New CIA Chief Was Excited About Attacking Syria’s Assad

Trump’s CIA Chief pick Rep. Mike Pompeo on the Syria crisis on Fox News in 2013. Pompeo called himself a “libertarian conservative” and said that is why he supports Congress authorizing an attack on Assad.

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    1. The Flynn appointment is somewhat defensible… the rest? Meh… extremist neoCon tinged crazies.

    1. This is unwarranted negativity. Trump needs our positive support. Would you rather have World War Hillary? Then help Trump now by ending the alternate media war against him.

  1. The best pick.
    He’s just a “get along with the boss” guy.
    Basically CIA will be neutered with him, as TRUMP will call the shots and just pass along the info to the buss boy Pompeo.
    And if Trump cuts their budget and retire most of the CIA workforce, even better. That wall needs some funding, better to take it from CIA.

    1. Out only After we have reconstructed states that the Bush- Clinton- Obama dynasties destroyed.

      1. As much as I like the idea of ‘you break it, you fix it’ I don’t really think we can fix that mess, and I don’t think anyone in the Pentagon or at Langely is interested in seeing them get reconstructed in a long term viable way because if they are viable States then they might threaten Israel, so if we are there, then there will always be some CIA clown throwing a wrench into the works.

        1. ” don’t think anyone in the Pentagon or at Langely is interested in
          seeing them get reconstructed in a long term viable way because if they
          are viable States then they might threaten Israel,”

          That’s exactly why the whole ME region was broken in the first place… it’s called Operation CleanBreak.

  2. Bashar Assad is a secular Alawite who is married to a British-born/raised Sunni. Both the husband and wife are highly intelligent – he is an ophthalmalogist and his wife has a degree in computer science and French literature and has worked as an investment banker. It’s an absolute travesty that the Pentagon, State Department and CIA have armed terrorists to destroy Syria just to get rid of Assad. If Pompeo still supports this, Trump is making a mistake hiring him. Russia supports Assad.

    Of course, Syria is allied with Hezbollah and the USG considers Hezbollah to be terrorist although that is actually not true. Hezbollah may have some terrorists among its members but the organization itself is primarily a Lebanese political party and militia group that defends Christians in Lebanon as well as Shia and other groups.

    I also want to know what kind of ties Pompeo, as a former defense contractor and oil equipment maker, has had with the Saudis, Qataris and other (Sunni) Gulf States. The Saudis have been buying weapons and influence in the US for four decades – even funding ‘think’ tanks like the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the Atlantic Council, Brookings, and the Middle East Institute. They also give money to US and British universities (and not because they are believers in education). The Qataris have invested heavily in bringing down Assad by supporting ISIS terrorists.

    It is possible that Iran might agree to stop making missiles capable of reaching Israel if only US arms makers would just stop selling arms to these Gulf States which threaten Iran. With the price of oil dropping, the Gulf States won’t be able to buy as much anyway.

    1. One of the more illuminating posts I’ve seen today. Wonder if the Dems will do their homework on him or give him a pass to allow continuing the game.

      1. I always point out to people on the issue of the war plans to destroy secular Syria that Syria has not done a thing to the American (or EU people for that matter) people and is in truth fighting the very same terrorists that we were told did 9/11 plus their new Goldstein, ISIS

    2. I’ve been banned at Infowars for pointing out some of the same stuff. If Trump appoints someone like Bolton to Secretary of State or Defense or someone like Jamie Dimon as Secretary of Treasury then we know we have been had.
      Pompeo has business ties to the Koch Brothers. He also co-authored the pro Monsant,pro GMO food labeling law. And of course we have Mr. Reefer Madness as the new AG. Good post.

  3. As I constantly point out to people, Syria is secular and has not done a thing to the American people. In truth if the orwellian War On Terror was legit and not bs, secular Syria, Iran, Orthodox Christian controlled Russia, Shia Iran, and the Lebanese militia, who helps to keep Lebanon secular, and has helped to stop the war criminals and their Clean Break war plans to engulf secular Lebanon in flames like they have done to Syria (and Iraq & Libya) would be our allies and those helping the terrorists Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Turkey & Israel (to varying degrees, and of course the CIA, & UK & French intelligence) would be our allies. Read 1984, and read it and reread it because we are living it

  4. Mike Pompeo’s comment means he’s no more “libertarian conservative” than John ‘Bomb-Bomb’ McCain and Lindsey ‘the Fairy godmother’ Graham. What we have here is a Romasauce eating, Big Time policeman of the world, neocon. …………….. sharing

  5. This guy is smart enough to know that Pres. Trump is calling the shots and this position won’t work any longer.He made this statement in 2013. He was thoroughly vetted and if he puts one foot over the line, we all know the future President has no problems saying “you’re fired!”.

