitic and descendants of Abraham. and as I understand, a lot of Arabs are Muslims. It’s not universal or even close to universal, and there are quite a lot of Christian Arabs as well. You wouldn’t know it by hearing your average Klansman, but it’s true.

          America has fallen into chaotic hatred, racism is just a big huge montstrous symptom, and denying it won’t make it go away.

          1. Black men make up 6 percent of the population, and commit nearly half of the murders. I could go on and on with these statistics. Would you like that?

            Blacks have more encounters with cops per capita because they commit violent crimes at an astronomically higher rate than other racial groups. The 34 black unarmed men who were shot and killed by cops in 2015 (in what must have been millions of police stops/encounters) are not evidence of institution racism. Nor are any of your anecdotes.

            Far too many blacks are criminals. Criminals and cops have an adversarial relationship. That is not the fault of police.

          2. “Black men make up 6 percent of the population, and commit nearly half of the murders.”

            Since nearly 60% of murders go unsolved, you have no way of knowing what percentage of murders are committed by black men.

          3. Also any “enemy casualties” in the ongoing wars aren’t even counted in any official statistic of crime. Nor is the property damage in the illegal bombing of foreign soil in how many countries now? Was the assault on Lakota protesters the other day counted in your “statistic”?

            If I were to even offer to pepper spray a cop I would be technically guilty of aggravated assault on a (Danger Danger Warning Orwellian reference! ) Peace Officer (/Orwellian_reference) and in Texas that would be an automatic eligibility for a life sentence. Or a street execution. Which happens. And since the subjective analysis of the killings doesn’t count people killed or assaulted by police that brings “anecdotes” into legitimacy.

            Also the racist nature of so many “accidental” killing of civilians. Etta Collins for instance, Dallas Texas. Apparently the Dallas cops have Xray vision and could see a gun through a wood door. Marvin Booker. Beaten to death in the Denver jail complex.
            John Walter in Fremont County Jail two years ago. Beaten to death by deputies. Of course it’s just anecdotal that the cops who beat Marvin to death and the cops who beat John Walter to death never stood trial for any part of it. The departments were sued, but that’s not any finding of guilt on the part of the individuals. Kind of skews (or a rhyming word) the statistics. Personal knowledge is not allowed in the Kangaroo Kourt of Back the Badge. Except of course when one wants to point up a statistic of his/her own ideology. Which is what the one about Black males commit more homicides. I’ve heard the same one about “illegal Mexican migrants” so which if any of the flawed statistics is correct?

            Another is the percentage of people plea bargaining to a lesser charge. How many blacks as opposed to white defendants have the money and representation to get such a deal?

            How many of the “statistics” occurred during the official Jim Crow prohibitions against Blacks and other darker skinned people? How is the term Black determined. Is it just anyone who can’t prove himself having a certain percentage of White ancestry? Enquiring minds want to know.

            The “illegal mexicans” who supposedly commit a majority of the crimes in the U.S., where does that statistic come in? I mean, PearlBuck didn’t pop off with it, but it has entered the discussion, especially in Texas Arizona California and Colorado. The last three out of five times I’ve heard that statistic it was from the mouth or pen of Minutemen. You could just as easily transpose “Klans” for “Minute” in their title. And how would the Klan have better statistics than the Border Patrol?

            And there was a mexican national who was climbing over a fence on the Arizona border, a ten foot chain link fence. When the Border Patrol shot him in the stomach the officer said the man was menacing him with a rock. Now, if you’ve not been in the military and never had to climb a chain link fence, you might find that explanation plausible. In case you want to prove me wrong, climb a chain link fence while carrying a rock. I put that in because somebody was very uptight about the use of anecdotes. If I pee in the cornflakes of even one racist I count it a very good morning.

            To pretend their statistics are accurate would be dishonest and quite frankly treason. The police state grows every day and so very many people back them up without question. I dare question. I’ve got the scars to show for it.

          4. PS I had in my earlier post refrained from the use of race as a factor in the killings and beatings. Other than mentioning that the people involved were not Black.

          5. and the Lakota protest is an ongoing assault by an oil pipeline against specifically the Standing Rock Sioux reservation. An assault backed by police. Nothing racist in that action, I guess.

