Philip Giraldi on Israel Getting the Biggest US Aid Package In History

US National Security Advisor Susan Rice met with her Israeli counterparts yesterday to sign an historic aid deal that will see $38 billion dollars shipped from US taxpayers to the Israeli military. In a press conference, Rice claimed that, “[t]his MOU is not just good for Israel—it’s good for the United States. Our security is linked…” Today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report is joined by former CIA officer Philip Giraldi to discuss how closely “linked” is US national security with Israeli security. Also, we discuss what a huge boon this will be for US defense contractors, who will supply all the military items to Israel:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

6 thoughts on “Philip Giraldi on Israel Getting the Biggest US Aid Package In History”

  1. Yes Israel is getting the largest aid package it has ever gotten, and Donald Trump wants to give them even more money if he becomes president.

  2. If you took the money that we give Israel -yearly-and passed out to the population of all those over 21 in IS. – each of those people would be getting more that the average soc. sec. senior gets here in the US – yearly. America — ya’ll been played and F….

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