Representatives Walter Jones and John Garamendi on Getting Out of Afghanistan

Representatives Walter Jones (R-NC) and John Garamendi (D-CA) appeared on CSPAN to explain H.R. 1666, a bill they co-sponsored which calls for complete withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan.

7 thoughts on “Representatives Walter Jones and John Garamendi on Getting Out of Afghanistan”

  1. Another opportunity for Trump to show his face!

    And a good opportunity to stake some reputations on whether he will or not. What do you think Raimondo?

      1. Then there’s the issue of how many Afghans were killed by all the empires which lay buried in their sands. Death calls to Death.

        Also the U.S. under Bush left the Afghan war mostly to the French and Canadian air forces while the Bush regime got mauled in Iraq. There’s a picture of the donald on the flight deck of a Navy Carrier wearing a navy jumpsuit.

        Kind of like the ‘mission accomplished’ crap on a carrier where a certain Bush announced victory. 14 years ago, yes.? and pretending to be a warrior all the time. The Trump did the same thing a few weeks ago. It’s not the stupidest thing I ever saw. More like same stupid, different time. Politicians say stupid crap like that all the time, ‘we’ve got the mightiest military ever seen!’
        Much like the famous last words of Union General Sedgwick at the Battle of the Wilderness “Nonsense! They couldn’t hit an elephant at this dist-”

        There is nothing new under the sun, what is now was before and shall be again.-Solomon bar David.

    1. As usual, is it more important to examine the issues, or to stick it to the ignorant, white voters who voted for Trump. And especially those few intelectuals who dared to stick their necka out and expose themselves to the ridicule if the self-appointed elite? It is clear and transparent where your priorities lie.

  2. The best hope offered with this thing is it’s going to be a chance to pin down some US congressmen/women.

    No chance of it getting to where either party could be labelled though. And I’m not afraid to take a chance and say that Trump won’t support it. Anybody got the balls to say he will?

    Take a chance and live a little!

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