            Speaking of, one of the sources is from a Houston based civil rights campaign and a pdf file on 1000 police induced deaths. I can’t get permission (from some) to call it murder as the cops were in a surprise move not prosecuted. In a further surprise the people who published included Ruby Ridge and Waco in their statistics. How many black people were in either conflict? I forget, because of course my mental state is “stupid”.

            Or some have said. Any hoo,

            And the characterization of any protest move as irrelevant because the person objecting to the protest move is not directly war related, well, the cops are getting really damned militant. It’s like they’ve declared war on Americans regardless of race or social status.

            The reason the Batman Shooter in Aurora was overlooked by the police for quite a while (as he was sitting in his car outside the theater) because he was wearing identity-killing Police Armor. Blended right in with the first responders, he did.

            ’tis a dangerous ploy the po-po are using. Anybody can buy or steal uniforms. Identity software can be hacked. And the best hackers don’t work for the Global Police State.

            I’ll say for the record that the escalation of war is very much tied to the racial bias as a motivation of the Police. It’s not just the Militarization of cops but also the spread of a Police “we are here to help and liberate you” state, at taxpayer expense, around the world.

            Just as long as it’s “our” police state. Others will have to bow before “our” inherently and indelibly righteous Police State. No fair anybody else playing by “our” rules for their own motivations. At least that’s what is behind the invasions of, oh, let’s see, Everybody the U.S. has taken military action since the farcical “end” of World War 1. Before that, actually, but for brevity’s sake that will make a nice demarcation point.

            Hell, the All-wise and Benevolent Big Brother has made Armistice Day into Veterans Day. Where no doubt the Anthem is going to be played and anybody not standing will of course be dealt with by mob action which the cops wouldn’t be able to prevent. And of course in no way would they have spent the intervening 2 and a half months inciting the mob.

            With comments like the Black people in America deserve to be shot down in the streets or even in their homes, because some people believe them to be more violent than whites.

          6. Oh, boy. This isn’t your jr. high school debate club. You’re embarrassing yourself. I”ll admit, though, certain types of racism are a problem in America:

            “Although most murders are within the same race, [individual] blacks were 13.6 times more likely to kill non­blacks than [individual] non­blacks were to kill blacks.”

          7. Which part of “since a large percentage of homicides go unsolved, we have no idea who the killers were in those homicides” did you not understand the first time?

            You can put any kinds of numbers between quote marks that you like. It’s called “trying to bullshit your way out of the corner you talked yourself into.” It doesn’t work.

          8. Oh, my God…. back for more punishment? Are you really suggesting, cretin, that the authorities really “have no idea” who committed any of these “unsolved” murders, and that if they could be solved, it would dramatically change the fact that blacks commit an astronomically higher amount of violent crimes, per capita, than whites? Your argument is that a bunch of white murderers are out there getting away with it? If so, idiot, you’re beyond help, and you’ve lost all credibility. Get this through your thick skull–blacks commit violent crimes at a stunningly higher rate than whites. And in a huge number of the “unsolved” murder cases, the cops know exactly who the murderer is. They just can’t prove it. Hey, did I mention that blacks commit FAR more violent crime than whites, per capita, and that this is an indisputable fact? I think I did.

            Here is a very liberal admission (albeit mealy mouthed) of the facts, you pathetic loser.

            FactCheck: do black Americans commit more crime?

            November 27, 2014 299 Comments

            By Patrick Worrall

            The claim

            “It’s important to note that black men commit nearly half of all murders in this country, which is astounding when you take into consideration the fact that they only make up 12-13 per cent of the population.”

            “James”, 26 November 2014

            The analysis

            There were angry protests across America this week after a grand jury decided a white police officer should not stand trial for the killing of black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

            FactCheck has already looked at the statistics on killings by law enforcement officials. Though imperfect, the official figures suggest blacks are disproportionately likely to die at the hands of police.

            Several people have left comments pointing out that this is not necessarily surprising or unfair, since blacks are also disproportionately likely to be involved in violent crime in the US, thereby putting themselves in the firing line.

            One reader, “James”, wrote: “It’s important to note that black men commit nearly half of all murders in this country, which is astounding when you take into consideration the fact that they only make up 12-13 per cent of the population.

