2 thoughts on “Stephen Kinzer on the Birth of American Imperialism”

  1. No way I’m going to listen for 42 minutes to something I already know. But maybe somebody else will and then make some useful comments on the broadcast.
    That which would be helpful is a hint that Trump is showing some kind of indication that he’s onside with opposing American imperialism. At the present, it really does appear that Trump is going to take it to a level that wasn’t seen during the British colonizing period of history.

    When Trump does Iran, it going to make Iraq look like a fireworks demonstration in some kid’s backyard.

    How sad that Raimondo continues to empower Trump on this site, as we get closer to the obvious method to which Trump will resort, to make America great again!

  2. Thanks. Sounds like an excellent book. I fear our imperialism arguably began early on. At so many stages we could have just said, “Enough!” We’d have been happy. I’d rather like to have a few aboriginal enclaves about as well.

    Partly we seem to have become enmeshed in a notion of secular “progress”, that Americans and Europe knew better than others, that one secular ideology must spread and triumph rather than another. The world, including America and Europe, would be much better off if locals were left to mind their own affairs.

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