Ron Paul on War Profits: PR Firm Gets $500 Million To Spin Iraq War

Thanks to a non-profit investigative journalism organization we now know that the Pentagon paid British PR firm more than half a billion dollars over five years to create false propaganda designed to push the US story line on the Iraq war. How much of it was aimed at the Iraqis and how much came back to propagandize us? We don’t know. We do know that war brings fantastic profits to the well-connected. More on this blood money in today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

5 thoughts on “Ron Paul on War Profits: PR Firm Gets $500 Million To Spin Iraq War”

  1. Hey Ron. Peace and Prosperity sound good. Are they printing money to throw away on war, or are they barrowing it, which means we have to pay it later with interest? Who do we owe the $21 Trillion to? Isn’t that the number? Is that just federal debt, or all municial, state and local bonds totalled?

  2. Next thing we need to know is who produced those glossy beheading Videos that introduced ISIS to the world. Either Mossad or the CIA, is my guess.

    1. It should be really easy in any society to spot those who are just happy amateur evildoers. And with the miracle of focusing the camera to where everybody else are occupied in the business of simply survival… Like, if you want to make about 50 people look like a vast angry mob, just park them all in the middle of an intersection. The cops will help by blocking the streets into the intersection. A picture of it on the news will show nothing but the protesters and police barriers.

      The evening news reporters and the perpetually Attached to Social Media will make it horrendous. Can Muslim violent extremists do something like that? Well, there’s Christian clerics (Fred Phelps) who do that shtick.

      Mossad and other hate groups in Israel or any other nation or ethnic groups, yeah.

      you get willing participants, truly fanatic performers and equally fanatic producers, both sides want to spread fear and spread the notion that the threat is overwhelming, and the CNN and CIA coalition can loudly scream that more money needs to be dumped into the War on Terror.

      Synopsis: Our blessed and powerful protectors are on the take and not above the practice of using flashy magician shows to promote their money making (from their vantage) or money bleed-out from our vantage. Hype sells.

      1. That is why I argue that we need to get off the Bush/Clinton Roller Coaster. We’ll see if we have, and if we’ll careen into the abiss. Or right the ship. (Which means a carbon-neutral energy system, which is very feasible technologically, it’s a question of Petroleum, Methane and Coal fighting to keep market share).

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