Ron Paul on Election ‘Hack’ – Do We Believe Snowden And Assange … Or McCain And Graham?

On one hand we have the Washington Post reporting that the CIA has determined that the Russians have hacked the US election to put Donald Trump in the White House. The evidence is secret, but the CIA and the Post wouldn’t lie, would they? Then we have global warmongering Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Lindsey Graham (R-NC) demanding that the US take action against Russia in retaliation for the “hack” that was reported by the Washington Post based on a secret briefing by the CIA. On the other hand we have Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, whose organization published the leaked DNC documents, saying that the Russians were not behind it. Whistleblower Ed Snowden has said that the NSA most certainly knows the identity of the DNC leakers/hackers. So who do we believe – Assange and Snowden or McCain and Graham? More in today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

9 thoughts on “Ron Paul on Election ‘Hack’ – Do We Believe Snowden And Assange … Or McCain And Graham?”

  1. Its a no Brainer, the Whistleblowers win this one by a country mile. They have backed up their claims every single time with solid evidence.
    The rest is just Rhetoric on steroids from folk with serious agenda issues

  2. Yeah, McCain and Graham are gatekeepers of the authoritarian corrupt establishment. Under their watch, they have allowed the Obama administration to spy on the American people by hacking/collecting all their private communications in total violation of the 4th amendment and do nothing about it except cheer it on and they have allowed the Obama admin to fund, arm, and train radical violent Sunni Jihadists aligned with ISIS, Al Nusra and Al Qaida and they do nothing about it except condone it. Screw McCain and Graham.

  3. We have that wonderful Senator Lindsay Graham, who along with Senator Joe Liberman (the Joe Paterno of the Senate) co-sponsor the Lieberman Graham Bill which has becum law. What the Graham Liberman bill does, is require the head of the Army to decide whether the alleged photographs of rape & homo-rape photographs and videos of children being sodomized or so purported by Seymore Hirsh. Hirsh said ” You could hear their screams

  4. But Ron Paul, whatever his virtues, has been politically vapourized for most people by being linked with racists. The perception therefore is a partisan interpretation.

    It would be good to have facts, but then again, total transparency is probably neither possible nor desirable when dealing with state secrets at the highest level.

    1. An intellectually spineless argument.

      The arguments are based on reason and stand on their merits, not on your ad hominem objections to the source..

      An accountable catalogue of evidence does not require revealing classified information.

      1. Whoa buddy, I’m not anti-Ron Paul, I think he was a refreshing blast of reality vs obtuse patriotric bullnoogie when it came to motivations for Islamist attacks on the USA, i.e. nobody likes imperial overlords. Ron Paul is a-ok.

        I’m just saying that he has been politically neutralized.

        Which may have distracted from my other comment, which is, how can the CIA actually disclose what they have got to the public? I suggest that they cannot and that an element of Star Chamber necessarily attaches to state secrets.

  5. The track records of the respective parties speak for themselves.

    What’s remarkable is the complete desperation of relying on such unsupported claims by anonymous officials (from an organization specifically specializing in disinformation).

    What’s also remarkable is the delusion of credibility these people at WaPo and elsewhere think they retain, against all objective metrics.

  6. CIA and WaPo are doing their best to prevent peace to break out between USA and Russia, they want Cold War 2.0 to continue.

  7. I wouldn’t trust either, but I wouldn’t even listen to McLame and Graham. I haven’t for over a decade.

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