Montenegro Is About To Fall Into Orbit

Have you had enough of the Russia bashing yet? The anti-Russia rhetoric can be heard frequently in the mainstream media, and the new issue at hand is the expansion of NATO further into the Balkans. The Cold War-era alliance is looking to grab its third constituent country from the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Although opinion polls within Montenegro show a huge split between those in favor of membership and those opposed, this will not stop the American-dominated alliance from infuriating the giant Russian bear. Perhaps Senator Rand Paul can fly the bald eagle in the right direction.

NATO has been moving into what was formerly seen as the Russian sphere of influence since the end of the Cold War, and the promise made by President George H. W. Bush that this expansion would not occur in exchange for the reunification of Germany and the end of the conflict was broken with the admission of the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland in 1999 (some American officials like to argue that this promise did not occur to justify their actions). This obviously had implications that have led to deteriorated relations between the United States and Russia. It can, therefore, be argued that so-called intrusions by Russia into countries like Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine are responses to the United States creeping ever-closer to the Russian border. Plus, Russia has not invaded these countries, but has rather intervened in response to situations and conflicts that arise there between the governments and pro-Russian citizens.

Now, the United States has made it clear that Montenegro must be added to NATO to defend it from Russian aggression, but it seems like the ulterior motive of this move is to antagonize Russia. Most Americans may not be aware of what something so seemingly trivial means, but this or any other affront to Russia may just be the fuel to start a hot war with the largest country on earth (in terms of area). Montenegro is a country that is roughly the size of Connecticut with a population comparable to Baltimore. Defending it would be more of a burden to the United States than an interest, especially because NATO countries do not pull their own weight. Perhaps the United States should cut back its military spending to defend Europe if these countries cannot contribute an appropriate amount to the alliance. Is it really fair for American taxpayers to have to defend Europe, especially when the United States has fifty entities of its own to defend?

Senator Paul has attempted to hinder NATO’s annexation of Montenegro, but the majority of the Senate is in favor of the treaty. Although his block may push the issue back a few months (due to more pressing matters like confirming the new Supreme Court justice and continuing government intervention in healthcare under a new name), it is likely that the treaty will end up going into effect at some point.

Another irritating part of this debate is Senator John McCain’s response to Paul’s action. He called him a Russian agent. This seems to be the new label that is given to anyone who opposes a war with Russia. If someone opposes a nuclear exchange that could potentially kill millions of people and devastate the infrastructure, that means that he or she works for Vladimir Putin. That seems logical. How about we send all of the senators who favor the admittance of Montenegro, Ukraine, and Georgia into NATO to the front lines of the war that they helped engineer? That seems even more logical.

Craig Peterson is the author of the book, The Global Bully: How the United States Government Has Supported and Committed Acts of Terrorism From the Cold War to Today. He served in the Air Force for four years and is currently attending the University at Albany in New York.

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  1. Trump said unequivically that Nato was obsolete and so we need to have confidence in Trump speaking out against more expansion of Nato!

    Trump’s voice will be heard on this matter! Right?

    quote: “Is it really fair for American taxpayers to have to defend Europe, especially when the United States has fifty entities of its own to defend?”

    That sort of comment isn’t helpful Mr. Petersen, and especially not from an antiwar POV. Everybody on this stie who doesn’t have their heads up their as-ess knows now that Nato is the military arm of US aggression and is required by the US to lend legitimacy to it’s task.

    American taxpayers also know very well that if wars are going to be pursued by their country then they are going to have to pay the bills. Really, why should other countries be paying the bills for America’s wars?

    Maybe the main point you’ve missed is that Nato is not protecting it’s member countries from any real threat. Did you know that Russia is not going to attack any Nato countries and China certainly isn’t.

    1. Maybe instead of telling people they’re idiots you should talk with Trump supporters, convince them NATO is bad.

      America First properly understood means bringing American troops home from the 177 foreign countries we have them in. And it means ending NATO, leaving the UN and the WTO. We should have nothing to do with the IMF also.

      This is what true America First means. If you like those goals, then you shouldn’t trash Trump’s supporters so much.

      Just as Little Englanders were against the British Empire, Little America should be the goal in the US.

      1. Trump promised to disband Nato because it was useless. Trump promised to make other countries pay their share of Nato bills.

        Trump said a lot of things right that began to lead Americans in the right direction and that direction is ‘socially responsible capitalism. There are so many examples of Trump promising that in his speeches. Perhaps the biggest promise of all was Trump’s promise of affordable health care for “all” Americans.

        But it was all lies!

        Imagine! A billionaire corporate psychopath following through on promises of ‘social responsibility’ to the people! Imagine, the beginnings of capitalism that had a sensible mix of socialism in the mix! Just imagine that!

        Why should I care about the feelings of people who were taken in by a con artist? Why didn’t they see that Trump was the last guy to ever do what the people knew was right?

