What Did Sen. Richard Black Learn In Syria?

Virginia State Senator Richard Black was curious about why the US seemed to be attacking only secular countries in the Middle East. Why attack Libya? Why Syria? So he decided to go over to Syria and see for himself. After meeting Syrian president Assad and speaking favorably about the situation with Christians under his rule, Sen. Black earned himself a place on ISIS’s “enemy list.” For not taking the Washington line that “Assad must go” he also earned a place on the Washington Post’s “enemy list.” Are we on the wrong side in Syria? Today, with Sen. Black, on the Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

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  1. Now all we need is the rest of the Congress to come to their senses! Is it so hard for Congress to be the one to declare wars, as stipulated in the Constitution? I would lavish praise on this Senator but he really is only doing his job, albeit he is going against the War Party here!

    1. Honorable people in times like these are hard to find. Many, especially in Congress, cannot run for the office without being committed to neocon interests. They just cannot. This is why they are no longer participating on our behalf in making decisions that affect the country’s future most: wars. Endless wars.
      We have allied ourselves with some of the world’s most backwards and inhumane regimes, but attacking every secular regime in the Middle East. It is particularly nauseating these days listening to the women’s outrage at Trump — those same women that are giving votes to Hillary! And her disrespect to women around the world by destroying countries where women lived normal lives, while she is taking money from and supporting the Wahhabi cult, the cult that spawned armies of frenzied religious fanatics — demanding that “infidel must go” in Syria. We are warming their hearts by our support for their cause, “Assad must go”. This is what Hillary is all about.
      Women in Syria under Assad government were free to go to school, university, pursue any career, dress as they pleased, and having a say in the most important decisions in life — like whom to marry. But under our favorite allies in the Middle East, women are barely a chattel. This is Hillary.
      It is almost beyond belief that we can close our eyes and let Al-Qaeda in Aleppo commit most heinous crimes against innocents, including children. For 5 years. Many are born in captivity, and many forcibly “married” to the terrorists. Boys forced to fight. No bleeding hearts for a boy that was recently beheaded by Al-Nusra in East Aleppo. Did he refused to fight, or was he just scared? Anybody interested in his dead body and terrorist proudly showing off his head? Certainly not Hillary. Hillary is complicit, even more then hapless Obama, who may not have been in charge of foreign policy since day one
      Hillary has not been challenged on the deaths in Mediterranean. Thousands, and thousands each year. This year is not over yet, but the number of drowned is higher then the toll last year. Her feelings for women and children does not extend to the victims of needless “democracy” regime changes, or the victims of terrorists. Only those victims that she can use for her political points, mostly if she can take a shot at Russia.
      The problem with electing her is that with her — we are empowering some of the most vicious human beings on planet. One of Hillary’s prominent supporters, a former executive at a Swiss Bank, and a prominent financial advisor has in his blog published recently an advice to Israel to kill all Shia population of Lebanon, and then use nukes to destroy Iran, poison their water, and farm land. And more of the same — wondering if such psychopaths are in fact in charge of our foreign policy and by extension security. Just not so bold as to commit their thoughts to print. But they will show their teeth and claws soon enough.

  2. You people are exactly the sort who would benignly on a politician who is on record:

    In 1998, he tried to pass a law to require doctors give anaesthetic to foetuses before late-term abortions and another that “tried to effectively ban gay people from adopting children in Virginia”.[16] In late 2000, in the wake of the Columbine High School massacre, Black proposed legislation that would require students to address their teachers as “Ma’am”, “Sir”, “Mr.”, “Miss” or “Mrs.”, saying that “The counterculture revolution of the ’70s took the war into the classroom. Before that time, public schools were a model of decorum, and then we began this thing we’ve seen play out at Columbine.”

    (from Wikipedia)

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