Congresswoman Barbara Lee: We Must Stop Endless War

Washington, D.C. – Today, Congresswoman Lee led a bipartisan coalition of House members in demanding the Trump Administration halt escalating military engagement in Syria. The coalition included: Congressman Walter Jones, Congressman Peter DeFazio, Congressman Keith Ellison, Congressman Ted Lieu, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, Congressman Peter Welch, Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman and Congressman Rick Nolan. The Members were also joined by Afghanistan War Veteran Richard Allen Smith.

“For over a decade, the executive branch has waged endless war in the Middle East with no meaningful oversight from Congress. President Trump’s decision to drag us deeper into this quagmire, without any debate or vote in Congress, endangers our troops and our long-term national security,” said Congresswoman Barbara Lee. “If Congress truly believes that our service members should be fighting in the Syrian Civil War, then our elected officials need to make that case to the American people. Absent of that debate and vote, Congress should not be funding U.S. boots on the ground in Syria.

“H.R. 1473 would prohibit the expansion of U.S. ground troops in Syria. This bipartisan legislation prevents President Trump from unilaterally intensifying this war without Congressional input and engagement. Going forward, we must repeal the 2001 AUMF that has served as a blank check for any president to wage war anywhere in the world and at any time. I urge Congress to wake up, learn from our mistakes, and hold an honest debate and vote on these ongoing wars and our strategy against ISIL.”

10 thoughts on “Congresswoman Barbara Lee: We Must Stop Endless War”

  1. Maybe start small and get more inclusive as it goes? Nothing said about Iran so we don’t know if these people wish to have that deal destroyed or not.

    Also, it can’t be ignored, that every time Trump is stopped from carrying out some of his insane nastiness, he reacts in some way with unilateral actions of his own. There’s that danger in preventing him from carrying out any of his war plans in any country that the US is currently destroying.

    Isn’t it ironic that the same madman these people who are opposed to because of his threats of widening wars, is the same madman Raimondo has so much confidence in promoting!

  2. Where have the members of the Congressional Black Caucus been for the past eight years? Where were they when Hillary Clinton dragged Obama into the Libyan civil war? Enough with the crocodile tears, Miss Barbara!

    1. Something you don’t like about the ‘black’ caucus? Or something you don’t like about any antiwar efforts by any US congress person? Black, white, Dem, Repub, or otherwise?

    2. Whatever Barabara Lee has done wrong in this world she gets a pass. She was the lone no vote for Bush’s insane invasion of Iraq. She received death threats and was ridiculed. She was sure to lose her next election but by the time the election came around she wasn’t sounding so crazy anymore. Not even Ron Paul had the guts to vote no to giving the Bush and Cheney regime a blank check in Iraq after 9/11.

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