            “So, given this fact, does it make sense that black men are disproportionately involved in shootings with the police? Your graph is appropriately proportionate, when you take into consideration the role that the black population plays in, not just murder, but crime in general.”

            “Sean” said: “If one group is more likely to be involved in that then they are more likely to be killed by the police – so they have nothing to complain about if that is the case.”

            We thought we’d check these claims out.

            The analysis

            It’s true that around 13 per cent of Americans are black, according to the latest estimates from the US Census Bureau.

            And yes, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, black offenders committed 52 per cent of homicides recorded in the data between 1980 and 2008. Only 45 per cent of the offenders were white. Homicide is a broader category than “murder” but let’s not split hairs.

            Blacks were disproportionately likely to commit homicide and to be the victims. In 2008 the offending rate for blacks was seven times higher than for whites and the victimisation rate was six times higher.

            As we found yesterday, 93 per cent of black victims were killed by blacks and 84 per cent of white victims were killed by whites.

            Alternative statistics from the FBI are more up to date but include many crimes where the killer’s race is not recorded. These numbers tell a similar story.

            In 2013, the FBI has black criminals carrying out 38 per cent of murders, compared to 31.1 per cent for whites. The offender’s race was “unknown” in 29.1 per cent of cases.

            What about violent crime more generally? FBI arrest rates are one way into this. Over the last three years of data – 2011 to 2013 – 38.5 per cent of people arrested for murder, manslaughter, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault were black.

            Clearly, these figures are problematic. We’re talking about arrests not convictions, and high black arrest rates could be taken as evidence that the police are racist.

            Police corral protesters before making mass arrests in Los Angeles, following Monday’s grand jury decision in the shooting of Brown

            But academics have noted that the proportion of black suspects arrested by the police tends to match closely the proportion of offenders identified as black by victims in the National Crime Victimization Survey.

            This doesn’t support the idea that the police are unfairly discriminating against the black population when they make arrests.

            So why are black offenders – and young black men in particular – over-represented in America’s crime statistics?

            Judging from online comments, there is a wide spectrum of views on this, from unapologetic racism to militant refusal to blame the problem on anything but historic white racism.

            Some criminologists think we could be simply confusing race for poverty or inequality: black people tend to offend more because they tend to be more disadvantaged, living in poorer urban areas with less access to public services, and so on.

            If you control for deprivation, people of different races ought to be similarly predisposed to commit crime. Or that’s the theory, at least.

            There is a lot of research in this area, but a lot of it is contradictory.

            This study of violent crime in deprived neighbourhoods in Cleveland, Ohio, found that reductions in poverty led to reductions in the crime rate in exactly the same way in predominantly black and white areas, suggesting poverty, not race, is the biggest factor.

            Other studies get different results.

            All sociologists have suffered from the same basic problem: finding urban white communities that are as disadvantaged as the poorest black neighbourhoods, so that you can get a fair comparison.

            Some thinkers play down the importance of poverty in favour of the “violent subculture theory”.

            This is the idea that some black communities, for some reason, have developed cultural values that are more tolerant of crime and violence.

            Some commentators on the unrest in Ferguson – mostly right-wing, though not all white – seem to favour this idea, but naturally it remains highly controversial.

            The verdict

            There is evidence in the official police-recorded figures that black Americans are more likely to commit certain types of crime than people of other races.

            While it would be naïve to suggest that there is no racism in the US criminal justice system, victim reports don’t support the idea that this is because of mass discrimination.

            Higher poverty rates among various urban black communities might explain the difference in crime rates, although the evidence is mixed.

            There are few simple answers and links between crime and race are likely to remain the subject of bitter argument.

          9. “blacks commit violent crimes at a stunningly higher rate than whites because I am stomping my foot REALLY hard while I say so and because I know how to paste a bunch of verbiage in afterward to create the illusion that rather than not knowing what the hell I’m talking about, I’m actually an expert.”

            Fixed, no charge.

            See how much more concise you could be if you were truthful?

          10. Blacks commit violent crimes at a much, much higher rate than whites. This is a fact, and you know it, but you can never admit it, because you think the truth is racist.

            What a sad little life you lead.

          11. Apparently you know even less about me than you do about race and crime rates.

            Fortunately for you, being rigorously ignorant and intending to stay that way doesn’t violate the guidelines here. You’re free to display that ignorance as much as you like.

