The McCain Malady

You know you are in the presence of an emotional affect when there is not even the pretense of rationality to someone’s crazed outburst, not so much as a veneer or patina of sensibility.

But then John McCain has always been like that, hotheaded and short-fused.

Still, in his response to Trump’s executive order on refugees, McCain’s deep disturbance is plain for all to see. The Senator’s hometown newspaper headlined its account this way: “McCain calls ban good for ISIS propaganda.”

Here’s the lead:

US Senator John McCain on Sunday blasted President Donald Trump’s controversial temporary refugee ban… as ‘a confused process’ that will boost the terrorist Islamic State’s propaganda efforts.

Later on, we learn that McCain and his bombing buddy Lindsey Graham issued a statement saying that “this executive order may do more to help terrorist recruiting than improve our security.”

That’s funny. Nobody remembers McCain or Graham ever suggesting that bombing foreign people in their own countries would be “good for ISIS propaganda,” and that it just might “help terrorist recruiting.”

So to put the peculiar view into perspective: We can enter our neighbors’ homes and kill their family members without provoking them. But if we refuse to invite them into our home, they might react negatively.

McCain has distinguished himself for his bellicosity, constantly calling for US interventions around the globe. Among the countries that McCain has demanded the US invade, bomb, or destabilize are Syria, Iraq (repeatedly), Russia, North Korea, Afghanistan, Libya, Kosovo, Nigeria, Bosnia, Iran, Georgia, Sudan, Mali, and perhaps China. McCain is so identified with a happy trigger-finger that he has become an easy target for satire. The satirical newspaper The Daily Currant was spot on when it “reported on” McCain calling for the invasion and bombing of Belgium because of its defeat of the United States at the World Cup:

“Belgium is a rogue state whose outrageous behavior at the World Cup was a show of aggression toward the United States, for which President Obama must respond immediately with military force,” McCain told Fox News this morning. “In fact, I believe that anything less than a swift invasion and regime change in Belgium would show weakness to our enemies.”

We will all be better off when destructive psychological deficits and personal complexes, those of presidents, senators, news anchors and other public figures, can no longer play out on the world stage.

It’s a compelling reason to disempower the State.

Charles Goyette is New York Times Bestselling Author of The Dollar Meltdown and Red and Blue and Broke All Over: Restoring America’s Free Economy. Reprinted with permission from

10 thoughts on “The McCain Malady”

  1. McCain has always been fairly good on immigration except when he had hard re-elections and knew he needed to appeal to the idiot Know-Nothing anti-American anti-freedom immigration opponent demographic. So nothing new here especially.

    1. The part that seemed uncharacteristic to me was a) McCain personally passing around questionable ex-MI6 spook attack “dossier” on Trump, b) McCain shrilly leading the charge towards a new Cold War with Russia based on nothing substantive.

    2. ” the idiot Know-Nothing anti-American anti-freedom immigration opponent demographic.”

      Poetic! I just say lowlife.

      1. Here we are on a website where there are articles on how the US spends way more on wars and military intervention than anybody else, sponsors regime change, props up jihadists groups of every stripe, is involved in assassinations (even of US citizens), and is the largest arms supplier in the world. Is anti- American supposed to be an epithet?

    3. As far as I am concerned, pro-immigration is just another side of the neoliberal globalist expansionist regime. The oligarchs of the world use immigration the same way they use military intervention and trade – to lower labor costs and further concentrate wealth in the hands of asset owners. “Bombs Away” McCain fits right in.

      1. You’ve got it wrong. Bombing innocent people and legally restricting travel and trade are both sides of the same coin – they are both examples of the use of government violence to violate individual rights. Are your neocon heroes Sean Hannity and Michael Savage “pro immigration?” Think about it.

  2. I voted for Sarah, never him. I never liked him for decades and he has proven how unworthy he is over and over. He should just join the democrats and get it over with.

    1. You voted for Palin? Why in the world would you do that? McCain had a clue…he just didn’t/doesn’t give a pfhuck…but he at least had a clue.

      BTW, I think you’re the first person I’ve ever run across who willfully admits they voted for her.

      1. Well said! I was going to make a similar comment but thought better of it. Anybody who supported that crazed bitch wouldn’t be receptive to hearing the truth about her.
        I bet there are a fu-k of a lot more like him who are still backing her but are afraid to say so.
        No bloody wonder Trump became their president!

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