Julian Assange Interviewed by Sean Hannity on Fox News

Sean Hannity traveled to London to sit down with Julian Assange, who says Russia was not the source for hacked Democratic emails published by WikiLeaks.

Watch part 1:

18 thoughts on “Julian Assange Interviewed by Sean Hannity on Fox News”

  1. I’d tune in if I could keep my dinner down listening to that smug, braying jackass, Hannity, pretend to be Assange’s friend now that Julian’s stellar journalism benefits his exceedingly narrow worldview.

    I’ll be watching Archer. Tell me what happens.

    1. Although I share your assessment of Hannity, I would suggest that the growing rejection of the corporate media by the American right wing, as well as much of the left, is a very positive development in freeing our nation from the consensus trance that has sustained the credibility of our kleptokracy.

      1. Dreamer! The American people have bought into the Russian/Putin hate and also the Russia/Putin hacking story. Don’t get ahead of the curve. The huge obstacle that has to be dealt with first is partriotism and the power of propaganda. Those wall won’t be broken down over night, even though these events as they happen are very encouraging. Maybe even more encouraging than since the fall of the Soviet Union.

        luv from Canada.

        1. I didn’t say tomorrow. Greetings to Canada, we had a great time there camping in the national parks in PEI and NS a few months ago. Pass the poutine.

          1. Good you’re not overly optimistic.
            That’s the other side of the country and I haven’t been there. However, you can get poutine in B.C. too if you eat that kind of sh-t. Worse than McD’s imo.

          2. In the US Tony, there’s no difference between left and right. Both sides have now adopted a solid position of being pro-war and that’s because their heads have been shrunk down to where they believe in patriotism first, and well before antiwar sentiments.
            Traditionally, the R’s and their supporters were always there and they still are. Now the D’s are there too with bells on because they got themselves forced into taking the opposite side with this Trump sideshow.
            I’m hoping just like you are but I don’t see any possibility of turning over the culture of US warmongering. The propagandists have installed it far too completley into your heads.

          3. Don, The short version of what I wanted to say is that all major political institutions, the Congress, the bureaucracy and especially the press are rapidly losing their credibility among most segments of our society, left and right, a situation that encourages outrage and results in action. If you must write “your heads” (a gross generalization), you should write instead “our heads” as Canada, a faithful satellite of American imperialism, has been in Afghanistan since 2001 and has extradited almost all Iraq war conscientious objectors back to the states. Anyway, have a good day.

          4. Yes, I could have said “our heads”. Fair enough Tony but today we see that the CIA and Trump have made the backroom deal and that destroys any hope you were suggesting on the bureaucracy or the media losing any credibility.

            You society will continue as it was. One party trying to destroy the other. The Dems are going for revenge big time now. It’ll be all domestic politics because the only problem the establishment had with Trump on foreign affairs was the Russia inroads thing that has been defused.

            So once again, America and Americans are solid on foreign policy but divided on domestic policy jokes like health care and other social platforms. Which frankly, I couldn’t give a fu-k about. It was only the scam being played on better relations with Russia that was important to the POV of a foreigner like me. I wish I could have a good belly laugh about it at your expense but I just don’t have the stomach for it now. I guess we’ll just all have to continue to be on the same side. That is, the antiwar side.

            luv from Canada.

          5. Don, the present favorability rating of Congress is thirteen percent and the commercial news media is steadily losing its audience.

    2. Right on comrade! They should have chosen somebody other than Hannity because he’s lost his credibility. And I’ll bet you a buck that when MSNBC/Maddow get onto this they are going to pounce on Hannity’s lack of credibility. Even O’reilly would have served the purpose better.

      luv from Canada.

  2. Here’s something that shouldn’t go unnoticed: At 26:57 there’s a break in the interview. To find the reason why that break was necessary go back to around 25:30 and listen to how Hannity tries to insert his own conservative agenda. Assange didn’t buy into that and he likely said something that was contrary to Hannity’s agenda.

    Hannity did a pretty good job but he couldn’t help but try to use Assange for his own dishonest and political purposes. Definitely shouldn’t have been him doing this. Check it out.

  3. It’s almost surreal to see Hannity featured on Antiwar.com. He was always one of the crudest of the warmongers. Yet the pendulum swings always, so I applaud Hannity for ostensibly evolving.

    1. You’re being foolish. There’s nothing different about Hannity. His agenda is the same as it’s always been. He’s a rabid frothing at the mouth conservative and this is working for his agenda. You can note too if you want to know, that I picked out a break in the narrative where Hannity got onto his own agenda and Assange didn’t buy into it. Check it out with the times I’ve given in that post.

  4. Now that it’s obvious that Trump has caved, we can watch and listen to this with a different perspective. We now know the outcome and the fact that this controversy between Trump and the CIA has been solved.

    All media agencies that have worked for and against Trump will obviously pull in their horns and help to put all this behind them. It’s doubtful whether RT news is going to let it go though. Will part 2 even be aired now?

    luv from Canada.

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