          12. Wait, is this some kind of thing where you get off on being exposed as a childish liar?

            *Blacks are only 13 percent of the population, but commit about 62 percent of all robberies and 56 percent of all carjackings.

            A black man discusses the truth:

            “Even though blacks and Hispanics combined make up only 30 percent of the population, they make up more than 80 percent of all gang members in the United States.”

            “Over the past 35 years, a mind-bending 323,820 black people have been killed by other black people in America”


            Department of Justice stats:


          13. From the homicide by race table in that Bureau of Justice Statistics doc:

            “The percentages of victim/off ender relationships are based on the 63.1% of homicides from 1980 through 2008 for which the
            victim/offender relationships were known.”

            In other words, in 36.9% of cases, the races weren’t known because who did it was not known.

            If you don’t know who committed more than 1/3 of homicides, there’s no way to get an accurate picture of which people of which races committed how many homicides. Perhaps those more than 1/3 of homicides followed the trend of the known ones — or perhaps the trend was exactly opposite, or orthogonal.

            And then there’s the definition of “offender,” which doesn’t seem to be given in the doc. The usual definition in law enforcement stats is “someone we arrested and accused of the crime,” whether the person committed the crime or not, whether the person was convicted of the crime or not, or whether the person was even charged with the crime or not.

            You believe that black people commit most crimes for one and one reason only: Because you want to believe that black people commit most crimes.

          14. I know that black people commit a much higher percentage of violent crimes, per capita, because it’s a simple fact. A simple, undeniable fact. You are stubbornly squirming to get out from under the weight of that fact, and it’s kind of funny to watch. (Particularly funny: your assertion that the unsolved murders of black people, for instance, might very well buck the trend of blacks being overwhelmingly murdered by other blacks–as if there is a secret, unsolved epidemic of white-on-black murders going on in America.)

            You are the villain here. Black America faces all kinds of serious problems, and none of those problems are significantly impacted by white racism. The Democrats (and their anointed black “leader” henchmen like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton) are constantly hammering it into black America’s heads that whitey is to blame for their problems. It’s disgusting and predatory.

          15. OK, well, I gave you a chance to think instead of just bleating your ignorance. Heck, I gave you a number of chances and you rejected them. Your loss. Have a great weekend.

            [Hint: It wasn’t about your claim — it was about whether or not you could actually prove it, or were willing to prove it, or were just saying it because you heard it somewhere and it struck a chord with you. Obviously it was Door Number 3]

          16. Blacks commit violent crimes at an astonishingly higher rate than whites. No serious person of any color denies this fact.

          17. Hey, maybe this would be a great opportunity, by having a clairvoyant on board who can guess missing evidence…
            Who killed Bobby Fuller as in “I fought the law and the law won” ? I mean, the El Paso County Coroner said he had died of Natural Causes. Then poured gasoline over his own body. There’s another one, a suicide also in El Paso (Texas, there’s more than one) wherein a person who committed suicide by shooting himself more than 12 times with a bolt-action rifle. God-damn show off suicides just want to make the cops look foolish…

            A commentator for Fox (Beck? don’t know, all those blue eyed white folk look alike to me) claimed Mexicans put a bullet hole, one exactly, in his house but he doesn’t know who did it as he wasn’t home. And being impossible to operate a gun by more than one person per bullet, How did he know the perpetrator was Mexican and had done it for the purpose of stopping him from his Militia activities, which might be fictional…

            And add in that a lot of white supremacists use your same statistics, your source looks more suspect each time it’s used… and that many of the perpetrators of that statistical misanalysis hang on my spell checker didn’t like that, Malanalysis? Nope that bit of concatenation didn’t work either. But those who toss that the most seem to be eager to prove a racial trend of criminality, and further can’t tell the difference between Native Americans, Blacks, Mexicans and anybody else with darker skin, well…

            Then there’s the “statistics” given by the of course non-racist Minutemen that most crimes and especially homicides are committed by Mexicans. Which gets further complicated in that Mexican is a national reference, not racial or ethnic. There’s an Irish population in Mexico, are you surprised? And a Chinese population, and Jews and Arabs. Kind of like the United States. Black people. Blond haired blue eyes. Really. Blond people are referred to as Huedo which sounds kind of like widow. But yeah, they’re there. And I sure am glad to have you guarding me from believing anything that doesn’t fit your set of statistics.

