McCain’s $5 Trillion Military Budget: Will It Make America Great Again?

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) wants to spend five trillion dollars over the next five years in a massive build-up of the US military. Dozens of ships will be be built, as well as more than a hundred new fighter jets — including the problem-plagued F-35. The Army and Marines will greatly expand. McCain’s goal is to be able to fight a conventional war in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. It’s as if we are back in 1950! How much do McCain’s donors in the military-industrial complex love this budget? We can only imagine. But will Trump bite? Is this the kind of spending that would really “make America great again”? As Alibaba gazillionaire Jack Ma put it so well recently in Davos, the US has wasted $14 trillion on wars over the past 30 years. More on this today in the Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

12 thoughts on “McCain’s $5 Trillion Military Budget: Will It Make America Great Again?”

  1. Johns Kerry & McCain obviously can run the entire world–with operatives using reams of papier peppered with astounding silver bullets, and PowerPoint–cutting and pasting as if living without much reference to the bloody lion skins they won–no matter the sheepskins of all the operatives they can still direct around the world, no matter what or why. both cobbled up a Senate perch for themselves, then Kerry joined the DoS JetSet. now Kerry can sail in his boat, etc. McCain soon will leave the Senate (how soon is unknown), maybe to tour his many houses (homes?) if he can remember them all, etc. it will certainly be for others truly to solve real problems, no matter the two Johns, but probably there will only be business as usual, for they and theirs are few, a minority, outnumbered by persistent alternatives who thrive on the problems at issue.

  2. John McCain and his belief that the military is not big enough is very troubling. Unfortunately Donald Trump holds the same view except Trump only wants to increase military spending by $1 trillion.

  3. It’s nuts. Western Europe and Japan are more than capable of defending themselves. Fewer regime change experiments, fewer overseas bases, a culling of unproductive admirals and generals – think of the savings.

    If Trump wants his New Deal for Black America, he could turn some of that money into reparations and a formal apology for slavery. Whether or not you believe in the concept of reparations, it would undeniably be a shocking political gambit with positive spinoffs like money into local economies, debt relief and college for millions.

    Or the savings could just go to federal govt debt reduction, what a concept.

  4. Excellent. Let’s finally put the armed forces into crazy-ass startup mode where everybody is running around like a headless chicken and system break down left and right while the money level indicator is hovering at under -9000.

    I expect Trump to DO THIS!

    1. Health care is not for the poor in America. The determination has been made that the country is going to save the money and let them find their own way. And the poor being for the most part black people, the new agenda is going to be found quite acceptable.

      Trump will have no idea at all how it’s going to work but the Republican congress has it all worked out. The expenditure won’t interfere with military spending.

        1. US poverty rates by race, 2016:
          I’m sure there’s some occult anti-Semitism embedded in this information. If anyone can find it, and block a post, its Tom Terrific, self-anointed single man Star Chamber of Antiwar–which used to be a pretty good site.

          1. Yes, the RATE of poverty among black Americans is higher than among non-hispanic white Americans, but that’s not what Don said. What he said was that American poor are for the most part black people. There’s a difference, and Don was wrong.

            Please don’t mix me up with Tom Terrific. He’s a cartoonist, I’m a comment moderator (among other things, none of them being a cartoonist).

            No, I am not “self-anointed.” I am a contractor who is paid to enforce’s rules. Before they insisted on paying me, I was a volunteer who enforced’s rules. You don’t have to like the fact that I do my job. I’m going to do my job whether you like it or not.

  5. When Trump basically signs on to this, he will at least accomplish three things that still remain questions:

    1. He will repair any damage between him and McCain, whose agendas are very closely in sync.
    2. He will wipe away any remaining ambiguity on how he plans to make America great again.
    3. He will bring Raimondo back to the real world. (hopefully)

    Making America great again has to mean something and as some of us have known all along, it’s all to do with a show of military might, and maybe sometimes and in some instances demonstrating that might. (as he is advised by his handlers of course)
    Let’s hope the Mad Dog is kept in his cage regarding Syria and Ukraine!

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