Ron Paul on New TSA Rules – More Aggressive Pat-Downs!

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has consistently failed miserably when tested on detecting contraband coming into airports. So what’s the government solution to a broken system? Double down! TSA has announced that it will begin taking its failures out on us, with far more aggressive and invasive pat-downs. You will notice the difference, said the TSA of its new procedures. It does not have to be this way. There is an alternative. And it’s time for Americans to stand up to these dangerous government agents who are hell-bent on depriving us of our Constitutional protections! For more on what we can do, tune in to today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

15 thoughts on “Ron Paul on New TSA Rules – More Aggressive Pat-Downs!”

  1. But will it be popular with Americans? The first consideration will be whether or not you’re a Trump supporter or not. That’s number one is politics and liberty for most. But of course it’s not popular with libertarians.

    Ron suggests that people just start refusing to fly. Could work?
    This certainly invites a debate by libertarians! I think that the reason why the American people aren’t going to say bugger all in protest to this is because they really don’t see it as much of an attack on their liberty. Personally, I can’t get too bent about it. I think my liberty and safety go together.

    1. It would take much longer for me to travel by boat if going to Europe. Most Americans will just accept being excessively frisked and scanned.

      A bigger complaint by me is how the scanning might be unhealthy.

      1. A bit of complaining by you could also be directed at the political forces involved in this increase of somewhat necessary pat-down procedure. Would it be something that Trump could support?
        I think it is and so that’s where the contradictions start to show up in Trump’s agenda that directly appeals to what I call the lowlife.

        A question for you: Would it be appropriate to only pat down people who look like Muslims? Or in general, those with darker skin? Or what in general could alleviate some of the problems of inconvenience?

        1. I’d like to pat down hot girls.

          I’m against pat downs for what it’s worth.

          Trump is a strong believer in security presumably because of 9/11. I admit he’s not Jesus. We had to vote in a human, and Rand dropped out almost from the start. Trump was the best candidate and an exceedingly good candidate.

          1. The election is over and Trump won. Now it’s time to stop using Hillary to apologize for Trump.

          2. I’m not apologising for Trump.

            After Trump, things are only going to get worse.

          3. Yes you are. every time you make reference to Hillary you are doing just that. You don’t have to mention her name to make it any more obvious

            Oh well, at least you’re to the point of saying he’s not your sky fairy.

          4. Don, I haven’t changed my position on Trump. You live in an imaginary world.

  2. I can remember getting off the plane after a 24 hours of flying and ending up in the Little Room because I was not in a very good mood for being fucked with. I refused to have a seat and this make the little bastard run for back up… he brought in another cheap suit and all I could think about was that Borne movie where he plows into the Feds…. I did the usual, No I am not giving you my I.D. and what are the charges…. Ron Paul would have been proud. But if fist stated flying it would have cost me a whole lot of money getting out of it.

  3. Gov. Jesse Ventura said not so long ago that when you entered an airport’s property nowadays, your Constitutional rights flew right out of the window. He also said he’ll never fly again. He sued to avoid the searches because of the large amount of metal in his body due to injuries past. Seems like it would always set off alarms at airports. He was seeking relief from this and the courts didn’t grant it.

  4. Then there’s Aden Hassan, born in Italy, father Somali, Not A Muslim, and a Police Chief for Greenville NC and Deputy Chief for Alexandria VA. And was detained 90 minutes at “the little room” and the pig in charge kept telling him he wasn’t being detained. Dude was a cop 30 years and knows what Detention is.

    They came off with the notion that his name was on a hot list.

    Hmmm… Hassan is a very common name and so is Aden. This would be like anybody named Joe Brown or John Smith could be yanked into the little room for some other person with an exceptionally common name. It’s getting really ugly.

    My questing mind saith unto me “Self, where were the Blue Lives Matter and other police state extremists?”

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