            Then there’s the big bad nasty question, since every person on earth has “Negro” as in from Africa DNA….

            Would that satisfy your statistical wonderland as laid out? Since every person on Earth is rooted in Africa then 100% of crimes are commited by Blacks.

            And people are entitled to any reason they wish to refuse standing up for any anthem or to make or refuse making oaths to a cloth idol.

            Which was the start of the whole conversation. And if you worry that the backlash against Kaepernick might be misconstrued as racist bull-poo-poo maybe you should rebuke the huge majority of the angry white persons who have actually used the word “nigger” and express their bigotry and hatred against Semitic people, especially Arabic Muslims, well…

            Here’s a statistic that might make everything beautifully clear. Or not, as it’s kind of misdirection. In Colorado there’s a felony charge, Menacing. Meaning if you talk bad smack to somebody you’re branded as a violent felon. Maybe look that one up, how many of the “violent” crimes listed are of that nature.

            Not in any way acknowledgment of the verity of your statistics or your method. Just proposing the notion that some “facts” and especially from government or corporate sources are suspect.

            Also not accusing you personally of advocating attacks on black people based on the legitimate protest initiated by Mr Kaepernick, but a lot of people do.

            And by doing so, even if they don’t mean to threaten, they could be charged as violent criminals in Colorado and probably other states. The term “lot of” is very vague, but then, a “lot of” the rhetoric against Mr Kaepernick is very incoherent and the people who are the most adamant (here I go again with my OPINION and Anecdotal style of presenting it) are crazy. Seriously.
            There’s a couple of psychiatric definitions of their mania. One is wackadoodle-doo and the other is crazy as a shit-house rat and probably dangerous.

            For people who insist that everybody speak English Only in public (Did you know there is no official language in the united states? It’s true. The Birthers make a huge whine about it)… they really don’t have much of a grasp on the English language.

            Your comrades, not mine. I’m not especially obligated to educate them or even be very nice to them. Perhaps you could teach them to express their hatred a bit more coherently?

            Quick summary: There is no enforceable law requiring anybody to stand up for the anthem, say the pledge of allegiance, obey politicians or agree with you on any issue. Football is a gladiatorial entertainment and should not be subsidized by the taxpayers, but it is. The Arlington Cowboys, for instance, got tax exemptions, matching funds from the citizens of Arlington primarily but with just a taste of Federal subsidies, Homeland Security at Taxpayer Expense at every game, police, fire, paramedic and other emergency services, police traffic control and the city doesn’t even get the honor of naming them after the city, they’re in Tarrant County but still called ‘Dallas’.

            Same with the Denver Donkos. I quite believe that San Francisco the town has similar subsidies. So we have people who provide entertainment to distract the majority of the population from anything that is of real value or consequence, demanding that not just the fanatics but the actor/athletes perform a pseudo-patriotic ritual at Every God-Damn Game.

            I bet the attendance and viewing of football GAMES are now at an all time high and the corporate welfare recipients are raking in lots of extra money just from this issue.

          18. Oh, we all know there are “White Hispanics” ever since that Afro-American George Zimmerman (look it up) shot Trayvon.

            The Obama Administration released figures showing that black Americans commit violent crimes at a much, much, much higher rate than white Americans. I’m sure you know this is true.

            As for Colin, he is an employee. He is a hired entertainer. His job is to run around and amuse people–mostly white people. The easiest way for him to avoid standing for the national anthem is to quit his zillion-dollar job. If one of his NFL peers decided to start wearing a “White Lives Matter” headband during games, you’d better believe he would be stopped. And no one in the mainstream would be publicly–and fallaciously–lamenting his 1st Amendment rights. If you work for Coca Cola, and you complain that COke tastes horrible, guess what they do? They fire you.

            The government should not be subsidizing football, though. There we agree. While we’re on the subject, the government shouldn’t be subsidizing pregnant Mexican nationals, either.

          19. So you’re still using a statistic composed by the very police who blow people away? That’s them giving themselves immunity from prosecution for their crimes.