    1. You don’t hire people opposed to your stated policies. Especially ones who advocate the murder of Snowden and Assad and the further destruction of Syria. 500,000 dead so far! Do you want war with Russia?

      1. Of course I don’t want war. With Russian or anyone else for that matter. I know almost nothing about this guy but I do know probably more abut Mr. Trump than most folks and at this point I have to defer to his judgement. I’m sure his past and present philosophies about International relationships were a big part of the interview process in addition to reiterating Pres. Trump’s position on those loud and clear. I say give him a chance. Look on the bright side. He’s not a Jew.

  6. When did the word “leadership” become to mean “raining violence everywhere”?
    What part of this guy is libertarian?

  7. your time has gone you nonsence warmonger,, it is not Iraq or Afghanistan this time it is Russia,,, putin will send you back to your moms womb

  8. Rep. Mike Pompeo claims to be libertarian leaning, and yet: “In February 2016, Pompeo said Snowden “should be brought back from Russia and given due process, and I think the proper outcome would be that he would be given a death sentence.”[36] Pompeo has advocated for rolling back post-Snowden surveillance reforms, saying “Congress should pass a law re-establishing collection of all metadata, and combining it with publicly available financial and lifestyle information into a comprehensive, searchable database. Legal and bureaucratic impediments to surveillance should be removed. That includes Presidential Policy Directive-28, which bestows privacy rights on foreigners and imposes burdensome requirements to justify data collection.”[37] -wiki

    sorry Mike. You’re just as fascist as GWBush, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton.

  9. Trump is draining the swamp from the wrong level(bottom). All the scum that float to the top remains!. And of course he and his GOP–aka the Greed & Oil Profiteers–party hacks are refilling the same swamp with even smellier revanchist gutter trash. In no time the new swamp will stink even more with clogged ideological filters. Guaranteed!

  10. Everyone relax… These appointees take the direction of Trump’s position. Pompeo may have praised regime change under some mental delusion in the past but he has been vetted and will be prepped to follow Trump’s positions. Also… Steve Bannon is the Trump whisperer.. which is very much anti-neocon and regime change.

  11. The election of Michael Aoun as President of secular Lebanon, who is a staunch ally of Hezbollah, is great news as that means Lebanon will be clearly against the AIPAC/Likud/NeoCon war plans to destroy secular Syria, and secular Lebanon. (and their planned WWIII gainst non-arab majority Shia Iran)

  12. Justin Raimondo is a hypocrite for vilifying Trump on Twitter. Let’s look at reality. Donald Trump has succeeded outrageously in many areas of life,
    sometimes against great odds. In his bid for the presidencey, he resisted all attempts to stop him by the overwhelmingly powerful Western financial and political establishment, an unprecedented feat in modern history. It is highly unlike his personal power will suddenly cease when he takes office. He will be the same man, facing and overcoming the same level of challenge from the entrenched elite that he met throughout the whole election process. Also bear in mind that Trump never claimed his goal was to end the rule of the establishment. So to say he will fail to end it is neither here nor there. Trump will no doubt use the establishment where it is beneficial to his stated goals (friendship with Russia, an end to regime change and US Policing of the world) and ignore it where it is not. That he aims to end the rule of the Western elite was assumed, perhaps falsely, by the rest of us because his most of his policies run counter to their interests. He himself is above direct conflict with any ideological group. His approach is pure pragmatism. I have no doubt he will succeed in bringing order to US foreign relations as well as to the government at home, just as he has brought order to his many large-scale magnificent construction projects. Trump is not just a deal-maker, he is a delegator par excellence. Like the head of an engineering project who hires talented technical people regardless of their personal opinions and then directs them effectively toward the end result, Trump is hiring talented people regardless of their relation to the establishment, and will direct them toward his own goals as stated to the American people. This is leadership. We are thinking small when we criticize him. He is thinking big.

    1. I believe the phrase “drinking the Kool-Aid” was coined especially for people like you. Even Obama’s biggest fans are a little more grounded than you. Turning a born-wealthy bullshit artist who happened to enter the real estate business at the right time in NYC, took over the already existing family business and used bankruptcy laws that favor the rich to his advantage on multiple occasions, playing the ratings-obsessed modern media like the reality television star he is does not equal your rags to riches, protector of the common man, fighting the elitist hordes, morally and ethically above the fray point of view. I have to ask, was this a serious post, or are you paid to do this? If the latter, I’d dial it back a few notches, as it’s simply just not even believable that anyone would hold any other fallible human being in this high regard.

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