The Week in War Episode One: Manning, Trump, and Marching Ladies

Angela Keaton and Lucy Steigerwald take a crack at what we hope will be a brand new, weekly podcast for the site. We’ll talk war, antiwar, police, imperialism, and all that chipper stuff. In episode one, Keaton and Steigerwald talk Chelsea Manning, new President Trump, and whether the women of this week’s marches are allies, or not. (Hint: maybe, but Hillary Clinton ain’t.)

35 thoughts on “The Week in War Episode One: Manning, Trump, and Marching Ladies”

  1. I’d say the number of marchers has a two-fold reason. One is that it’s generally safer if you go up against Fascists with numbers. Big numbers, more witnesses. Especially if the leader of the fascists is an overgrown baby who goes into hysterics (even though he doesn’t technically have a womb, that’s the base of the word) if somebody corrects his data or in any other way disagre… er um…”attacks” him.

    I promised two reasons, here’s the other… he has a LOT of people pissed off about his policies and arrogance, and you know that a lot of them will be women.

  2. It seems that they are both convinced that Trump is a better choice than Hillary Clinton.
    That is mostly because Trump’s extreme positions he talked about in his campaign speeches required Clinton to be pushed to the opposite extreme. For example, Clinton didn’t start out taking such a hawkish stance against Putin but we definitely expected to do just that in order to oppose Trump. And then, Trump goes and renegs on everything he said in his speeches from the stump!

    That being so, now we have to ask ourselves, is Trump a better choice than Hillary? In regards to positions on China, obviously not and it’s likely we will soon find that not on Russia either.

    It would have been encouraging to hear these two express the adeptness it takes to realize that. Oh well, maybe they’re starting to at least think it?

    1. So far his cabinet choices are being approved without challenge. Rick Perry for one, that’s really telling. It’s like another meeting of the Old Boys Club, without variation. There was a MSM comment that Donald might not have given up the businesses he holds which will be given huge subsidies by his policies. Perry never did and probably won’t and he’ll do as his mentor George H W Bush (when he was Lieutenant Governor in Texas he was officially GW’s babysitter. That’s actually normal there, as the governor has fewer political powers than the third runner up for the Miss Houston pageant.) He’ll give the middle finger to any constitutional scholars who notice that it’s not actually legal.

      The shift if any would be toward domestic war.

      It seems, I could easily be mistaken, the biggest change is the long proposed opening of Public Land for oil. Of course the “public” part is not clearly defined. They do define Indian Lands as being “public”.

      The tribes often collect royalties for private corporations using reservation land. So, if public lands are seized by the Koch brothers Timber, Mining and other Earth-Raping practices, will everybody in America get royalties? That’s assuming the “public” part is actually achieved. And gosh darn it, his entire cabinet is filled to the rim with anti-Native, anti-Public and anti-women dudes. There’s no real change going on. The Native lands are domestic only in that they’re surrounded by U.S. territory. But the exploitation magnates disagree.

      In such a situation combined with the pure misogynist bent of the New Republic, It might hit american women even harder than american men. My sister the Air Force Sergeant would make a much deeper and detailed description of that. So could my other three non-military sisters. Women vote. What’s more, if your mom advises you to at least consider her own voting plan, I bet you don’t dismiss it. Guys and even some ladies are sometimes misogynistic but, hey, they’re the minority.

      And the women have just as much at stake as men. And adult women, especially at the Matriach level, outnumber the men their age.

      I know that has neither good nor bad criticism of the pod-cast.

  3. I’m not convinced that women marching have any positive effect – or even intent.

    Don’t soldiers march?

    Women might _talk to men_ again some time – THAT would change something!

    1. It does show, in really stark visual numbers, a LOT of people saying no.

      Had Hillary been selected, the composition of the marches might have been different. But neither gets a free pass. It’s my long-held assertion that she and her husband, in their capacity as oil company lawyers and real estate lawyers, worked with Trump AND Bush AND Cheney AND Perry three different ways, hard fast and repeatedly. They wouldn’t have to divulge most of the details either.

      We were blatantly robbed by both major parties. Not unusual, except for how up front the parties were about doing it. Any shouting out against the establishment is going to help. The Anarchist comrade did say if Trump gets exactly nothing done because of Tweeting and throwing tantrums every time somebody says something negative about him, it would be perfectly acceptable. Of course the President in charge of Vice and the cabinet would be left virtually invisible because so much is going to be covered up by Donald’s constant being in the spotlight. The next few weeks are going to be really interesting.

    2. I agree with your first statement. But I don’t understand why you say women don’t talk to them? That’s a broad brush to paint with.

    1. Hopefully we’ll rotate. i mean, I’m happy to have Angela on all the time, but highlighting some other worthy folks is part of the general plan, too.

      1. So you haven’t grown out of the libertarian phase yet, eh? Getting married and having kids usually helps with that.

        1. Depends on whether or not you love the kids. If you hate the kids and desire a future of death or slavery for them, sure, you’ll “grow out of the libertarian phase” and get with the dark side.

        2. I have two kids and have moved from libertarian-ish to anarchist thinking. In fact, the more miserable government shows itself to be, the more I hope my kids will see the wisdom of helping their “fellow men” directly, not through petitioning government. So, I’m not sure what your point is other than dismissing her opinions? Why don’t you take them on directly? That’s the most logical way to deal with views you oppose. At the end of the day, we’re all humans, used as pawns by the powerful. No need to do the work for them.