            I have been beaten by cops for talking back to them, “called them a name” and that name is fascist control freaks who get sexually aroused by their power trips.
            And they were, true to my words, childish and cowardly enough to gang up on me, beat me down etc.

            A lot of back the badge morons say that I deserved to have my rights as a human being taken away simply because I didn’t bow down and lick the boots of the Masters. Of course, the charges they used to “justify” doing so were universally false. Doesn’t matter because county judges and hand picked juries always back up their fellow fascist pigs.

            Hey, look who just used some absolutes!

            And they use the same standards when they beat down white people as they do blacks. A large part of that statistic would be from people who were beaten and wrongfully arrested. Because the same people who kill them for “being uppity” or simply beat them down which is far more prevalent. The charge in Colorado is ‘menacing’ and even if it’s not punished by the 6 years prison time, it goes on the books as a Violent Felony. Yeah. The pigs are so childish they get to beat people down, get away with it AND manipulate statistics.


            And, you know if you studied history at all, when people are given immunity to punishment for whatever crimes they commit in pursuit of their “duty” the consequences are always the same. A police state created for whatever original reason always devolves into a dictatorship.

            As for the NFL being corporations, that still would not permit them legally to deny anybody the right of dissent. The product unlike Coke, is entertainment. As long as they satisfy the conditions of employment, which in football is pure performance, the company has no right to add in any restrictions which do allow them to fire somebody for any purposes other than the satisfactory completion of their job duties.

            Since neither standing for the anthem nor saluting the flags is illegal, the government can’t legally sanction somebody for not doing it. Now, if he was standing on the sidelines throwing foeces at the fans that might be a really good case for termination.

            And as much as the War Lover Back The Badge folks want the law to be on the lines of “Freedom of Speech (and the concurrent Religion, as attested by Joe Walsh who believes it’s a Mohammadan conspiracy) unless an official of the Corporate Empire says otherwise”… and the same with people who are confronted by a belligerent, whiny, power-tripping cop. If you think the cops never initiate the fights you would be seriously deluded.

            And that would be the only way the statistic be right, if every cop in every encounter was an absolute gentleman and never once used an ethnic or religious slur. When Marquise Hudspeth was shot 8 times in the back, March 17 2003, they had been on their radios talking about his cell phone, the one they minutes later supposedly LOOKED LIKE A GUN.

            They were never prosecuted. But the Ku Klux Klan and David Duke held a benefit barbecue to raise money for their non-existent legal fees. And said that the Klan is a family oriented volunteer police auxiliary.

            so is it strange to you the cops never gainsaid David Duke? It’s a job that attracts the most violent yet cowardly and hate filled people in our society. Any society. Would you give a job involving unlimited powers to kill anybody he wants, to somebody who is violently enraged against any group, black or white or purple with green and blue polka dots? Dallas does, Colorado Springs does, Shreveport-Bossier City Louisiana does. Los Angeles does.

            With a lot of tragic results. If they’re, as you suggested, afraid of black folk that would be a really good reason NOT to give them unlimited power, because you should automatically know that such a person will use that power.

            And they do it to a lot of Americans. The very few violent incidents between blacks and whites make you so afraid of blacks *and I did notice the “mexican” part* that you would limit their speech, if possible (which it is not) when they notice and protest in all kinds of ways that white cops shoot a lot of black people. If black cops were habitually shooting white folks you’d be righteously pissed.

            And the difference between your fear of black people committing violence, and their fear of white people committing violence, is the white on black violence is real, has been for a long damn time and is the basis of most black americans being in america in the first place.

            Summary, Kaepernick is right to say whatever he wants. Just like you say whatever you want.

            And there is a White Lives Matter movement. It’s sometimes called the Klan and the Nazis but more politely Back The Badge, Unconditionally and without question.

          20. And if any foreign national who is undocumented takes public assistance, that would be very foolish. And difficult. Do you have the same level of bitterness about people who are documented and take food stamps or medicaid?