        I’m here to hint at the proper direction for Americans to take now. Why don’t I hear any support for my ideas from people like you? Are you still not ready to listen?

      2. I hear and respect what your saying and I believe their are plenty of good Trump supporters out there who voted for the guy for all the right reasons. But you guys need to except, at this point, that Trump is not the guy you thought you were voting for. He’s made that abundantly clear with his staff picks alone. Donald isn’t America First. Donald is Donald first. Real America Firsters need to disown the bastard with gusto and move on to someone or, even better, something deserving of their hard work and attention. Focus on the movement not the man.

        1. I still have a bit of hope, because we haven’t seen Trump backed into a corner yet. For example, when the stock market finally, finally tanks. I hope Trump turns into Ron Paul, tweeting against the empire, enervating his followers.

          But I agree the movement is most important. Trump has gone back to the standard Corporatist “War & Poverty” GOP policy for now.

          Antiwar needs people from both the Left and the Right. So-called “Centrists” are always working in both camps.

          Trump has done a great deal of good just in running for President. I think so anyway.

          And btw, I do have a little Trumplican strategy for how to defeat the eeevil Socialists: Grow the middle class, make the system work, and then people will suddenly celebrate the “free market” again. People want “socialism” when the system doesn’t work, “capitalism” when it does.

          And I mean since communism means the withering away of the state, when people are free from elites; I don’t think the “Left” needs be so against this. I just tend to see a great deal of agreement and potential overlap in not only foreign policy.

          1. Stop your support of Trump now. There is nothing good for you that is ever going to come out of him. Just look at the failure of his health care plan and look at the reasons why it failed. It simply wasn’t rabid right enough and it wasn’t going to hurt enough people just like you.

          2. I wouldn’t be hurt by it. My insurance payments are nothing.

            Trumplicans tend to be civic nationalists. We don’t just want free stuff; we want what’s best for American citizens rather than for special interests.

            Our government should serve the interests of citizens rather than the interests of the rich and powerful. We should not meddle in foreign affairs.

            I wish Trump would focus on trade. He ran thinking he needed to be a great negotiator. All he really needs is a flat WTO legal quasi-trade-tariff (such as Ted Cruz’s BTT) that otherwise keeps government out, thus preventing corruption.

          3. The fact that Trump reversed so many of his better promises already without even having to be backed into a corner speaks volumes to me.

            BTW Norman Thomas and Gore Vidal were both socialists and members of the original America First Committee.

          4. I was overjoyed when Trump said he’d meet with N. Korea’s leader during the campaign.

            Now the Republicans declare they have a large deficit in the budget. So maybe we’ll either get a cut to the empire or a new trade tax. Ideally both.

            If Trump cuts much domestically, he’s going to lose big in 2018.

        2. Yes, they did vote for him for a lot of right reasons. But they never should have allowed themselves to be taken in by a billionaire corporate psychopath. That very description of Trump is the reason why he would never give them anything.

          But they also have to now accept the simple fact that most of them were blinded by racist hate for Obama. It’s no coincidence that most of Trump’s supporters are supporters of hate and racism.

          Don’t spare them from hearing that truth. The more they hear it the more likely they will start to leave their racist hating behind them.

        3. If the movement is libertarianism then it’s doomed to failure again and again. Your movement can be a winning movement if you Americans come together and work for ‘socially’ responsible capitalism. The rest of the world wants to show you the way.

          It’s dispensing with US style of greedy capitalism and trading it for capitalism that has a very sensible blend of socialism in the mix.

          And if you’re honest with yourself, you will know that is what Obama tried to do for you and pretty well what Trump lied and promised to do. You said so yourself when you said ‘a lot of right reasons’.

          Remember how he said that he was going to provide affordable health care to all Americans? And do you remember them all thinking that would be a good thing?

  2. Just what the grand alliance really needs – a member state with a population in sympathy with its principle adversary and fresh memories of an air war prosecuted by their new found friends against their fellow countrymen.
    If I was a Russian military planner I couldn’t be more pleased at this introduction of a fifth column in the ranks of my enemy.

  3. The only reason why there is any support at all for NATO membership in Montenegro is that it has been essentially ethnically cleansed by US sponsored Albanian gangsters. Montenegro is already being held hostage by Uncle Sam. It’s pending NATO membership is simply a changing of the guards.

    1. Americans ought to hear about such things. They’re only allowed to do that, because Americans don’t know. We trust that our government knows best and wants to “help”. No one is aware we’re ruled by crazed globalists/imperialists.

  4. I feel sad about this. Because if the people of Montenegro go with Russia, John McCain sends in his murderers.
    If they go with NATO killers, They will have to bow to John McCain.
    ANOTHER country screwed.

  5. Interesting and serious questions for all People of the world: Nato is used to force us into a global fight for Power. Real Cooperation between peacefully minded nations must come instead!

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