  4. Trump made it official today, signed an executive order to continue the DAPL, in which he and fellow Fascists Perry and the Clintons are invested. They’re going to make the North Dakota National Guard into publicly funded private mercenaries. Nothing new, of course.

    1. I hope Trump eradicates every last man, woman and child who stands in his way as he establishes his fascist dictatorship. Their deaths will be slow and painful.

        1. This is my favorite site to keep up on the latest machinations of ZOG… I mean the (((war party)))!
          And your Stormfront reference is very dated. pol on 4chan and 8chan is where it’s at now. Stormfront is for boomers.

          1. Like previously noted, he does go straight over the top so far out that it has to be pulling both legs at once. The only problem I see is there are some really serious loons in the world who are that far over the top. Gives us chances to clarify.

      1. Of course you do. Trump won’t be eradicating anybody, that’s a job for peasants. maybe he’ll convince you to do it, but you just don’t seem the type. Trump got his fortune by first inheriting 100 million of his dad’s War Profiteering and the rest of it based on work done by other people, he’s never worked just like he’s never fought anybody for any Army or even for his own satisfaction. Work and military actions are for Peasants to do.

        He does prance around pretending to be Blue Collar and bad-ass, and it apparently does fool some people. Bush the Elder and his clown prince Bush the younger did the same thing.

        1. I’m signing up for his death squads and I’ll make sure Kellyann Conway puts you at the top of the list! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! Resistance is futile!

          1. And if you can’t tell I’m being facetious to mock your overdramatic comments, then you’re a lost cause.
            Calm down! Now is not the time to fear. That comes later.

          2. Well, that was my take on it. The bit about taking (or more like it, TRYING) Indian lands is a big issue and they (not “he”) are in full hunt mode, they have their hounds sniffin’ and rifles loaded. To use a hillbilly saying.

            It circumvents the hearing scheduled for the second week of February. Looks a lot like they’re scared of a hearing. Even though we’ve been thinking it would be a rubber-stamp in a Kangaroo Kourt. It’s an impressive feint, it will be an impressive fail. Perry is the one to watch on this. Also, quietly and in the background, Jeb Bush’s son George Prescott is land commissioner in Texas. It’s about the most powerful elected office there. There are many traps. And that’s one. The fascist part is they’re going to try using their political position to funnel treasury money to their account. Nothing new about it, now, it’s Teapot Dome all over. They’ll lose. But they’re trying.

            And, yes, that action is a de-facto declaration of war against the Native Tribes. The kolas have been really heavy on the peace side for a while. That can change.

            And they (wall street, Houston, London…) have been using the cops and other military to fill their bank accounts for a very long while. Now they’re being upfront about it. The military, meanwhile, is chock full of underprivileged people, like from the ghetto, barrio and the Rez… They’re taking a big risk from this power play.

            Who knows, they might have a temporary gain with it. And this transcends Liberal and Conservative. Their gambit fails, just how fast and to what degree of force they’re willing or able to bring out.

            I think of it as the death of the Empire.

  5. I enjoyed the podcast. I too am an anarchist which sometimes favors liberalism. The communes in Spain and Portugal are still going after almost a century. Funny, that. Since the ever-so-much-superior capitalism has failed repeatedly in my own half-century lifetime. I have “my” picture in the Anarchist Cookbook, the “Crazed Anarchist” planting a round bomb with a ridiculously short fuse… and Dennis the Anarchist from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I think I have a reputation for being contentious. You kids are really a lot better at getting to the point and getting the point over to people who need to see the point. I do hope it’s going to be a weekly or even Just Whenever You Want in the middle of the week or so…

  6. Two women talking about politics? No thanks. I only want to hear women discuss politics if their last name is Le Pen.

      1. Supposedly Trump renounced Stormfront. A lot of people don’t know that because he said it very faintly 3 days before the election, they haven’t retracted their endorsement and, strangely for such a narcissist crybaby he hasn’t sued them.

        Or unleashed a Tweet avalanche.

      2. Give me a break! Stormfront is way too milquetoast! They don’t even support repealing the 19th amendment!

        1. They have their moments. One of Their Own just blew away nine human beings and more recently was sentenced to death. 4 years ago this March one of Their Own blew away a pizza delivery driver, the Director of Prisons in Colorado and and messed up a Texas cop before getting shot to little bitty pieces. It wasn’t his idea.

          His shot-caller asked for volunteers. It wasn’t his idea either, they’re heavily into top-down obedience. A year later, near the county in Texas where Evan Ebel took a dive for his fuhrer, there was a gathering of local supremacist groups, and the Klans got into a riot against the Aryans. They don’t get along with each other very well. Lock one away in a room with a mirror, and he’ll try to beat himself up. However, when they DO get their poop in a group for a while they do some really astonishing acts of stupid. Witness: world war 2.

          It’s a losing game. Ebel was supposed to shoot the Prison Director’s WIFE, but He answered the door while she was in the back room. The whole bit is stupid.

          But then, you know when my first time seeing a SF posting? Some wackadoodledoo had this really long rant about how white men were scientifically proven to be “bigger” (ahem) and one of the anarchist blogs linked to it.

          Kind of sets the tone for all the other crap they put out.

  7. Of course Steigerwald won’t discuss the fact that women are legally stoned in Muslim countries, or that women can’t drive cars in some Muslim countries, and the fact that gays are legally executed for being gay in Muslim countries. Apparently she thinks they won’t bring that cave man crap to the US, no chance. Right. She’s in denial of actual Muslim immigrant actions.

    1. WTF? Did it cross your narrow mind that these immigrants are trying to escape such situations?

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