            Since people are people, and there’s a huge majority of people who are documented and papered and obedient to the Corporacracy, it just stands to mathematical probability that they outnumber the “illegals”

            To my point of Cherokee view, any white person in America was the beneficiary of a government Tax Subsidized military invasion of America that’s gone on for a long while. Most Mexicans are mestizo. Between races. But strongly in favor of the native people like Aztec, Olmec, Toltec, Maya… Apache, Yaqui, Yavapai, Ute…
            See, here in the southwest, this was once “property” of the spanish king. Some was traded between the Spanish and French to finance their wars. But an Indian in the southwest with a Spanish name is called a Mexican even though the republic of Mexico only had territorial imperatives for 25 years. Geronimo is a Spanish name, actually the translation of a Greek name, Jerome or Heironymus. Because the Spanish King had all his subjects summarily baptized and named after saints, there are a lot of Native people who have Spanish names and probably no spanish ancestry whatsoever. Zebulon Pike was an illegal immigrant, so was Davy Crockett. So was Daniel Boone, once he “discovered” Thunder Road aka the Cumberland Gap, he was in treaty lands, at the time treaties by the British after the american part of the seven years war. The one Churchill referred to as “the real first World War” Daniel Boone was trespassing and since at the time he was still a British officer he damn well knew it.

            And now, of course, the minutemen want to be able to detain anybody they want as “illegals”. I’ve got a tee shirt published on Cafe Press, my middle finger upraised and the legend “Hey, Minuteman, Here’s MY I.D.”

            You know, of course, that people will fight back when pushed. Of any race or nationality. Even if it’s only a perception they fear. Like the Minutemen and the Klan.

            And it hasn’t escaped notice that there are people in each group who have dual membership.

            Just, you know, sayin’

            people need to learn to get along and all the hate speech kind of gets in the way.

          21. Black communities are being ravaged by an epidemic of violent crimes committed by black people. Good black people (I consider most murderers to be bad people) are living in terror, and you can’t admit it. The Narrative is more important to you than black lives.

            “In 2012 and 2013, blacks committed an annual average of 560,600 crimes of violence against whites whereas whites committed only about 99,400 such crimes against blacks. This means blacks were the attackers in 84.9 percent of the violent crimes involving blacks and whites.”

  5. This is an essay I put together because there’s a lot of racist and or patriot crap circulating.

    I published this elsewhere first. now it’s your opportunity to read it. Lucky you.

    Don’t defend the unpopular ones…

    Or the Popular ones will come after you next. Stay invisible, never make
    waves, do as you’re told, resistance is futile, you must be
    assimilated. I actually heard this from a good friend just yesterday,
    and by good friend I mean all my friends are good, in my estimation.

    There are many variants to the theme, like “don’t be seen associating
    with Those People, the establishment has ordered us to shun them”. Piss
    on that. There’s a poetic meme, has variations, by Martin Niemöller. He
    published a lot of different lists, First they came for… Socialists,
    Jehovah’s witnesses, communists, whatever order of who was First they
    came for… then they came for…

    As I recall the various histories, the first They Came For were their fellow Nazis, the S.A.

    Braunhemden (brown shirt) sturmabteilung “stormtroopers” including
    Hitler’s partner (perhaps lover as well) Ernst Roehm. And their next big
    move was against Anarchists. Since they had a lot of groups they had
    pledged to hate forever, long before they became the Official Party of
    Germany, it would be reasonable that you could “first they came..” any
    group at all. Seriously, these guys hate (present tense included, they
    still exist) themselves. To put on a uniform and be assimilated you have
    to commit psychic suicide. You have to give up your own human selfhood.

    There’s a few big movements in the U.S. today, Black Lives Matter,
    Muslims, La Raza Unida… the list goes on. Some of the Popular Kids say
    we’re not to talk to them, because if we do the Popular Kids first
    won’t like or accept us, they’ll accuse us of being “terrorists” and
    they’ll beat us up on the playground. Kind of like McCarthyism.

    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out–

    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out–

    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out–

    Because I was not a Jew.

    the last line is always:

    Then they came for me–and there was no one left to speak for me.

    The hard-core Real Terrorists, the ones who bully and shame people into
    agreeing with their freaked up agenda, for some reason go out of their
    way to make it “unpopular” to quote this. Too bad.

    I have a tee shirt published “Resistance is crucial, I will not be
    assimilated” and “compliance is futile, I will not be assimilated”. If
    They, whichever new hate group They are, don’t want to talk to me
    anymore… groovy. That’s each time one less group or individual whose
    stupid hate-speech I have to hear.

    To use a cliche, Win Win.

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